Logo Design

Logo Design for Your Brand

A logo identifies your business, whether it’s used in environmental design such as a sign, deciding the look of your business card, creating an overall feel for your printed collateral or even during development of your website.. While it appears simple enough, designing a logo is more than picking a picture and calling it yours. Instead, you need a meaning behind that design.

Logos are dominant representations of your brand and signify to customers what you value. It creates that connection with potential and existing customers.

Therefore, every business needs a logo. Whether you are a new startup entering the industry or you have an established brand offering the latest products, you need to take your logo seriously. To do so, you need to hire a professional designer who understands what goes into these designs and how powerful they can be if done right.

Why Buy a Professional, Custom Logo Design?

Logos are one of the most important aspects of your business. They are an integral part of your brand’s identity.

You will implement your logo’s power on everything from your website to labels on your unique products to emails and more. It goes wherever you and your products go, and it gives customers something to remember you by.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we appreciate the power of a great logo. That is why we design professional, visually stunning logos that will stick with anyone that interacts with your brand.

What Goes into a Professional Logo Matters

A logo does not require direct meaning. Instead, it serves a sole purpose: to tell someone who you are.

Your logo’s effectiveness, especially from the marketing perspective, stems from how it stands out. When you hire professionals to create your logo design, you are getting a full-service that considers:

  • Your Existing Presence: You may already have an established business, but you are ready to take on marketing and harness the power of the web. You want your new design to still speak to existing customers, so a designer needs to consider the presence you have already built.
  • What You Stand For: Every business has a unique story, and that should be portrayed in its logo design too. You want your characteristics to shine in your logo.
  • The Competition’s Logos: As we said before, your logo only serves a purpose when it stands out and tells customers who you are. Therefore, we analyze your competitors and make sure your new logo cannot be confused for theirs, and that when someone sees that design, they instantly associate your business name with the logo mark.

A professional logo must be simple, memorable, timeless, and versatile. When you implement all the necessary elements, you have a single graphic that will create trust and authority in the industry almost instantly.

Take a Peek into Internet Marketing Geek’s Design Process

  1. We get to know you, your products, and your business as a whole.
  2. We research the industry, competitors, and history.
  3. We conceptualize and start making choices for your design.
  4. We develop a logo concept and brief for you to review.
  5. We make changes, revisions, and finalize once you have selected the concept that stands out to you the most.

Benefits of a Professional Logo Design

You may wonder what the return on your investment is when you pay for a logo design. While it seems like a hefty upfront investment, here is what you can expect to get back from your custom logo:

  • A Stellar First Impression: First impressions are everything – even online. You will show customers you are professional and serious when you have a customized logo in place rather than a stock image.
  • Give Your Brand an Identity: Identity is vital today. You want someone to know who you are and what your business stands for – and a logo is a very large part of that. Your logo remains associated with your company for years (sometimes forever), and it only builds that identity further the more you use it.
  • Connect to the Right Customer: You want to attract customers who will convert and buy from you. The right design ensures you are bringing in the right audience.
  • Promotes Professionalism and Authority: People search for businesses and products online regularly, but they only buy from companies that look legitimate, trustworthy, and professional. A professional custom logo shows that you take your business and your products seriously, and it also helps build your authority with those customers browsing your site.

I Have an Established Business – is it Too Late to Create a Logo?

It is never too late to have a customized logo created for your business. We can work with existing brand identity initiative and complete a logo redesign for you.

Whether you have an outdated logo you want to revamp, or you never created one, now is a perfect time.

Implementing a professionally designed logo will help build your brand, and even if you have an established business, you can benefit online from giving something customers will recognize via social media, your website, and even emails.

What Does a Professional Logo Design Cost?

Costs for logo designs scale.

It depends on the depth of research required, the number of revisions and concepts requested initially, and deliverables.

Luckily, you don’t have to guess how much you will pay in the end. When you do a consultation with our team, we can give you pricing upfront and take the guesswork away.

Also, you can combine our logo design with our other marketing services, like E-Commerce website design, advertisements, and building a responsive website.

Why Choose Internet Marketing Geeks for Your Custom Logo Design?

We live to create smart, unique and inspired designs that help push brands to the next level.

Our customers are online and local retailers, service businesses and non-profits who want to put brand identity first in everything they do.

Book your consultation with our designers today and let’s discuss how a logo will benefit your business specifically. During our consultation, we get to know you, your products and services, and your company’s core values so that we can give you a logo that projects the reasons your business is the one a customer wants to engage with.