A Website that is Truly Unique Starts with Custom Programming

Custom programming allows you to tweak designs and templates, add custom features, and stand out from the competition

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Front-End Custom Programming and Development

Sure, a website today is relatively easy to make. Therefore, it is even easier to assume you can do it yourself.

While you have options for creating a stunning website solo, one area you may find yourself coming to a halt is that of custom programming. Custom programming allows you to tweak designs and templates, add custom features, and stand out from the competition. Internet Marketing Geeks strives to create customized web development solutions – and never cookie-cutter web designs.

Each website we design for business owners in the CBD and cannabis industry are truly unique; and, we never recycle or reuse designs. We do not rely on templates that have been used 500 times over, plugins that everyone has, or codes that have circulated the web. Instead, it is our goal to give you a customized website that is user-friendly, reliable, and stable.

The front-end is what you and everyone else sees upon visiting your site. These are any functional capabilities of the website that your customers might interact with, such as a slide-out menu. While working on the front-end, we look for components that offer content value. We want your front-end programming to be functional, customized, built from the ground up, and still easy to maintain once we give you the reigns to the site. Likewise, our designs are easily expandable.

Any programming we use on a website also offers stability. The wrong programming or too much can make a site unresponsive and prone to crashes or errors. We thoroughly test so that customers and search engines do not penalize you for an unresponsive page.

Fully Responsive CBD Company Web Design

Back-End Custom Programming and Development

The back-end coding is one that no one interacts with directly, but the code powers everything on your website. We tie into databases, create processes, and build your E-Commerce site from scratch.

Essentially, our custom programming is the driving force of your site, and almost every new website requires back-end customization so that they can integrate with in-house systems, such as your distribution system when selling online.

Do I Need Custom Programming?

Custom programming creates functionality, and it uses languages such as jQuery or PHP. These computer languages are highly complex and allow your website to work logically. Likewise, your website requires built-in programming to operate, especially with shopping cart features.

What is an Example of Custom Programming?

Custom programming can vary, but a typical example would be to have your website automatically send data from the site to your accounting program, supplier, or warehouse for order fulfillment. This saves you the task of taking orders from your online back-end and placing them into your store software manually. Everything would streamline, you save time, and orders are fulfilled quicker.

Some other typical examples of custom programming include:

  • E-Commerce Customization
  • Digital Documents
  • Online Ordering and Warehouse Fulfilment Software Services
  • Online Collaboration
  • Built-in Loyalty or Incentive Programs
  • Integration with a CRM System
  • Lead Management

What about Coding Bugs?

We have all websites go through numerous rounds of testing to catch any coding errors or bugs that might affect performance. We cannot guarantee a site will be bug-free, because sometimes a database may change things on their end, which in turn affects us. Other times, problems do not appear until the site has been used for several months and problems arise.

Even if our coding comes out the door perfectly, situations may lead to bugs later. Browser functionality, website changes, and third-party services all affect coding, which is why we highly recommend having a programmer review your website frequently to update coding and prevent bugs from affecting your bottom line.

How Much Does Custom Coding Cost?

The cost of your website’s coding will depend on numerous factors. When we meet for your consultation, we discuss what you might want to integrate and achieve, review databases, and determine a budget. We can always add on as your business and website grow too – coding is not fixed once it is in place. Instead, it can be molded further down the road when you are ready to do so.


The team at Internet Marketing Geeks has the advanced training and experience to create custom coding – and this is not something you learn overnight. Our coders have invested hundreds of hours in learning, and updating what they’ve learned because coding changes continuously over the year.

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Do you want to save time and integrate your online store with a database or fulfillment software for faster deliveries? Our programmers can add everything from a calendar to online shopping cart to integration with your distributor so that you have a well-oiled machine doing the work for you even when you are asleep.

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