Business Website Building Made Simple

Business Website Building Made Simple: Here’s  What Business Owners Will Need

Business Websites Building Simply Makes Sense, This is Why

In today’s day and age, having an online presence is arguably the most crucial aspect of any business’s success, regardless of the scale or industry. Websites are the most useful and customizable online platform available. Potential customers will head online to the business website that they’re interested in, and then decide whether they want to make a purchase or not. Therefore, a high-quality website where potential customers can find all the necessary information and navigate through it easily is a must. Business website building doesn’t have to be complex, these are a few things you will need.

Business Websites Need Images

People only remember 20% of what they read compared to 80% of what they see. Often, the pictures are more significant than the words. Without photos, your website will still feel basic and unappealing, even if it is packed with well-written blog posts and information about the business.

Images improve your website’s aesthetics but are also essential for other reasons. With the aid of images, your web pages are more enticing and trustworthy in the eyes of the audience. Visuals help with the character and consistency of brands, as utilizing relevant photos also improves organic search results.

You can include many different types of images on your website, including pictures of the product, your team, or any images that help tell the story of your product or services.

Business Websites Aren’t Complete Without Written Content

Content is arguably the most important building block when it comes to websites. It includes all the information about the company and the product or service you’re offering. Imagine visiting a website to find out more about the business, but all you can see is little to no written content.

Odds are you will just move on to a different website. The primary objective of the website content is to tell the visitor about your company’s values and how doing business with you would benefit them while also giving them useful information.

Types of content necessary for the website often include a home page, an about page, reasons your business is perfect for the customers, clients’ testimonials, product details, and relevant blogs. Here is why each of these pages is important to a great business website:

  • Your home page acts as the virtual entrance to your business. It’s in charge of bringing most visitors to your website. Therefore you need to have very engaging home page content that will give visitors general information about your business and encourage conversions.
  • The about page is just as important as the homepage. After the visitor has seen your homepage and got interested in your brand, they will want to know more about you. That’s when they’ll visit the about page. A brief introduction to your brand and your philosophy is what they should see there.
  • Reasons to choose your business is also an important type of content since it tells potential customers why you’re better than your competitors and how they’ll benefit from choosing you. Sometimes these pages are communicated as “difference makers,” communicating value to the customer, and telling the story of the product or service along with potential benefits.
  • Client testimonials are extremely valuable assets to any business. According to statistics, 94% of customers claim that reading a positive review influences whether or not they purchase the product or service. Customer testimonials can provide future buyers who research products or services online with useful information.
  • Product pages give details that highlight the selling point of your product. Potential clients should be able to be persuaded by your product description and gain access to any information available.
  • Blogs that can provide valuable information to your clients help the brand build a relationship with them and become the trusted source of information for clients. Also, blogs can help with organic search results.

Important Elements of a Business Website

After developing the key elements of your business website, there are other factors to consider. These elements can help your website stay relevant, boost web traffic, and push revenues to new heights.

1. Your Business Logo

The logo is the first thing that grabs attention when someone visits your website, making it easier for clients to remember you. It conveys information about your identity, the kind of product or service you offer, and your advantages to your potential clients.

2. Social Media Links

Often overlooked, social media links are also a crucial aspect of your website. Your business’s online exposure and search engine rating might eventually be improved by including social media links on your website. Generally speaking, just 2% of website visitors turn into genuine customers. The remaining 98% will just click away. Links on social media can help you stay in touch with this 98 percent and eventually convert them to consumers as they learn more about your company.

3. Disclaimer and Privacy Policies

Disclaimers and privacy policies are the most important legal protections for your website. Depending on the situation, they might prevent your website from potential legal disputes. Through disclaimers, users are made aware of the scope or limit of a website’s responsibility. The website’s privacy statement outlines how it handles the user’s personal data collected when they visit the website.

4. Product Lists

A product list is a document or database that lists every product or service a business offers. A product list’s primary use is to provide a summary of a company’s offerings, while it may also be helpful for billing, tracking sales, and managing inventories.

5. Refund Policies

Although it’s not the most enjoyable aspect of owning a business, customer returns occur, so you should be prepared for them. The terms of your return policy specify under what circumstances customers can return things they have purchased from your company and if you’ll compensate them or not. Additionally, it will let customers know how long they have to make a return.

6. Terms of Use

Although having terms of use, commonly referred to as terms and conditions, on your website is not essential, it is strongly encouraged. It’s essentially a guideline for your website’s visitors. It’s an extra layer of protection that limits liability. You can also protect your content using the terms and conditions agreement and inform the visitors of the website about the copyright laws.

7. Shipping Policies

When you have an online store, you should expect customers from all around the world; therefore, you’ll need to ship the goods to them. A shipping policy is a brief document that summarizes key details about online order shipping. It usually contains information about delivery timelines and shipping charges.

Business Website Builder Options To Consider

Should you need a website built for your business, the professional at Internet Marketing Geeks is ready to help. Building a website from scratch may sound daunting, but every business needs one in order to connect with the many potential customers that are waiting for you online.

Our skilled and experienced developers at Internet Marketing Geeks will ensure your website stands out and provides the best experience to your customers while keeping an eye on the most crucial online operations. Most importantly, we ensure your vision becomes a reality by bringing together the code, plugins, layout, and best designs available.

Internet Marketing Geek web development services for business include:

  • Website development
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Technical support

Are you ready to begin? Contact us today to learn more about available offerings for business websites.

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