Digital Marketing for Urgent Care Facilities

As an urgent care facility, your primary goal is for local patients to find you and visit your office.

The days of driving by and using the first facility they see are over. Instead, patients do not find you through word of mouth or by recognizing you from the street; they prefer to look for you online. Whether you are a traditional urgent care facility or advanced critical care working with an emergency room department, you need the latest digital marketing strategies to amplify your presence online.

Marketing Today Has Gone Digital

Marketing is no longer only about sending out flyers, mailers, and posting advertisements on the street.

Instead, most patients who find your facility have done so online (and often via mobile device). People today search for urgent care centers locally, and because they need immediate results, they usually go for one of the first three facilities named in their search engine results page. 

Think about it this way:

You’re preparing dinner, and you accidentally slip with the knife and slice open your finger; you can tell right away that you need stitches.

Like any modern-day consumer, you grab your phone and Google “urgent care near me.” Google’s map listing brings up local urgent care facilities by you, and your first instinct is to go to the one with the best reviews – and that is where you go to receive care.

How Digital Marketing Improves Your Urgent Care Facility’s New Patient Count

Today, the buyer’s journey is not unique.

Instead, you know where the journey starts: online.

Patients in need of an urgent care facility will use a computer, tablet or mobile phone to find you. On average, more than 5 million online searches are using “urgent care” related keywords, and almost 74% happen via a mobile device.

If you do not have a digital marketing plan in place, you are missing out on a massive piece of business. People want information at their fingertips. And when you have a digital marketing plan in place, patients find you, see what medical services you offer, and are more likely to choose you from the current information presented to them than remembering a billboard they saw a few weeks ago.

Basically, if you ignore digital marketing, patients will not find you. Instead, they will go to the competitor down the street – even if you are two blocks closer to their home.

A strong online presence starts with the right digital marketing plan. You need to boost your brand, build your reputation, and encourage patient reviews. In addition, you need to give Google a reason to skyrocket your urgent care facility to the top of the search engine results page.

Thinking of Doing It Yourself? Succeeding at Digital Marketing Requires More than You Think

Establishing a well thought-out digital marketing plan is more than just buying a URL and slapping a template up with a few lines of information.

Instead, you need to expand, think like a search engine, and still speak to your patients.

Just some of the hurdles you must tackle while creating your digital marketing plan include:

  • Attracting GoogleGoogle is king. Let us repeat that. Google is King. If Google does not show your business, your urgent care facility doesn’t exist for today’s consumer. Therefore, you need a search engine optimization plan in place that drives web traffic to your website.
  • You Need SEO Results That Push You to the First Page Urgent care centers on the first page of search engine results are 92 percent more likely to get business than those on subsequent pages. Where are you right now?
  • You Need a Strong Social Media Presence It is not just about a website anymore. Social media profiles showcasing your urgent care facility and what you are capable of are equally important. About 40 percent of consumers would work with an urgent care facility that has a social media presence.
  • You Are Attacking a Competitive Industry As we already stated, the “urgent care” keyword is highly competitive. Therefore, you need to find a way to make your business stand out in an already highly competitive field and win at the game of digital marketing.
  • You Need to Plan, Revise, Revamp, and Re-attack Daily SEO and digital marketing changes daily. What is relevant today is most likely irrelevant by next month. Therefore, you need not only an evergreen plan but one that can be modified to suit the latest changes in marketing.

How Internet Marketing Geeks Helps You Win at Digital Marketing in Today’s Highly Competitive Industry

Internet Marketing Geeks lives and breathes digital marketing.

We live in the SERPs, we thrive on SEO, and if we could, we would replace our morning coffee with a cup full of high-volume, low-competition keywords. 

Our team continually monitors the market, and we always stay on top of changes, innovations, and practices to bring our clients the very best.

Most importantly, our team is aggressive. We don’t sit back and wait for change – we predict it.

We know how the market is likely to move, and we anticipate those changes and implement a plan long before they happen – further improving your urgent care center’s chances for success.

Are You the Ideal Urgent Care Client for Internet Marketing Geeks? Absolutely!

Are you a local urgent care center hoping to lead your industry? Are you ready to beat out the competition and become the best urgent care center in your county?

Then you are the ideal client for Internet Marketing Geeks’ team.

Our team thrives with clients who are ready to adjust their current practices and embrace the latest SEO methods. We love ambitious clients because that means we can use our aggressive SEO and digital marketing tactics to push them to the top.

Even if you have dabbled in digital marketing already, now is the perfect time to come aboard and see how Internet Marketing Geeks helps urgent care centers, just like yours, thrive.

How Our SEO Pros Build a Solution Exclusive for Your Urgent Care Facility

With each industry comes a unique set of SEO solutions.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we do not use cookie-cutter SEO strategies for every industry or even every client. What makes you unique is what we use to help you stand out in the sea of urgent care center choices.

Our team gets to know your urgent care center, analyzes the competition, and creates a plan that not only puts you at the top but keeps you there as an industry all-star.

Unique, SEO Ready Web Designs

It all starts with the website.

Unfortunately, if you do not have a website in today’s digital world, you will not see many patients walking through those doors. Furthermore, if your website isn’t designed to be user-friendly, runs slow, or has poor content, it could be doing more harm than good.

Our team has some of the most talented designers in the country. Every website we create is customized to our client’s needs and brand. It is also optimized for maximum speed.

You can browse an array of our past custom websites here.

SEO-Rich Content Written by Genuine Wordsmiths

Now that you have the design, the next thing you need is content.

Content is critical for online presence and digital marketing. 

If your content is lackluster, doesn’t speak to the right audience, or doesn’t keep SEO in mind, it does nothing other than take up space on the web.

We use talented wordsmiths to create custom content that speaks to potential patients, implements targeted keywords to please search engines, and helps build your authority in the industry.

Want to see samples of our creative writers at work? Take a look here.

Social Media Management and Presence Building

Sure, websites are critical, but so is your social media presence.

People often look at urgent care centers via Facebook or Twitter to see what others have to say about them, what they Tweet about daily, and how they interact with the public.

Social media management is critical, and we have some of the most creative minds creating custom posts, managing your image online, and using your branding to drive more patients to your urgent care over anyone else.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertisements for Maximum Growth

PPC advertisements are like an Easter egg.

They look simple on the outside, but once opened, they explode with treats. In this case, boosting your digital marketing plan further.

Our team knows PPC advertising, and we look for the highest ROI PPC advertisements so that you get more visibility on search engines and more clicks. 

If you use Internet Marketing Geeks for PPC, you will get three teams working on your advertising campaign: content marketing specialists, SEO specialists and the actual PPC team. These three work in tandem to create enticing advertisements for viewers and to keep costs low, while maximizing leads.

Ready to Get Started? 

Now that you know why digital marketing is critical, what makes Internet Marketing Geeks’ approach unique, and how we can help, the next step is to get started.

You do not have to use all of our services; in fact, many clients start with one and then add more as they are ready to push their marketing even further.

Our team is all about maximizing your marketing budget, and we work closely with you to ensure that every penny spent is a penny earned back on your marketing plan. 

Connect with our digital marketing experts today and see how our team can help take your urgent care facility to the top.

Gear up your business marketing now!