Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Prospective clients who need your services are looking for you online, right now. Are they going to find you?

In today’s world, unless a prospective client gets your name through a referral, that prospective client is going to find your law firm online . . . or, it isn’t. Every day, law firms lose opportunities simply because they are not getting the online exposure they need. They have websites that don’t show up in search results. Their lawyers write blog articles that don’t keep readers’ attention. Their lawyers spend time on social media, but they don’t forge connections that drive business through the door. In short, they are trying to utilize digital marketing, but their efforts are ineffective.

Are you one of them?

Digital marketing for law firms is not the formulaic process it once was. When there was less competition, law firms could pick out a few PPC keywords and see results almost immediately. Simply being on social media was enough to make you stand out, and writing just about anything would pass for “content marketing.” If you followed a basic plan, your online presence would grow. This is no longer the case. 


Digital Marketing in Today’s World Requires a Different Approach

With the number of law firms competing for business online, digital marketing in the legal industry has undergone a complete transformation in recent years. Identifying opportunities for exposure is now an active and ongoing process, and strategic decisions are made based upon data, not assumptions. Your commitment to growing your law firm needs to match your commitment to your clients. And just as your clients come to you for your professional guidance in your area(s) of practice, you need to rely on digital marketing professionals who know how to get results for your law firm.

Welcome to Internet Marketing Geeks. We are a digital marketing agency that works with law firms and attorneys. Our team of professionals, which includes career SEO experts, web designers, and results driven marketers, knows what it takes to help you get found online. From assessing your firm’s current strengths and weaknesses to developing compelling content, search engine ads, and website design, we can help you get noticed, get leads, and get clients who are ready to get started.

Would you take on a client not knowing what it would take for you to help them? Neither would we. We study our clients’ existing digital marketing efforts and their competition before we make any recommendations. Just like you, we offer custom-tailored advice, and we expect our clients to expect results. To get started, we will help you answer questions such as:

  • Is your law firm’s website generating leads or driving prospective clients away? 
  • Is your law firm’s website truly mobile-friendly?
  • Are your social media efforts worthwhile? 
  • Are your blog articles and social media posts being seen by the right people?
  • Are you targeting the right subject matter with the right tone of voice?
  • What do you need to do to get your website to rank higher for relevant searches?

Once we know what we’re up against, then we can develop a plan to achieve the results you desire. Whether you want to target one specific practice area in one geographic location or you want to dominate an entire sector nationwide (yes, we work with law firms that are this ambitious), we can provide data-driven solutions that will get you where you want to be.


Digital Marketing for Law Firms: Success is in the Numbers

When it comes to competing for visibility online, success is in the numbers. Even if you are truly the best at what you do, this is largely irrelevant until you start getting prospective clients’ attention. Once you have eyes, then you can sell your experience and results. But, the first step is to get noticed. To do this, you need to use data smarter than your competitors. 

At Internet Marketing Geeks, everything we do has a purpose. If your law firm’s website looks good, we aren’t going to suggest a redesign. If your website has good quality content, we aren’t going to suggest more blog articles on the exact same topics.  If your prospective clients aren’t the type to look for lawyers on social media, we will focus our efforts elsewhere. Our success hinges on yours, and your results matter just as much to us as they do to you.

In addition to using data to drive success, we measure our success by the numbers as well. When you work with us, we will tell you how your campaigns are performing, and we will tell you when you can expect to see results. We can also tell you what devoting more or less effort to your law firm’s digital marketing would mean in terms of the volume and consistency of prospective client inquiries. We can tell you what topics generate the most views and time-on-page, and we can tell you when your competitors are stepping up their game. 


How We Generate Measurable Results for Law Firms

So, how do we do what we do? How do we use our digital marketing expertise to get law firms more clients? While the simple answer is, “We do whatever it takes,” the more-substantive answer is that we divide our services into four key areas:


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization remains a cornerstone of successful digital marketing for law firms. Our SEO department consists entirely of analysts and specialists who have years of experience achieving positive and proven results for our clients. With Google and other search engines constantly changing their algorithms, law firms that fail to adapt will quickly fall behind. We stay at the forefront of SEO best practices, and we analyze our clients’ results in real time to determine the most-effective methods for maximizing their exposure.

Across all of our SEO strategies, our clients realized a 49% net increase in traffic in 2017. With our aggressive SEO strategies, our clients saw their web traffic increase by 81%. What would this type of increase mean for your practice? 


2. Web Design

While SEO drives traffic to your law firm’s site, beautiful and savvy web design is what keeps them from clicking the back arrow immediately. Our web designers are immensely creative, and they also understand that the legal profession demands a certain level of, well, professionalism. They also understand that different design strategies are necessary to attract different types of clients, and our design portfolio reflects our focus on developing websites that speak to our clients’ prospective clientele. 


3. Content Writing

Content plays a unique role in digital marketing for law firms. More than any other industry (with the possible exception of medicine), when someone visits a legal website, they expect to find meaningful information. They expect to find answers (many of which you cannot give online), and they expect to feel informed rather than being left wanting for more. 

Our writers develop content that your prospective clients want to read. They use language that is appropriate to your target audience, and they create pages and articles that provide real value to readers. As a law firm, the image you portray through your online content matters. We can use our expertise to convey compassion and build confidence so that potential clients feel ready to pick up the phone. 


4. Social Media

Most lawyers don’t know how to use social media effectively. They either bombard their followers (which are typically few in number) with overly-promotional posts without meaningfully engaging with anyone, or they end up interacting with people who have little, if any, chance of ever helping their law firm grow. 

In a recent article titled, Why Don’t People Trust Lawyers, the Law Society of NSW Journal (LSJ) wrote that, “[c]ultivating goodwill and crafting a positive public perception have never been so challenging for lawyers.”  Effectively incorporating social media into your firm’s digital marketing campaign is your opportunity to build a favorable perception among your target audience. Effective use of social media will boost your law firm’s SEO, build credibility, build valuable relationships, and allow your lawyers to connect with potential clients on a more “human” level. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we can show you how.


Ethical Marketing Is Effective Marketing 

Of course, as a law firm, your marketing efforts are subject to ethical standards. As a digital marketing agency, we are subject to certain ethical standards as well. We hold ourselves to these standards in everything we do, and we ensure that our digital marketing campaigns and online content fully comply with the rules of professional responsibility in our clients’ jurisdictions.


Start Generating More Leads for Your Law Firm Today

Are you ready to start taking your law firm’s digital marketing seriously? If so, we encourage you to get in touch. We can help you understand why your current efforts are failing, and we can provide you with a clear, data-driven proposal for moving forward. We can help you get more clients. It’s that simple. To get started, schedule your consultation now. 



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