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E-Commerce Website Design: It’s More than an Online Shopping Cart


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Having an attractive, user-friendly E-Commerce website is the foundation for your business.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we don’t just see an online shopping cart; we see an apple of opportunity ready to be plucked from its tree and set free. That is why we leverage the power of the latest technology to improve your E-Commerce platform’s functionality along with your company’s profitability.

After all, your website is not some leisure activity; it’s your livelihood. You use your digital storefront as a way to offer your products to customers around the country. Prospective buyers can browse your products, review their options, and make a purchase all while staying at home.

An E-Commerce platform is not just for those out of your area – it can also help drive customers to come to your retail location. You can set yourself apart from other local competitors by offering same-day online and pick-up purchases in-store.

The possibilities are endless when you have a great e-commerce web design from the start.

How Does an E-Commerce Website Help Your Business?

To be successful in the Internet age, you need to appeal to humans and search engines using a single site. Search Engine Optimization is what helps bring customers to your E-Commerce website, and a well thought out design and an executed platform are what keeps them there.

With a skilled design team, you can create an attractive website that leads customers through the buying process, and you still harness the power of SEO optimization on each page – even the graphics – to ensure search engines drop customers at your virtual door. Here are some of the features that make E-Commerce websites so powerful today:

An Attractive Platform that Puts Your Products on Display

Our in-house design team will create an online shopping area for your customers that shows off your products, speaks to your brand, and increases your sales potential.

Whether you specialize in one product, or you carry a vast array of products, we’ve got you covered. Each product has a page for itself that discusses the highlights, health benefits, safety, and any other information you want your customers to know so that they feel confident in their purchase.

Every e-commerce site we build uses WordPress and WooCommerce to leverage the ease of use for you, the store owner, while providing endless opportunities to creatively express your brand.

Expand Your Online Presence with an E-Commerce Website

Expanding Your Reach – If you have a local storefront, your reach only goes as far as the eyes can see. Your market is those driving by, customers who hear from friends and family, and those searching online for your local retail outlet. When you open online shopping up to the world, you instantly take your reach from outside your doors to across the globe.

Selling Anytime – Your store’s income is limited to an operational hour, but your E-Commerce site is not. You can sell at any time online, and customers can place orders when it is convenient for them.

Attracting Customers Who Cannot Visit Locally – Some of your target customers don't live close to your retail location, or they have a reason they cannot visit you locally even if they do live close by. Instead, they can shop from the comfort and convenience of their house.

Boost Sales Across All Devices

When we deploy an E-Commerce website for our clients, we make it friendly for all devices - responsive. Whether shopping on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, you increase your conversion rates and sales online – which pads your bottom-line.

Go from Homepage to Products to Checkout in a Flash

Today’s online shopper can be impatient, which is why we use the latest technology to keep your website’s speed optimized. Customers are not waiting for products to load, and they don’t have to worry about spending forever checking out.

We make sure that your customers can click, buy, and get back to life.

Gain a Competitive Edge and Become a Giant in the Industry

With 22% of global retail sales happening online, now is the perfect time to expand your business. Regardless of how long you have been selling locally, you have competitors online.

With an attractive, well-optimized E-Commerce site, you gain that competitive edge, and you can take hold of the market. From the initial consultation and brainstorming session to our development and implementation, our team uses our creativity and tech knowledge to help you stand out.

We help companies of all sizes – whether you are a budding startup, local business aiming to go national, or a large distributor, we can help.

Our Expert SEO Process Meets Your 

E-Commerce Website

We don’t just build an online shopping platform; we construct a platform that Google sees and shares with the world. Using our in-house SEO team, we make sure people searching for your products find them.

Your site is optimized and organized so that your pages bring in visitors who are ready to shop – all while helping you rank for keywords and build your SEO self-efficiency.

Update, Add New Products and Grow with Ease

We use WordPress, the leading open platform for web design.

WordPress is user-friendly, responsive, and updating it is a breeze. When you want to add new products, start blogging, or make changes to your website, you can do so quickly.

With the addition of WooCommerce to handle the shop, it takes just seconds to adjust pricing, change your stock, or launch a new product.

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Process Transactions Using a Secure Site 

Building Trust with Buyers

You want to be a trusted resource for buyers of your products. The only way to gain a buyer’s trust is to offer them a secure online shopping experience. When customers know that their data is protected, and your E-Commerce site uses SSL certificates and built-in security, they are more likely to purchase from you than a competitor not using these resources.

When you host your e-commerce website with us, we provide free SSL certificates for your site. We manage the purchasing, set up and maintenance of your certificates, so you can focus on your business.

Get Started with a Consultation for Your E-Commerce Website

The only way to stay competitive and harness the power of online shopping is to get started. While you have plenty of providers to choose from, Internet Marketing Geeks has over a decade of experience in marketing and growing e-commerce businesses.

We know what it takes to get ahead, and we'd be happy to help your brand succeed online.

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