Digital Marketing For Non-Profits

If you work for, own, or help to manage a nonprofit, chances are high that you are always looking for cost-efficient, highly effective ways to reach your audience: donors and the broader audience in your community that may either support your nonprofit, benefit from its services, or both.  

If this is the case, and depending upon the history of your organization, you may have utilized traditional marketing methods for some time. Certainly, traditional, time-tested marketing methods can be effective and are important. In today’s digitally connected world, however, nonprofits simply cannot ignore their digital footprint.

Devising and implementing a savvy digital marketing plan is particularly pertinent for nonprofits in today’s highly digitally connected world. Increasingly high numbers of donors prefer to donate online, and as a result, more and more nonprofits are turning to online platforms – and with good reason. When compared to more traditional marketing methods, online platforms are a less expensive and more effective way to reach a broader audience.

If creating a cutting edge digital marketing strategy sounds appealing and may be a good fit for your organization, there’s no time like the present to begin envisioning exactly what you’d like that marketing strategy to look like. It’s always helpful to have a plan that is actionable and easily implemented. To ensure that this is the case, it is imperative to think through the specific steps and strategies you think might best help you to achieve your overall marketing goals and find a marketing service that can assist you in this pursuit. When considering a digital marketing plan for your nonprofit, it can be helpful to keep the following in mind:

Important Digital Marketing Considerations for nonprofits

Web Development and Design: As a nonprofit, you want your community of potential donors, as well as those who might benefit from your services, to know your mission, your objectives, and your involvement in and impact on your community. Creating a website with savvy branding that is easily navigable, eye-appealing, and that showcases all that is important about your nonprofit is a key component of any successful marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization: Having a beautiful, highly functional website is important – but it’s only valuable if your intended audience can actually find it. You need to create a digital marketing strategy that ensures that your site shows up when donors or potential beneficiaries of your services are searching online. Understanding the correct keywords and content to reach your intended audience is critical to success.

Email Marketing: For all businesses, but particularly for nonprofits, in order to successfully build your volunteer database or reach your growing list of donors, you need to have a successful email marketing strategy. By keeping your community engaged, informed, and involved, both your organization and the community benefit in the long run.

Consider PayPer-Click (PPC) Marketing: Some nonprofits make the mistake of immediately ruling out PPC marketing simply because it includes the word “pay.” This can be a mistake for many nonprofits who can actually benefit significantly from strategically used PPC marketing to draw the right audience to their site.

Consider Using Video: As part of a website that is optimally tailored to inspire and bring out emotions in its audience, many nonprofits are utilizing video content with great success.  While many people value information and appreciate reading content alone, inspiring video footage can go the extra mile toward inspiring those who might want to donate or volunteer. It also brings awareness to those who might benefit from your services. The power of video to do exactly that – to awaken emotion and inspire action – shouldn’t be underestimated.

Consider Utilizing Your Network to Maximize Social Media Impact: While you may not have an A-List movie star immediately available to campaign for your cause, this doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the power of people to reach and influence one another through social media channels. Encourage your supporters to post about your nonprofit – both information about your mission and also any pictures or videos of community events or activities in which they’ve been involved. People in your own immediate network can often be the best advocates for your cause; make sure to put that power to work.

Consider using social media platforms to solicit donations: In the United States today, it seems that almost everyone has a social media account. While social media is a wonderful way to stay connected, it doesn’t have to be only about sharing pictures or videos or making comments on one another’s status. Increasingly, social media platforms like Facebook are making “donate” features available. Users interested in supporting a particular site can link a donate button to their page. This also enables the nonprofit itself to include a “donate” button on its page. In light of the voluminous use of social media each day, marketing and utilizing these tools can be particularly beneficial for nonprofit organizations.

Certainly, there are any number of potential ways to utilize digital marketing to benefit your nonprofit and increase its visibility in your immediate community and beyond. Developing an effective digital marketing strategy is, clearly, an important and necessary way to encourage the continued growth of your nonprofit as well as to continue to positively impact your community and those you serve. As a result, choosing a company that can help you to do this in the best and most effective way possible is important. The question is, out of the many available options, which do you choose?

Why Internet Marketing Geeks?

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know that, when it comes to choosing a company that can help devise the best digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit, you have a number of choices. Our goal is to be the best choice, and we believe that the creativity, expertise, and experience we offer makes our digital marketing services second to none. Just a few of the services we offer to our nonprofit clients include:

Search engine optimization for nonprofits: Ultimately, to be most effective, the written content on your nonprofit’s site needs to be crafted in light of what information search engines consider authoritative. Users arrive at your site because they’re seeking specific information. And at Internet Marketing Geeks, we understand how to create optimized content that search engines will pick up quickly and easily to maximize your ability to reach your intended audience.

Web Design for nonprofits: At Internet Marketing Geeks, our expert web design team understands how to create a beautiful, functional, and mobile-friendly website design with maximum visibility to project the image and information you want to reach your intended audience. There are millions of websites out there; instead of being lost in the shuffle, ensure that yours stands out among the rest. Our web design advantage will provide your nonprofit with fully responsive designs built to work on any device and with speed optimized code that will give you the advantage you need to reach the audience you want.

Social Media Management for Nonprofits: Internet Marketing Geeks offers premium social media management services catered to fit the particular needs of each of our clients. Our world is more connected today than ever before, and a large part of that connectivity is due to social media. Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with friends and family, the way we do business, and the way we obtain our news and information. It can also be revolutionary for your nonprofit marketing strategy. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we can help you utilize social media to its maximum potential for enhancing your nonprofit’s image and branding to the specific audience you want to reach.

Nonprofit Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services: Pay-per-click, known as PPC ads in the marketing industry, can contribute significantly to your nonprofit’s overall marketing plan. When PPC ads are utilized, advertisers pay only for the clicks that their promoted ads receive. These are forms of advertising that are often used as part of a balanced marketing campaign. If you are seeking to expand your audience, PPC ads may be a wise option to consider. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we can help ensure that you utilize PPC content tailored toward the specific audience you have in mind, thereby bringing more overall traffic to your site, and in turn, providing the publicity you want for your nonprofit.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we can help you to assess your current marketing efforts in light of the goals and objectives you have for the growth of your nonprofit and craft a carefully tailored, personalized strategy to help you achieve them. You deserve a marketing firm that will fight hard to bring maximum visibility to your nonprofit. If you’re looking for an excellent, responsive service, focused on taking your visions for your nonprofit marketing strategy and making them a reality, then Internet Marketing Geeks is for you. Our team has a wide array of expert internet marketing skills, knowledge, and experience, and we want to put those skills to work on behalf of your nonprofit. Contact us today.

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