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Design services are one of the most important tools in your marketing and business. As more of your customers start to originate from remote locations further away from your local range of operations, you need to impress upon them your ability to inform them, simplify, and meet their needs. This means designing well-thought-out tools that your customer can use and refer to when they feel they need it most.

In the past, design meant creating a logo, and collateral that would appeal to customers as they sought your brick-and-mortar establishment to fulfill their needs. You will find in today’s modern world of commerce; your design needs have grown past the traditional design needs you once remembered. Alongside traditional design products, you’ll notice you will have to deal with online marketing collateral, website design, and email marketing to help build your business. This means all the design needed behind branding has simply grown into newer forms to help the consumer reach your business and products. So, whether you’re looking into a new website design or some new tweaks to your current packaging design, it’s all important to draw in, satisfying and retaining customers for your business.

A great way to look at how traditional design products work with more modern design products is to think of all your front facing marketing needs as a book. How is your audience going to open and proceed to read this book? Most likely they will notice the cover, in most cases, that will be the front page of your website. They’ll notice the introduction or table contents that can be perceived as images of your products and its packaging on the website. As they read more, they then stumble upon collateral and pamphlets that you carry, whether it’s through ordering physical copies from you or reading digital versions. Once they are ready to make a purchase they turn to the last page and close the book using your back-end merchants’ interface, or by contacting you through the information you provide.

Check out the many forms of design service needs that your company may face:


Logo and Branding

Branding is the aspect of your company’s marketing that conveys who it is, what it does, and who it is meant to serve. From logo to style guides, this is the key to creating a cohesive brand and look that your business can adhere to when deciding on how your design products, marketing material, and collateral will appear. In short, logo and branding will help you decide on colors, images, and typeset for all your design projects.


Signage Design

A well thought-out and designed sign is crucial in brick-and-mortar development. A more traditional form of design in business that has stood the test of time, signage is the first thing your customer sees when stepping into your shop. It needs to go beyond conveying a message, but you must also gain the attention of the pedestrian customer. It can act both as information and advertising. A well-designed sign is highly effective at performing both duties. Using the guidelines that you set for yourself through a style guide, you will find signage that best suits you.


Website Design

This is much more than what it seems. When some people hear website design, they think of putting up some company branding, throwing up some ad copy, and pasting some images on the site, hoping that sales will start rolling in. Your website should be the calling card of your small business and brand. It creates a certain amount of trust between your business and your customers. The care you put into how your site looks and functions shows your customers how much care you put into their overall experience, affording them trust in your brand and products. When you design your website, keep in mind that there is an unspoken contract between you and your customer. You should be promising your customers an experience that involves aesthetics as well as simplicity in your messaging. Ensure that your website meets an attractive bar that represents your business, the site should lend itself to be fully compatible with a wide range of users no matter what technology they use to view your site. If your products or services allow, you should work towards complete merchant integration to give your customers the option to buy directly from the website. Whichever product or service you choose to sell to your customers, you should make sure your site offers the information that you comply with any regional regulations that may pertain to your business. In many cases this could also mean industry regulatory bodies such as the Better Business Bureau. You should proudly display your business’s affirmation through these practices. You should also focus on trying to keep everything as simple as possible. Despite all the information you’re trying to convey to your customer through your website, keep all the information streamlined and easy to understand. You might want to consider building dropdowns or exploding menus to keep things looking simple until your users want to explore more. There are many solutions to keeping your website design simple and easy to use and every solution can be implemented with good design in mind.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is proving to be a highly effective form of getting customers back to your site and buying what they want from you, but you can’t just send them a few lines on a blank-looking email page with coupon codes and a brief hello. Instead, email templates, specialty communications, and discount codes should reflect your brand’s image and the specific message of any sales or events you may be promoting. That’s where good design can show the way for your customers, drawing them in by creating visually striking emails that will allure your audience to your site, inspired by the colors, images, and message you send them.

As you can see, design has moved past looking up to see a sign over a doorway and visiting a shop on a whim. Traditional forms of design remain relevant and important in today’s business landscape, but as we all become a much more global society, other forms of systemic design now compliment older methods to become part of a tried-and-true arsenal in marketing. Let IMG help you navigate these highly cost-effective forms of design to be part of your business strategy.