Can Attorneys Do Their Own SEO? (Should They?)

“I can’t do that” is almost never an honest answer to a challenge.

Truth be told, many of us can do a great many things when we truly try. The real challenge is separating the things worth trying from the things that aren’t worth our time.

At big law firms, SEO is one of those things that isn’t worth the lawyers’ time. After all, they have the budget to hire whole teams of experts to handle those things for them.

But what about law firms where the budgets aren’t so big — the upstarts whose lone shingles are still hanging by their just-spun threads? Or the boutique firms that are doing quite well, thank you very much, but still can’t quite go full throttle in the marketing department?

Should they just give up on SEO until their budgets allow it? Too often, they do, but it’s a catch-22. In today’s market, where nearly every new client looks for a lawyer online, your firm will need to do its own SEO before it’ll ever be able to hire someone else to.

“But I Don’t Know How!”

That sounds more like an honest answer! Why should you know how to do SEO? If your law school had spent a semester on web marketing, it would have lost its accreditation — or, at the very least, ended up in the sassy crosshairs of an Above the Law op/ed.

You don’t have to give up on a goal, though, just because you don’t know how to get there. The roadmap comes down to three Rs: research, resources, and resolve.

If you determine that you will learn a little about SEO and that you will do what it takes to get in the game, then you will see results.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we help small law firms and solo practitioners learn attorney-specific SEO so they can stand a fighting chance in the super-competitive world of law firm internet marketing — all while staying within a budget that’s proportional to the size of your practice.

Even Some Basic Attorney SEO Skills Can Save (and Make) You Big Money

It goes without saying that your individual efforts probably won’t rival those of a big legal marketing agency. But there’s plenty you can do with some self-taught attorney SEO.

For example, simply learning how to do basic SEO tasks (and do them well) can make a meaningful difference in the long-term growth results for your firm — tasks like:

  • Internal linking
  • Optimizing keyword usage, density, etc.
  • Link building (e.g. how to get other sites to link to yours)
  • Customizing title tags & meta descriptions
  • Writing about the right things on your site
  • Identifying areas where you can compete (and areas where you probably can’t)
  • Using images and other kinds of content to boost SEO

Those are the very types of tasks we teach in our SEO Training program for lawyers. It’s an affordable alternative to the big-budget agencies your competitors are using. And you can try it for free today.

DIY Isn’t for Everyone

Look, if you can hire an agency to handle your marketing needs, you probably should. In fact, in our next blog entry, we’ll tell you how to choose the right one. But if an agency simply isn’t within your reach, our SEO training program probably is. And it can empower you to build up your business online.