Marketing for Construction Companies & Contractors

Get found online, stand out from the crowd, get more leads, and win more lifetime clients for your construction company.

Building online is critical to business success

There's no avoiding it - online is the place to be, even for construction businesses. Most consumers look to the internet to learn who you are, what you do, and why they should give you their money. Just like any other company, contractors need to be online, winning the trust of their future clients besides keeping their existing customers.

In addition to marketing CBD over the years - having worked with the construction industry for over 30 years, we have a solid understanding of what it takes to win new clients for you. In addition to technical development services such as web development, A strong marketing strategy for contractors can make a huge impact on the success of your construction business. This is why we cater to Marketing for Construction Companies & Contractors.


Building the foundation

Building an online presence starts with a great website. It's your most powerful communication tool for your target audience. It acts as a business card, advertisement, and sales vehicle for your construction business.

The goal of any business website is to make sales. People will come to your site for many different reasons – to find out who you are before visiting your office, book an appointment or buy a product, research you and your team, or make sure you are a legitimate company. Make sure you put your best foot forward and show your potential clients why they should choose you! Internet Marketing Geeks has decades of combined experience marketing for construction companies & contractors. Our satisfied clients base speaks for itself. Call us today!

Get found online

Digital marketing is the art of getting found online within the construction industry. Without it, you only have a website that potential clients will never see.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to organically rank a website well in search engines and appear at the top of search engine results pages. A website ranking on the first page of search results builds trust in a consumer. Only sites that have proven themselves to search engines will make it to the top of the search results.

brand awareness

On average, it takes a consumer seven touches before they will act and make a purchase. That means they have to see you at least seven times before your potential clients consider you a viable option for a sales pitch. The right digital marketing efforts, including online reviews, presence on google maps or even paid advertising, will bring qualified leads and prospective customers to the construction firm.

content marketing

Not only does good content help with SEO marketing tactics, but it also helps consumers connect with you. As a complement to keyword research , part of your digital marketing strategy, we write relevant content for press releases, blog postarticles, guides, white papers, and social media channels and more—all to get your future clients to connect with you.

conversion optimization

Conversion rate optimization is used to increase the percentage of website visitors to leads. This is a trackable metric that we can help your site improve—whether you're looking for more calls, newsletter sign-ups, or form fill-outs.

Why build online?


90% Of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year. (BrightLocal)


81% Of consumers performed some type of online research before making a purchase online. (Oberlo)


93% Of searchers never go past the first page, instead using only the first ten search results to form their impression. (Forbes)

Let's talk about SEO

Search engine optimization is a huge part of everything we do. From building a website with the search engines in mind, research the target keyword for your business, to strategically placing links to boost your authority, search engine optimization is key to a successful online presence.

You can expect a well-researched and planned strategy built on 20+ years of SEO experience and knowledge from our CEO, Lisa Carter, who personally builds each strategy for every client.

Different clients require different digital marketing strategies in the construction industry. We tailor your plan to your specific needs, wants, and desires to develop a unique approach for every client and your target audience. This tailored approach allows us to help you grow your business at a lower cost while still giving you the best results within your marketing budget.

Your Strategy Lead,

Lisa Carter

Lisa started her digital marketing career over 20 years ago as a graphic designer and web developer. After a few short years in the field, she learned how to optimize websites for search engines. This opened her eyes to the world of marketing, which quickly took her back to school. Fast forward 22 years, two degrees, and hundreds of client projects later, she is our fierce leader and agency owner.

Her passion projects include restoration companies, contractors, builders, and anything animal-related, although you will see her hands on every single project. Control freak? Probably, but she knows how to get results!

Build New or Renovate the Old

Whether you're starting from scratch or building on an old foundation, we have the skills and tools to improve your outlook. We will help you create a unique website experience with innovative visual design, personalized branding, intuitive navigation, all together with speed and accessibility.

If you choose to build new, we will support you through branding and design, guide you through the experience of building a web-friendly site, and help you continue to keep that site up-to-the-minute fast. Our bleeding-edge web developers specialize in designing and launching beautiful sites with high conversions.

We can take your existing company website and revamp it. We specialize in unifying the branding and messaging, personalizing the content, and optimizing sites for SEO and conversion.

Email Marketing

Keep yourself fresh in your client's minds so that when they're embarking on their next project, you're their first call. We can help you generate an email list, have consistent emails and updates, and drive positive interaction with your existing clients.

Content Creation

A content marketing strategy is crucial to the success of any brand success. Answer questions, drive conversation, react to recent news, and inform potential clients of your successes. Whether you're looking for a portfolio page, weekly blog post or offline graphic design, IMG can provide you with consistent,  high-quality content to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Social Strategy

Knowing who your customers are already can help you target similar demographics to build your customer base, using the proper marketing channels. Many construction companies don't invest in a facebook page or other social media platforms and that's a big mistake! Our data-driven social strategies combine online and offline marketing projects to improve engagement and build leads.

The shifting landscape of the pandemic has thrown many companies into chaos — stay ahead of the curve with Internet Marketing Geeks. While many contractors experience positive growth during the pandemic, these are uncertain times, hence the need for contractor marketing services.

Don't wait until after your competition hires us.

Change gears with Internet Marketing Geeks

The shifting landscape of the pandemic has thrown many companies into chaos — stay ahead of the curve with Internet Marketing Geeks. While many contractors experience positive growth during the pandemic, these are uncertain times, hence the need for contractor marketing services.

Use this time as an opportunity to grow a new strategy to draw in clients. While it may be tempting to rest on your laurels, now is the time to seize the opportunity and build a lasting client list that will carry your business into the future.

Work with the Experts of Digital Marketing

You may already be building your business online and hoping to manage it on your own. We understand that, and we admire that can-do spirit that exists in the trades. 

You're an expert in your field, and you're used to working with qualified tradespeople. For digital marketing that's Internet Marketing Geeks. We can help you drive traffic to your site, generate new client leads, and rank higher on search engines.