Wholesale Marketing Agency

Wholesalers in dire need of partnership come to us for solutions.

We’re here for their customers and their requirements are simple, give our clients quality service at a discounted price to get them selling as quickly as possible.

No problem! We can do that! 

There is no single formula for success so we don’t do the same thing for every client regardless of need. We treat each customer as a unique individual no matter where they’re coming from. Of course, the exception to this is if a wholesaler requires branding, disclaimers, or similar.

We will craft a brand strategy for you that will give you a uniformity of voice that will lend authenticity to your brand. With a clear voice, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and build a stronger brand.

Why work with Internet Marketing Geeks?


Our specialization sets us apart. Focusing on the CBD space allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of this market and know when to jump and how far. Our branding and design team are cutting edge, our developers know the tools and technology, and our strategists know how to get you the right attention. You get all this and the expert hands of our client support who will help you from beginning to end. 


Our staff has a vast amount of diverse experience in corporate and retail marketing and design. We bring industry expertise to the table, specializing in CBD wholesale and retail marketing and design.  

We understand building and maintaining relationships in a business-to-business sales space and we know we can provide you with the tools to do the same for your business.


We love what we do — whether it's our techs, our strategists, or our content and design team. We want you to work with us because we get excited about results.


Every one of your customers that sign on puts money in your marketing fund. With enough customers, you could get your work for free while your customers are paying a discounted rate to have our world-class services. It’s a win-win!

Our Services

Our services break down into three main categories: strategy, branding and design, and marketing. This allows us to specifically target what you need and how we can help you best.

Our strategy examines how best to position you, design and market your brand, what messaging is important, and how best to create optimized content that reaches your target market.

Our design team will provide you with a style guide that enables you to choose logos, colours, and designs that will give you a unified brand. Your customers will love how your voice is represented in the iconography we create for you.

Our marketing will help your clients reach their customers and turn email, video, and social media content into sales. With our SEO and content creation services, you and your clients will be prepped for success.

Gear up your business marketing now!