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How to Balance Your Social Media Content

In the 21st century, almost everything has become online, whether shopping, studying, or keeping in touch with friends. Social media takes a significant part of this online world; thus, it’s a crucial platform to market your business.  According to 2022 statistics, there are 4.65 billion social media users worldwide that spend an average of 2 hours and 29 minutes a day scrolling through social media. Businesses can use this to their advantage to raise brand awareness, connect with customers, and increase engagement and sales. That’s where social media marketing comes into play.

Why is Social Media Content Important?

Simply put, social media marketing is connecting with your audience using social media platforms to develop your brand, boost sales, and enhance website traffic. It includes creating compelling content for your social media pages, interacting with your followers, tracking your progress, and executing social media ads.

Everyone aspires to stand out on social media. Interesting, exciting, and engaging content is what you need for social media success. Knowing how frequently and what kinds of content to publish is crucial in gaining this success. But with the amount of concurrency in every type of market today, being unique and standing out from your opponents is pretty challenging. This article will help you better manage and balance your social media content.

Types of Social Media Content

While marketing your goods or services should be your main priority, you should also provide other sorts of content to get more interaction from your followers, more shares, and broader exposure. In this manner, you can maintain a fascinating and engaging social media presence. Avoid becoming monotonous and using all of your social media networks just to advertise your goods or services. All these can be pretty boring for your audience and might even turn them away from you. Your prime objective is to keep them entertained and interested in your content.

There are many different types of social media content that you can put out there. But we will be talking about the four most important ones. These are Four must-haves in your social media content to contribute to your goals: 

● Educational Content

Educational content is always a good idea because it provides value to your audience, but you should use it with caution. After all, it’s social media, and people are there primarily for entertainment, so if it is suitable for your brand, consider making educational material lighthearted and entertaining, given that this is social media. The audience loves lighthearted and easily digestible content. For more in-detail, long educational content, utilize platforms like your blog.

The key to the success of this kind of content is relevance. You shouldn’t just randomly share information that has no connection to the industry you’re in and won’t provide any value to your audience. Instead, share information directly related to your industry so you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.

● Promotional Content

Promotional content is your chance to shine and show the audience value of your brand. It can be posts that promote your company in any form, such as a product or service you provide, client testimonials, news about your company, future events, etc.

Any type of content you produce can serve well for this purpose. Videos are a fantastic method to give your audience relevant, exciting material. Use visuals like graphics, pictures, or gifs.

While you should publish exciting material, you should also share some promotional content on your social media accounts to raise brand recognition, bring in new leads, and increase sales.

● Engaging/Entertaining Content

Entertaining content is at the core of social media marketing. You don’t want to be seen as a ‘no fun’ company. Have you found a meme that is relevant to your field? Make sure to share it with your audience. When it comes to entertaining content, you can sometimes break this relevant to your business rule and share something to brighten your subscribers’ day. 

Content or social media postings intended to receive responses from your social media audience through clicks, comments, and likes are engaging content. Asking your audience about their opinion, making a poll for voting, proposing discussional topics – these are forms of engaging content that can drive your social media traffic up. 

● Curated content

Curated content, in simple terms, is content that you share from other sources that are relevant to your business and could be interesting for your audience. Contrary to popular belief, sharing other people’s material does not detract from the popularity of your content. 

Curated content could come from various publications, blogs, or other sources, but ensure that the information you’re sharing with your audience is legitimate. Don’t forget to incorporate your key insights when sharing content from other sources so that you can also provide value from your perspective.

How to Balance the Content?

Now that you know about different types of content, you might want to know how to balance them and the frequency of each type of content you should use. 

Unfortunately, there’s no one clear-cut answer to this question. There are many different methods and approaches you can take. 

As mentioned above, keeping your audience engaged with your content is crucial to your social media marketing success. According to PromoRepubic’s SMM optimal content plan, most of your content should be focused on engaging content. To be more specific, it is recommended that 40% of your content be engaging/entertaining type. 

Second on the list is promotional content which shouldn’t take up more than 30% of your social media content. Third on the list is educational content with 20%, and the last is curated content which takes up 10%. 

While this might seem like a good recipe for your business’s success, like in any other marketing plan, these ratios depend on your business and its audience. You should observe and analyze your performance based on the response from your subscribers and then utilize this plan to fit your business better. Focus on satisfying the demands and preferences of your specific customers/users,  and feel free to modify the mix of your material as necessary. At the end of the day, consistency and providing value to your audience will make you a thought leader in your field. 

Creating any type of social marketing content and making the right marketing decisions may be out of your expertise, so if you want a team of experienced marketers and brilliant content creators to do this for you, reach out to us today! At Internet Marketing Geeks, we are happy to help your business rise above the competition on any platform, including social media.

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