Digital Marketing For Accountants

We think it’s fair to say that, as long as financials continue to have a profound influence on everyday life, the job of any accountant is never finished. If money is the fuel which runs our economy, accountants are the ones who pump that fuel. In a word, their role is vital.

Of course, as an accountant, you already know this. Whether you’re preparing financial statements and balance sheets for businesses or individuals, analyzing profit and loss reports, performing audits, or simply providing expert recommendations for the best accounting policies and procedures to introduce, your work is complex and all-encompassing.  

And, particularly if you have your own accounting business or provide services outside of a structured accounting firm, your work has an additional level of challenges. It certainly isn’t the easiest possible profession to take on.

For this reason and many others, accounting firms and professionals must prioritize the branding and marketing of services in order to grow. But, not just any marketing – nowadays, businesses and firms must have a digital marketing presence in order to succeed. 

It’s as simple as that. 

How the Marketing Paradigm Has Shifted

Why exactly is digital marketing so important? After all, components of accounting have moved into the digital ether, but people don’t commonly associate accounting with the web.

Well, we’re here to say that overlooking this association can be a huge mistake. These days, almost every business is expected to have some online presence or another. Because the web is changing the way business is conducted around the globe, accounting services are no exception to this.

Traditional marketing – think print ads, radio or television campaigns, and the like – simply cannot compete fully with the influence that digital marketing holds. In fact, we think it’s accurate to say that the web has changed everything.

But, exactly how are traditional and digital marketing methods distinct? After all, it’s still all just marketing, right? 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Plainly speaking, digital marketing is more dependent on:

  • Emphasizing the best, most informative, and optimized content. Unlike traditional marketing, which released content to simply be seen by its audience, web content holds a far greater responsibility to answer its audience’s questions better than competing content.
  • Search engine algorithms, which are programmed to show the most optimized websites and content when users submit web searches.
  • The relationship between multiple digital platforms, such as social media, blog posts, internal web pages, and external web links. This is markedly different from traditional marketing where there is essentially no interdependence between one campaign and another.

With the advent of digital marketing has also arisen a completely different way by which consumers are seeking out and ingesting information. What was once a “game” of showcasing uniformity in services and conformity among consumer groups has now shifted toward a focus on uniqueness that differentiates the buyer experience for each and every viewer. This, in essence, is the crux of digital marketing branding.

Where Digital Marketing Meets Accounting

If you’re in the business of accounting, we know that digital marketing may not sound all that relevant to you. After all, you’re not a web programmer – you’re an accountant. Sure, the software you use and your client communications may take place online, but where else is the relevance?

We know this train of thought might be tempting to entertain, but it’s very erroneous. In this day and age, digital marketing affects everyone.

Because online marketing has upended the way potential clients are seeking out information and services, having a digital presence is no longer simply optional – it’s a 21st century requirement.

Yep, you read that correctly: Even accountants must have a strong digital marketing presence.

And how does one develop a strong digital presence? This is done by developing a strategic marketing plan that covers all the bases of viewer engagement – from developing a website to sharing content, promoting social media, and engaging in paid ads.

If your accounting firm or independent accountant business lacks this, viewers won’t be clicking on your website, reading about your accounting philosophies and services, viewing your client testimonials, or considering your services.

Instead, they’ll be considering the services of your competitors. And, we definitely don’t want that.

The Digital Marketing Game Isn’t an Easy One

Digital marketing is important. Having a strategic plan is important. So, how hard can it be to accomplish both of these?

If online marketing standards and best practices remained static, the answer to this question would probably be not hard at all.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Because search engine optics and quality content metrics are constantly changing and evolving, digital marketing is rife with challenges. Here are just a few that accountants may experience:

  • The competition, especially in accounting, is at an all-time high. While going digital is necessary, it also heightens this competition since accountants are now competing against the entire web for business promotion – not just fellow accountants in their immediate communities.
  • As we’ve mentioned, search engines are in a state of flux. Even if your accounting business creates the perfect website, analytics could change in a moment’s notice, leaving your website in the dust.
  • One of the most important questions that consumers ask themselves when shopping for accounting services is why they should choose yours over every other option. Presenting answers to this central question is the job of any thorough digital marketing plan.

That’s Where Internet Marketing Geeks Enters the Picture

At Internet Marketing Geeks, digital marketing is what we do. In fact, it’s all we do. And, we must say that we’re darn good at it.

Because it’s a craft that we’ve perfected over the years, we know the ins and outs of how marketing changes over time. We know best practices. We know how to spot success. And, we know how to change the marketing plans that simply aren’t working.

In fact, our philosophy isn’t all that complex: Borne from all of our years of experience, we have found that marketing that focuses first and foremost on search engine optimization (SEO) is by far the best way to produce results. Below we’ll explain why.

Marketing with an SEO Point of Reference

So why the focus on SEO? It’s simple, really: The more optimized every piece of your marketing plan is for search engine metrics, the better each piece will fit together to create a more successful and marketable website. That is, the higher your website content’s quality and quantity becomes (in terms of using keywords, site linking, providing original content with sufficient word counts, and more), the higher your website will rank on search engines over time. 

Essentially, if your accounting business’s web design, content campaigns, social media accounts, and paid ads all meet (or better, exceed) SEO best practices, your marketing plan becomes sturdier across all its main pillars. And, when that happens, the more likely your marketing strategy is to be promoted and yield results (aka reach your desired clients and get them to contact you).  

Web Design with SEO in Mind

Because your website is the first impression that your accounting business shows to the world, web design holds an incredibly important function in your digital marketing strategy.

When designing websites, the two most critical design aspects are developing a brand and pushing for the highest loading speed possible for your site.

Branding, of course, helps viewers remember your work and know why to choose your services over those of others. Loading speed, on the other hand, helps clients find answers to their questions via your website in the quickest manner possible.

When you opt for our web designs, your website will be integrating proven SEO-centered web structures that help propel your accounting business forward to garner the greatest ROI. 

Effective Content to Drive SEO

We’ve already discussed the incredible importance of content within every part of your digital plan, so it’s only fair to emphasize it here. When it comes to creating content that has the right reading structure, information, and optimized search words, we’ve got you covered.  

Just like our web designs, all content that we supply to our clients fits the specific SEO standards that are needed for web promotion while answering viewers’ questions about your services. 

Social Media Management

Maybe social media seems like the last thing that accountants should be concerned with, but in the digital age, social media has an even more impactful role than ever. 

Social media, as distinguished from web pages and blog posts, has the amazing ability to meet prospective clients exactly where they are: on their phones, cruising social pages.

Social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are not only great for delivering your brand to consumers in casual ways that lead to conversion, but they also showcase your services, your business philosophies, your accounting successes, and more. 

Sure, social media may seem silly to some, but when it comes to your business, it’s critically important.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads to Develop Your Accounting Brand

Distinct from other avenues of your marketing plan, PPC ads can help you reach wider audiences and accomplish further outreach.

When creating ad copy for PPC ad publishing, we use a star combination of SEO-backed promotion with optimized content to help push your brand even further than organic marketing often reaches.

Certainly, PPC ads aren’t right for every accountant. But, if they work well for your model, we will use them within your plan.

Want to Work with Us?

Maybe your accounting firm already has a digital marketing strategy in place that’s yielding results. Or, perhaps you have no idea where to start with online branding, let alone start introducing marketing platforms online.

Whatever your story is, we’re here to help. We’ve helped a variety of clients, including accountants, optimize their web marketing and create brands that lead to solid ROI. And we’d love to help you, too.If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

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