How to Choose an Internet Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm

In our last entry, we looked at whether attorneys can do their own SEO and how effective they can be without a big agency by their side.

As it turns out, there’s plenty the small-office lawyer can do to get those Google gears turning, even without a big budget in place.

Still, the time may come when you need some professional help, either because the tech is all a little too “Silicon Valley” for you, or because you simply don’t have the time to fool with it (always a concern in the legal world, where a 40-hour work week is a vacation).

To that end, we’ll highlight two approaches a small law firm like yours might take.

Hiring a Law Firm Marketing Agency: What to Look For

The most obvious course of action is to sign up for the services of a legal marketing firm.

Supply is on your side here, because a seemingly endless number of people have embraced the internet’s “Everyone’s an Expert” ethos. There’s probably a self-appointed web marketer within a mile of your office right now!

In other words, you have your pick of web marketing agencies, all of which will take your money, but only some of which would actually make a good, pro-growth partner for your legal practice.

Even some of the stronger agencies might not be right for a firm of your size, speed, or budget.

So how do you pick the right partner (and avoid spending all day on that task)? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Do they force you into a contract? Business is simply too unpredictable for long-term commitments. Unfortunately, many web marketing agencies insist on 12-month-plus obligations. But there are also excellent providers who don’t. So make this a deal breaker. No long-term contracts.
  • Will you own your own website? Don’t let someone else retain ownership of the intellectual property you pay for. If you hire someone to build your firm’s website, you should get to keep the rights when they’re done.
  • What do their results look like? This gets back to that whole “everyone’s an expert” problem. See, relatively few web marketers are actual experts, and those are the people you want to work with. Ask to see some evidence, and pay attention to how they discuss topics like ROI (return on investment). Those calculations can be tricky, but it’s important than an agency is focused on making you money – more money than you paid for the services.

If you need one agency to take control of all your internet marketing needs, from web design to SEO, we’d recommend our sister company, Black Fin. They get results.

One-Off Services from a Law Firm SEO Training Provider

Maybe you don’t quite need (or can’t quite justify the cost of) a full-time digital marketing agency for your law firm. That’s okay.

There’s always the road less traveled. And since it’s the road we happen to live on, we think it’s a path worth exploring.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we help small law firms and solo practitioners get a leg up in the attorney SEO world.

Our services come from the Black Fin veterans we mentioned earlier, but at Internet Marketing Geeks, we’ve tailored everything to the smaller, budget-conscious firm… firms that need some real success online before they’ll be ready for a bigger agency like Black Fin.

Whether you need all-inclusive website design at a low monthly rate, one-off SEO services, or fresh and Google-effective web content, we can help. Give our Geeks a try. Email us today.