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Captivating Advertisements Start with the Right Designer

Thinking about enhancing your sales potential with display advertisements?

Letting customers know about your business, the latest sales, or capturing a lead’s attention on social media starts with the right design.

The team at Internet Marketing Geeks has been creating beautiful, captivating display advertisements for businesses for over a decade. We know that works, and we can create an ad that not only gets you the attention you deserve but still portrays your brand correctly.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is commonly misunderstood in the sea of digital marketing. Despite what you may have heard, display advertising is not subtle. Instead, it is traditional in the sense that you are selling your products or enticing customers to visit your site.

These advertisements are set in display boxes, which might be along a web page’s top (such as banner advertisements) or a larger text box off to the side. Other times display publications are videos that play off to the side of content.

Display advertisements are distinct. They are also in set locations on the web page because they are paid advertisement spots, which means you reserve that space on someone’s website to show your advertisement in the spot over someone else.

The sole purpose of these ads is to generate fast conversions – a single click to your store.

Typically, you want to play around with a few sizes of display advertisements, and the size of the advertisement depends on what you are marketing. Videos work better in smaller boxes, while large banner ads perform better than a narrower version.

Display Advertisements are Not Native Advertisements

Traditional or “native” ads are designed to blend in with a website. They are cohesive in that website’s design. Display advertisements are not authentic to the design, and they are there to pop off the page and stand out to anyone who visits.

Both are paid spots on a webpage, and both are designed for social media, web pages, and even digital magazines. Some online magazines only allow native advertisements, because they do not want to disrupt the flow of text for their readers. Other companies allow for digital advertisements, which help your ad stand out more.

Why Invest in Display Advertisements?

Display ads offer you versatility and distinct advantages over advertisements you build for your website, such as:

  • Flexibility: You can purchase a variety of sizes for your advertisements, using different pixels, so that you can buy display space on various websites with ease. Pick a site and spot that suits your budget; then you will have a display advertisement ready to fill that space. Likewise, display ads work on a variety of web pages, including other businesses, social media pages, and online magazines.
  • Travel Far: Your single display ad still will have keywords and Google picks it up, which means it can reach millions of sites thanks to using tools like Google’s Display Network. Your advertisements will match with websites and apps by your targeting preferences, giving you more opportunities to display them.
  • Straightforward Analytics: When measuring the return on your investment, all you need is to track the clicks or conversions from the advertisement itself to your website. You can do this in real-time, ensuring the site you select is bringing in conversions worth your while.

The Secret Sauce to a Great Ad Display

Now that you know why you want a display advertisement in your arsenal, the next step is to have a company create one properly. These are designed for immediate use, and you want a display that is not ignored in the sea of other advertisements.

Internet Marketing Geeks will create a display ad that speaks to your target audience, and we can create a variety depending on how many sites you plan to use for advertising networks – so that you have consistency in your branding, but variety in the advertisement style.

To create stunning, click-worthy ads, we deploy our secret sauce:

  • Create a Visual Stimulation: The primary goal with your advertisement is to generate the same interest as an infographic in the sense that less offers more. We will make a visually stunning advertisement that gives just enough information to click – and almost entice them to click and learn more. If you provide too much, why would someone visit your website? Furthermore, a busy advertisement can turn someone off, looking too “spammy.” Our designers look at the competition, what is trending, what receives action, and we make sure yours stands above it all.
  • Experimenting with a Few Options: We believe the best way to get results is to test them. That is why we create a variety of display advertisements so that you can test in different networks to see what gives you the most return on your investment. Once we know what works for your business, we keep that trend going with updated advertisements as often as you would like them.
  • Stand Out without Interrupting: We want the readers to enjoy the text, and your ad to stand out just enough for them to see, but not be interruptive. Many website owners will remove ads that interrupt their reader’s experience, like autoplay advertisements or popups.
  • Direct: We find out what our clients want to achieve, and we make sure their ad campaign meets those goals. Whether you want to build your brand, hype a new product, or showcase a public awareness campaign you support, we can help.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Display Ads and Web Design Today

Combine your digital advertisements with web design services at Internet Marketing Geeks. We have devoted our designs to business owners like you.

To get started, book a consultation appointment with a designer. We will do an in-depth discussion about your advertising goals, budget, and where you plan to distribute your ads so that we give you a variety of display advertisements suitable for the audience and publication.

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