The Geeks Behind IMG

Through our law firm marketing agency, Black Fin, we've been promoting law firms online for close to a decade. Our emphasis on innovative solutions led us to create IMG to help law firms that couldn't afford our agency services succeed nonetheless. The internet offers an unprecedented amount of growth potential for law firms, and we've made it our purpose to show you how it's done.

Meet the Geeks

A Game Changer For Law Firm Marketing

Our motivation for creating the IMG training program didn’t revolve just around wanting to provide a lower-cost solution to firms on a tight budget.

The internet is now the #1 business development tool for law firms. It hasn’t just replaced traditional advertising, it’s superseded it entirely.

Because of that, having a bit of internet marketing and SEO know-how can go a long, long way. Not only with being able to make sound strategic decisions, but also being able to complete the basics yourself – cutting back on turnaround times, fees for outsourced work, and those rapidly advancing gray hairs.

Internet Marketing Geeks isn’t just about finding quick success. It’s about learning skills and tactics that will lead to long-term, sustainable results.

Our Story: Agency To Education

Black Fin is the law firm internet marketing agency behind IMG, and we’re so excited to be offering our insight, knowledge, and experience in a totally different format. Over the past several years, we’ve worked with law firms all over the country, first only as an SEO firm and then as a full-service internet marketing agency. We have decades of law firm marketing experience altogether, from SEO to Web Design to Content, and we’re dedicated to breaking down this experience into our accessible, results-oriented training program.

Why A Training Program?

It’s not that there weren’t already training programs out there, or a lack of resources in general. It was that so many of the training programs focus on the why behind SEO, which isn’t a priority for business owners who are pressed for time.

So we set our mind to creating a training program that spent as little time as possible on the details and debates behind SEO, instead focusing solely on what you need to do NOW to see results.

Also, there isn’t an SEO training program specifically for law firms. While there is definitely some crossover with other industries, you have to figure out what applies to law firms and what doesn’t – which can take a lot of time and effort, making the prospect of a lawyer or marketing manager learning SEO a non-starter.

That’s why we strongly believe that, if you’re looking to become agency-independent – which is where we believe many law firms are headed – and if you’re willing to invest a couple of hours a week into our training program, then you and your firm can reap the benefits and return offered by sound SEO and internet marketing strategies.

Don’t just start off on the right foot. With IMG, we start you off with the race already won.

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