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Our emphasis on innovative solutions led us to create IMG to help green industry businesses that need to get up and running fast. The internet offers an unprecedented amount of growth potential for the green industry, and we've made it our purpose to maximize that potential and help you grow.

A Game Changer For CBD, Hemp & Cannabis Companies

Our motivation for creating IMG stems from our firm belief that these products help people. We wanted to bring our expertise to market the products that have helped us.

The internet is now the #1 business development tool for the green industry. It hasn’t just replaced traditional advertising, it’s superseded it entirely.

Because of that, having a strong internet marketing program can go a long, long way. Not only with being able to make sound strategic decisions, but also being at the forefront of the emerging markets that are being made available to the green industry every day.

Internet Marketing Geeks isn’t just about finding quick success. It’s about employing strategies that will lead to long-term, sustainable results.

Leveraging Past Experience

The team at Internet Marketing Geeks have been involved in thousands of website builds, hundreds of SEO campaigns and have spent the better part of the last 20 years crafting and executing digital marketing solutions for business all over the United States. We are excited to be bringing our expertise to a new market with unbounded potential. We are a fully remote team with over 30 team members. Let Internet Marketing Geeks show you how we can help you grow your business!

Why Choose IMG?

It’s not that there weren’t already plenty of marketing compaines out there, or a lack of resources in general. It was that we are passionate about the products and industry and we wanted to be a part of the movement.

So we set our mind to creating a marketing team that spent as little time as possible on the stuff that doesn't matter, instead focusing solely on what you need to do NOW to see results.

Also, our team knows digital marketing. We have seen success in some of the most competitive industries in marketing today. We know that if we can win for them, we can win for you.

That’s why we strongly believe that, if you’re looking to become an industry leader – which is where we believe most companies want to be – then you and your business can reap the benefits and return offered by sound SEO and internet marketing strategies.

Don’t just start off on the right foot. With IMG, we start you off with the race already won.

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