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Connecting with your audience is the ultimate goal of branding & design. It stands to reason then that your business has to define its audience before it makes sense to embark on brand building and design initiatives.

If your business has not yet put into place a well researched and fleshed out marketing strategy, we encourage you to take that vital step before you start down the road of brand building and developing design systems.

If you have a marketing strategy in hand, then we can help take those insights, research and strategies and incorporate them into your brand identity and customer touch points.

Internet Marketing Geeks’ Branding & Design Services

We provide our clients with a wide array of branding and design services. Our experienced team has worked with brands of all sizes to develop cohesive brand & design strategies that define delightful experiences for their customers.

Our branding and design services include:

Brand Development

Brand development really encapsulates all of the following branding and design services. It incorporates where your brand is now – defining its identity, messaging and design system – and plans where you want it to be in the future.

Brand development also includes the actual implementation and specific activities your brand will engage in after the planning is done. Brand development is an on-going collection of activities played out over a long period of time to grow your brand recognition and positioning.

Logo & Identity Systems

Internet Marketing Geeks’ design team leverages all of the research and insights surfaced from facilitated discovery sessions and existing marketing initiatives when creating brand logos and identity systems.

We believe that a brand logo should identify, not explain. To that end, we strive to create smart, creative logos that can identify your brand for years to come. We incorporate logo design into larger brand identity systems that define the brand in various media and physical applications.

Brand Style Guides

Style guides are just a piece of the larger brand identity systems we help our clients realize. Styles guides help your organization and third party vendors to all stay on point with how your brand should be portrayed.

Style guides combine brand messaging, logo usage, color palettes and typography guidelines into a cohesive document that can be referenced as needed to ensure all marketing initiatives line up and display your brand in the same way.


Messaging is an important part of your brand. Businesses have to connect with their target audience in the tone and feel, as well as the underlying message they put forward in all marketing channels. The actual words, as well as the message your brand delivers to an elderly, uneducated man would absolutely need to be different than when your brand is speaking to a young, college educated woman.

We work with our clients to define their audience, and then define the messaging and verbiage used to speak to that audience in a way that connects with them and presents the brand as sensitive to their life experiences.

Collateral, Print & Packaging

In order to create a consistent and delightful experience for your customers, your brand has to make sure its identity is properly portrayed at all customer touch points. This includes all your business’ collateral – from letterhead to billboards.

Internet Marketing Geeks’ designers can take your brand and create stunning, inspired, brand led design concepts that transform your brand from inconsequential to the leading aspect of your client’s interaction with your brand.

Environmental Design

A business’ brand is not only represented in its digital marketing or solely by its advertising collateral. Your brand’s identity should also be well expressed by the look and feel of your signage and the decor of the physical spaces that are associated with your company.

Whether we are designing the main signage for your brick and mortar operations or something as seemingly insignificant as the tablecloth for a small trade show booth, we make sure your brand is always kept front of mind, rather than an afterthought.


While there is nothing inherently wrong with using stock assets, some brands want to stand out from their competitors and really set themselves apart as a premiere service or product provider in their industry.

One of the ways to do that is to have a custom created icons created that represent your services or the benefits of your products. Custom icons can become a major part of your brand representation across the full range of marketing initiatives.

Talk To Our Branding & Design Experts Today

If you want to elevate your company’s brand and design systems above what your competitors are doing, we would love to talk to you and provide the experience that years of design and branding work has afforded our team.

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