Custom Web Design

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we approach every web design project with an open mind, adventurous spirit and an indomitable will to see our clients not only achieve their business goals, but far surpass them.

While we love to create amazing, on-brand custom web designs, they really are a means to an end - accomplishing your business goals.

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Aligning Design With Purpose

When a client engages us for a custom web design, we dig deep with them to get at their underlying goals and establish metrics for success. You could spend thousands of dollars on an amazing look for your website, but if it doesn't help move your business forward, you just wasted your time and money.

Every business' needs are unique. Our designers will ensure your website design meets your needs, your users' and fully aligns with your brand. Whether you are creating a marketing site for your service company, or need to go all in on an e-commerce web design, we have the experience and team to make sure your reach your goals.

Web Design Case Study

The above graph shows the number of goal completions for a website before (orange) and after a conversion focused redesign (blue).

The above graph shows the number of users that completed a contact form on one of our client's websites for a 3 month period both before and after we worked with them on a total redesign of their website.

The client saw a 156.57% increase in leads after we launched the redesign. In the 3 months before the design change, the client averaged 91 leads per month, compared with 273 average monthly leads after the redesign.

If you have been using a template or just have a very old, not well optimized design on your site, it might be time to upgrade to a custom web design and reap the same rewards as the client above.

Optimized For Search Engines - Designed To Be Responsive

There are a lot of ways you can ruin a website project before you even begin. One of the most common is not considering that the web has shifted to a mobile first system. Your business is most likely to engage customers while they are using a mobile device or tablet. Every web design we create is approached from a mobile first stance, taking into account how the design will perform across all devices, not just desktops.

We also ensure that we take into account best practices for search engine optimization in each and every custom web design project we do. The structure of our sites – as well as the structure of each individual page – functions like a professional website should, ensuring that it will make sense to search engines and users alike. We’ve been in the digital marketing game for over 10 years now, and we integrate that experience and today's best practices into all our sites.

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How It Works

The Custom Web Design Process

When a client engages us to create a custom web design, the process is certainly involved, but fairly straight-forward.

Step 1: Discovery

First, we’ll talk with you about your project. We will dive in with you to identify your core audience, surface insights, create goals and set the creative direction for your website.

Step 2: Information Architecture

During discovery, we will figure out exactly what content will be on your site. Once we have defined the pages of the site, we will gather all the information together and devise a sitemap for the project. Determining where content will be on the site, how users get to that content and how to make navigation as painless as possible.

Step 3: Wireframes

At this point, we start creating block level layouts of your key pages and determine exactly where individual content, graphics and videos will live on a page. We share this with you and get your feedback and approval on the overall layout before moving on to create high fidelity designs of these key pages.

Step 4: Design!

With all the groundwork laid, we now create pixel perfect, high fidelity static mockups of your homepage and any other key pages of the website. Once complete, we review these designs and iterate on them to find the perfect design that represents your brand and speaks to your users.

Making A Custom Web Design Come To Life

Once the designs have been approved, it's time to turn those static mock ups into a full functioning site. We utilize a mobile-first, responsive website development process that ensure every web design we create works flawlessly across all devices.

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Let's Create Something Together

If you'd like to work with us, head over to our contact page and drop us a note. 

We'll set up a quick meeting to introduce ourselves and talk about your ideas.