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Get found online, stand out from the crowd, get more leads, and win more lifetime clients.

CBD Digital Marketing for Wholesale & Retail Companies

So, you've invested in the world of CBD sales and hemp derived CBD products through retail stores and services. You're offering this hot new item in alternative health and wellness to your customers and audience base. You've jumped on the ground floor of the cannabis industry and would like to hit the ground running. You are now offering its purported benefits and medical claims to a wide customer base through the sale of CBD on your online store and website directly to consumers and possibly to online retailers through a wholesale cbd products partnership, branding the label of your industrial hemp derived CBD products.

Beside selling high quality CBD products, you need to keep in mind a few things, and we can help you be successful in the CBD market space. Beyond your typical bookkeeping, inventory, pricing, overhead management, and traditional marketing, you need a CBD brand and to keep your CBD digital marketing at the forefront, if you want to build brand awareness and succeed in online sales using a solid marketing campaign. Cold prospects don't cut it in the CBD market! You need to keep on your toes regarding your marketing efforts through social media platforms, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, google ads, website design, and compliance with the federal laws following the Farm Bill. Luckily, Internet Marketing Geeks is here with plenty of experience in this marketplace to help get your best foot forward in CBD business retail stores and wholesale.


Unique Design and Visibility

Something that many CBD business retailers forget when entering the online marketplace is that their website is their storefront. A unique design with a pleasant user experience is crucial when offering a customer a venue for any product purchase, whether CBD, health, wellness, or any product for that matter. From opening the front page with tasteful pop-ups to clicking on the checkout button in their shopping cart, a customer will more likely return to a site with a pleasant user interface and easily understandable aesthetic design. Issues that need to be addressed when designing a website include ease of use, simplicity in design, and overall appearance. IMG has plenty of experience in design, with nearly a hundred CBD website designs in its wheelhouse. We have offered clients alterations on existing designs, templated designs, bespoke semi-custom sites, and fully customized websites for retailers and wholesalers. When it comes to website design, we can offer you suggestions, consultation on the way to your final design, or hand things over to a design team that will help you realize your dream of the perfect, productive website for you.

Get found online

Digital marketing is the art of getting found online.
Without it, you only have a website that potential clients will never see.

Search engine optimization

SEO is using content, technical expertise, and industry knowledge to organically rank a website or landing page on the front page of a search engine. This builds consumer trust and increases business revenue.

brand awareness

Your CBD brand is your voice with your consumer and the call to new customers. On average it takes prospective customers seven touches before they'll act and purchase. That means you may need help to get in front of your clients seven times to encourage that first buy. Strategy may include paid ads campaign, influencer marketing, organic traffic to and from cbd marketing,cbd paid advertising campaigns, link building with other cbd brands online presence, cbd focused blogs, google ads.

content marketing

Strong content improves SEO and also helps your consumers connect emotionally and intellectually with relevant content about your brand for your website and social media platform. We write content for articles, press releases, white papers, guides, educational content, cbd focused blogs and more to help your future clients connect.

conversion optimization

Conversion rate optimization is tools we used to increase the percentage of website visitors and prospective customers to leads or purchases when it comes to marketing for healthcare professionals or even CBD brands such as yourself! This is a metric that we can use to help improve your site—whether you're email marketing or looking for more calls, purchases, or form fill-outs.

Why build online?


90%% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year. (BrightLocal)


80% of consumers performed some type of online research before making a purchase online. (Oberlo)


93% of searchers stay on the first page, using only the first ten search results to form their impression. (Forbes)

Search Engine Optimization

CBD products retail and wholesale are not empty marketplaces. Despite being a relatively newer health and wellness product, CBD products sold on the Internet aren’t the most novel business venture. Depending on the area you're focusing on, the types of CBD products you're offering, and your target market, you could be facing competition from hundreds, sometimes even thousands of retailers from the CBD industry. This isn't even counting competition from super online retailers that allow sellers on their platform, such as Amazon. With experts working 'round the clock, IMG works on the labor-intensive process of raising your rankings on important search engines such as Google to ensure your website isn't buried and easily found by CBD prospective customers. This is part of customer trust. 

