IMG’s 90 Day Blueprint to Success

“Although SEO may seem like rocket science at times, it really can be picked up and learned by anyone.”

– Gerrid Smith

Below you will find a snapshot of some of the tactics and resources we provide in the IMG training program. I hope that you will use this blueprint to further your success in 2017 and realize that you don’t need to spend thousands each month to a mammoth company when you have the experts at IMG on your side.

Make sure your Google Map/Google My Business (GMB) listing is verified and optimized properly. google verified optimized

  • Pick the most relevant category for your firm. If your firm handles personal injury cases, then choose “Personal Injury Attorney” and not “Law Firm.”
  • Fill out your profile completely and upload as many pictures of your office and team as possible.
  • Make sure your main profile pic is not zoomed in close on your face. The picture should highlight the primary attorney, but if it’s zoomed too far in, it will not look great on mobile devices.

loganixPurchase the $399 package from to increase your citations and improve your map rankings.

  • Make sure the information you provide to Loganix matches the data in your Google My Business. If it’s not EXACTLY the same, you will fail. Trust me.

Purchase BrightLocal’s Data Aggregator package for $55 plus an additional 50 citations for $100.

  • See the bullet point from Loganix above. Same rule applies.

Once you get your list of citations (a.k.a local directory listings) back from BrightLocal, purchase this Crork Social Signal package for each of the citations.crork social signal

  • There are probably billions of citations on the web. Unless you build social signals or some type of link into your listings, there’s no reason why Google should keep them indexed. If they aren’t indexed, they aren’t providing value to you.

rockefeller methodBegin to build your monopoly by boosting existing links using The Rockefeller Method.

  • This is an absolute game-changer and an IMG Original concept. Don’t be satisfied with a single listing on the first page of Google when you could be ranking your Yelp listing, Facebook page, YouTube videos and more for your primary keywords.
Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords.
  • Each web page should have a primary keyword that’s being targeted. Use this formula for determining your primary keyword: {Your City} {Practice Area} {Attorney}
  • Here are some examples:
    • Personal Injury: Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney
    • Bankruptcy: Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney
    • Estate Planning: Cleveland Estate Planning Attorney
    • Family Law: Cleveland Divorce Attorney
  • Here’s a Google Spreadsheet with more ideas:
pro rank trackerSetup a free account at and track your top 20 keywords.
As your site grows in authority, you will eventually rank for hundreds of keywords. That being said, it’s difficult to understand how your site is really performing if you track hundreds of keywords in a rank tracker. Instead, pick one or two keywords per practice area page and this will give a better snapshot to your website’s forward progress.

Optimize your title tags, description tags, header tags and body content.

  • Title Tags:
    • Use the “attorney” variation of your keyword from above in your title tag.
    • Follow this formula for homepages: {Firm Name} – {Your City} {Practice Area} {Attorney}
      • E.g. Smith Law – Cleveland Personal Injury Attorney
    • Follow this formula for sub-pages: {Your City} {Practice Area} {Attorney} – {Firm Name}
      • E.g. Cleveland Car Accident Attorney – Smith Law
  • Description Tags:
    • This tag has no SEO value but plays a big role in generating clicks in the search results. Make sure it’s descriptive and persuasive.
      • E.g. Smith Law is a top-rated personal injury law firm with over 50 years of combined experience and $1 billion recovered for our clients. Click to learn more.
  • H1 Tag (primary headline on the page):
    • Follow this formula: {Your City, State Abbreviation} {Practice Area} {Lawyer} {USP/Marketing Statement}
    • E.g. Cleveland, OH Personal Injury Lawyer with Over 50 Years Combined Experience
  • Content:
    • Include the “attorney” version of your keyword from the title tag once in the body copy and use 2-4 variations of that same keyword throughout the body copy for every 750 words used.
    • Variations of my keyword:
      • Injury lawyer serving Cleveland
      • Cleveland, OH injury attorneys
      • Cleveland personal injury law firm

Make sure you have a site worthy of your prospect’s respect and business usersthink

  • Your site probably isn’t as pretty as you think it is. The highest rankings in your market won’t generate business if you don’t have a modern website.
  • Use this service to see how people feel about your website:

Make sure all practice area pages have at least 750 words and follow the IMG “Perfect Page” layout.  

  • 300 words about the practice area and firm
  • 1 testimonial (video or written / specific to the practice area is ideal)
  • 5-10 sub practice areas listed as bullet points
  • 2-3 FAQs (100 word answers are fine)
  • 150-250 words with your final call to action and info about the firm (Why choose us?)
blog postsBlog every month
Create 2-4 blog posts per month (500-1,500 words each) based upon keywords targeted by competitors (as found in SEMrush) and the keywords found through “Google suggest” (drop-down shown when you Google a keyword) and “Searches related to..” which show at the bottom of all Google’s search result pages.

An IMG Challenge: Ask five clients to leave you a review this month!

  • But don’t stop there. Spend AT LEAST one hour every month requesting new reviews for your Google Map listing. Budget permitting, you should sign up for or to help with this process.
  • I can’t stress enough the importance of review acquisition. With all the tactics on this page, there is NOTHING more important and more difficult. Make time for this and I promise you will thank me later.
About Gerrid Smith:
Gerrid is the CEO of law firm Internet marketing company, Black Fin and the SEO training company, IMG. He got started in the legal industry in March 2007 when he developed the largest personal injury lawyer directory at the time. While he loved promoting the website with the latest SEO tactics, he hated selling listings and switched his focus to providing SEO services for law firms. Over the years he became increasingly frustrated with the growth and success of the “sales-focused” Internet marketing giants in our industry and created IMG to help the little guys win.