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Why Every Website Needs Great Content Written by Professional Wordsmiths

Content is your virtual megaphone. It lets you communicate with people visiting your website. Not only does it have the ability to attract and convert new customers, but it establishes a relationship with existing ones too.

You are competing in a digital world where every business strives to have the best content that beats the competition. While you could certainly write your content and save some money, the content written by copywriting and marketing specialists do more than putting words on a page.

We like to refer to our content as a written asset. Each word on your web page, whether on a product, “about us” or your blog, serves a purpose and adds value. Professionally written content is what influences people on your website. Today’s consumer expects to see well-written, engaging, and brand-specific content on a site. They will consume what you have written, and it will inspire them to act.

What business owner has the time to research and write content like this? The team at Internet Marketing Geeks can take this task off your list.

We work with you in the initial phase to research and strategize a content plan. Then, we write informative, actionable content that your visitors will love to read. When you use us for your website design services, we will be able to design content around the design itself – so that everything works together perfectly.

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How Do We Know What Content to Create?

Before creating content for your website, we identify what types of content you need. If your website is brand-new, then we can make a strategy from scratch. If you have an existing site that we are over-hauling, we will see what content you have, what requires revamping, and what is lacking.

During this initial audit phase, we look for gaps in your content. Then, we make a plan that fills the gaps and ensures your visitors receive content that guides them through each phase of a sales funnel.

Creating Content is Harder then it Sounds

You have ideas in your head, and most of them are excellent, but have you ever tried to put what you were thinking down on paper (digital paper that is)?

You are, without a doubt, an expert in your industry. You know the cannabis industry, you understand the laws, you even have the background knowledge about each product you sell – right down to the last step that bottled it. While you have that expertise, you are not a marketing copywriter, editor, or graphics professional.

That is why you need to invest in a team that takes that expertise and knowledge from you, and works alongside you to put it together, edit, revise, and make sure your digital message speaks for your brand as if you wrote it yourself.

We use a team of strategists and copywriters, along with our talented graphics team, to create a variety of content products that teach, inspire, and inform everyone who visits your site. Whether they are reading a product description or found you through a blog post, not a single word goes to waste.

Some of the popular types of content ordered from our clients include web page copy, blogs, newsletters, infographics, landing pages, e-books, product descriptions, white papers, brochures, and email marketing.

Investing in Great Content Today Delivers Brand Loyalty Tomorrow

You know you need a copywriter that understands your business as well as you do – and we get it. You live and breathe in the industry every day, so how could someone possibly write from your point of view?

The good news is that Internet Marketing Geeks is in your industry too. We serve CBD, hemp and cannabis retailers; therefore, we know the industry, the target audience, and now we have to get to know your brand. Luckily, we already did in-depth research and brand targeting when you hired us to create your website.

Working alongside our design and copy team is an investment worth every penny. It is no mystery that today’s online consumer would like to learn about your company’s products and even your business’s background reading your website’s content – not an advertisement. That means that instead of putting money on outbound marketing, you need to focus on inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing uses content to fuel a customer’s craving for more knowledge. By offering up transparency on your web pages, along with useful insights and entertaining content, you will see your business grow in volume and brand loyalty.

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