An important aspect of CBD online marketing is creating trust among consumers in search rankings. The closer to the first page of a Google search a website appears, the more a customer will trust that website. The logic behind this thought is that only companies that do their due diligence and run their company well will show up higher in rankings. This is somewhat true. Internet Marketing Geeks understands this and does the hard work for you, constantly tweaking your site, following the changes in search algorithms, and creating ideal website environments to ensure high search engine rankings and as a consequence, recurring customers. This process isn't overnight and is ongoing, but the rewards are immense. Through SEO alone, various IMG clients, who are in the top ten results of searches, generate six figures of revenue monthly. 

How Profitable is the CBD market?

The CBD market has been rapidly growing in recent times, and this trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years.

In 2019, the worldwide CBD market was evaluated at a significant $4.6 billion, and it is projected to achieve an outstanding $23.6 billion by 2025, exhibiting a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 22.2%.

The proliferation of hemp-derived CBD legalization in various countries has played a pivotal role in catalyzing this advancement. The flourishing awareness among the populace regarding the potential health benefits of hemp plants and CBD has also contributed to this progress.

The CBD industry is attracting significant investments from major conglomerates, thus further fueling its expansion.

On the whole, the CBD industry is deemed an immensely profitable and prolific realm, with substantial potential for growth in the imminent years. Nevertheless, akin to any burgeoning domain, there are also vulnerabilities and challenges, such as perpetually changing regulations and intensifying competition.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

All businesses need demographic research; however, with so much competition, cannabis and CBD businesses need a little more help. With our CBD advertising strategy We can help you reach your customers where they are and connect them with you without expensive advertising that prevents you from talking about your retail or wholesale cbd products. 

We specialize in producing content specific to your cbd brand, premium CBD products and needs. We will research who you need to reach, starting broadly with generational research and cold prospects, and narrow that down to specific personalities most likely to connect with your brand. This means that, as part of our cbd marketing strategy, we can provide you with brand research to help you know what to say, how to say it, and where to say it. 

Our CBD content and email marketing campaign is always designed with you in mind. Our writers and editors work to create individualized and targeted content to improve your SEO and engage with your demographics. In addition, your email marketing will be designed to get some of the best open rates in the industry while simultaneously representing your voice and increasing your sales. 

We will micromanage your branding, marketing budget and online strategy while still involving you in every step of the process. Don’t let another company sell you a CBD brand you don’t relate to — connect with IMG and connect with your best representation in the cbd market.

Don't wait until after your competition hires us.

Change gears with Internet Marketing Geeks

The pandemic's shifting landscape has thrown many companies into chaos. With Internet Marketing Geeks you can stay ahead of the curve. While many companies experienced unprecedented growth during the pandemic, these uncertain times have fast changing curveballs.

Use this time as an opportunity to grow a new strategy to draw in clients and keep customers informed. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to build a lasting client list that will carry organic growth of your business into the future.

CBD Compliance

We have experts on staff that are constantly learning and changing with the new guidelines produced by the FDA and individual state applicable laws to the CBD industry. We maintain research on compliance with federal laws and regulatory issues to advise our clients on how to best work within the lines. We also allow our clients the freedom and access to their sites to make the changes they desire. With restrictions on advertising CBD products online, wholesale CBD and retailers must get down to the core of online affiliate marketing, and use creative solutions to be on top of a market with unprecedented growth. In every case, marketing efforts can become time-consuming and far too involved, especially if you're busy running your business. However, the experts at Internet Marketing Geeks know this industry, and we'll use our knowledge to garner success for you.

Work with the Experts of Digital Marketing

You may already be building your cbd business online and managing it on your own. We understand that, and we admire the entrepreneurial spirit used to get new customers and drive yourself to success. But there is another way.

You're an expert in your field, and you're used to working with an incredible team. For digital marketing that's Internet Marketing Geeks. With our knowledge of the cbd market, we are a valuable resource on the cbd marketing efforts process and can help you drive traffic to your site, reach your target market, generate new client leads, and rank higher on search engines, promoting your premium cbd products and build brand awareness as result. You may also find of interest our digital marketing for small businesses page if you're just starting out!