Marketing for Sustainable Foods

Get found online, stand out from the crowd, grow your company, and increase conversions.

Building a Sustainable Business means Building Online

You are an innovator trying to improve our world by providing others with sustainable foods. Looking at the future of climate change, healthy eating, and food scarcity, you recognized a problem and found a way to address it that helps your community.

You’ve already started an incredible business, but you still have to reach your target audience. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we have experience working within the wellness community and are passionate about sustainability.

Our digital marketing and SEO experts can help you rank at the top of search results to help grow your business. You should be selling more — we can help you achieve that. 


SEO for Sustainable Foods

Whether you’re beginning your journey into entrepreneurship or have been building your business for many years, SEO can help you grow to the next level. 

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization, a segment of digital marketing that targets search engine rankings as a method to reach potential customers. Ranking highly on Google or other search engines can bring you more traffic.

The traffic drawn to your website by SEO is more likely to convert as they’re searching for what you are selling. So ranking highly on a search engine will help you reach people just as they’re beginning to research a purchase and as they’re ready to buy.

Almost 95% of people research a purchase online before buying a product, and 75% of people don’t scroll past page one while searching. So if you’re not on the first page for your keywords, you’re already behind.

Additionally, you can use SEO to build brand awareness, grow the platform you own, and build a local profile for your business. Especially in the sustainable food industry, where many of your consumers will consider the carbon footprint of their purchase, buying local is an easy sell. So show up locally with strong SEO!

Get found online

Digital marketing is the science of getting found online.
Your website may be beautiful but without help getting found, it'll remain untouched.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the ability to rank a website well in search engines organically. A website ranking on the first page of search results builds trust with your customers. Websites must prove themselves to search engines to rank highly on their pages.

brand awareness

It can take between seven to nine times appearing before someone for them to recognize your brand. Therefore, varying methods of getting in front of your customers can help you build trust and eventually convert them.

content marketing

Strong content helps your customers connect emotionally to your brand. It also helps build your SEO efforts. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we write content for articles, guides, press releases, white papers, and more.

conversion optimization

SEO increases conversion rates by getting in front of the right customers. However, optimizing your website for conversion can help increase the percentage of website users who make purchases. This is a trackable metric that we can help you improve.

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Digital Marketing for Sustainable Foods

The sustainable food industry is unique in the value it offers, so it’s expected that digital marketing for sustainable foods would also be unique.

Digital marketing includes but isn’t limited to SEO. When looking at digital marketing for your sustainable foods business, you’ll want to take a holistic approach. Even if you have no eCommerce experience, a digital marketing strategy is the key to your success. However, it requires a skilled understanding and knowledge of the industry to rank your site on the front page of any search engine. Our Internet Marketing Geeks team cut our eye teeth in the wellness industry and has a strong understanding of targeted marketing and demographic strategy. 

Work with the Experts of Digital Marketing

You may already be building your business online and hoping to manage it on your own. We understand that, and we admire that can-do spirit that exists in entrepreneurs. 

You're an expert in your field, and you're used to working with health and wellness specialists. For digital marketing that's Internet Marketing Geeks. We can help you drive traffic to your site, generate new client leads, and rank higher on search engines.

Build Sustainable SEO

To maximize the potential of your website and reach more customers, there are three kinds of SEO that you’ll want to use to engage your customers. 

On-Page SEO

When Bill Gates said, “content is king,” this is what he was talking about. On-Page SEO builds strong, informative content that engages the reader and encourages them to purchase. Optimizing your content for keywords, creating engaging meta descriptions, and writing engaging, informative content can help rank your website on page one.

Off-Page SEO

Often dismissed as simply link building or social media marketing, off-page SEO is everything you do that’s not directly on your website to increase your ranking. This ranges from retargeting, social media signals, guest blogging, citation and maps building, to good old-fashioned link building.

Technical SEO

Building a strong, fast website that is easy to navigate and engaging is only one part of technical SEO. For your website, Technical SEO is everything we do behind the scenes to get the website looking and feeling its best. This includes making sure the site speed is strong and building the core web values. 

Sustainable Food Strategy: Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Social Media

Building a strong social media presence creates brand awareness and can generate interest in your products and lifestyle. In addition, you can share your educational content and directly connect with your prospective customers.

Along with the chance of going viral, you’ll also boost your SEO by linking back to your site from your social media page.

Brand Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or building an existing business, brand development encompasses everything from the voice you use in your content, email, and social media to your logo and colours on your website. Grow your brand with strong brand development and create a unified voice across every platform. Internet Marketing Geeks can help you develop your brand and brand strategy. Additionally, we can help you create or revamp your website with our web development and design packages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to speak directly to people who have purchased or are very close to purchasing your products. Someone who signs up for your newsletter list is at the bottom of the funnel — they’re ready to buy.

Encourage these buyers with educational emails, sales, product features, recipes, and more. Keep your existing clientele informed of new products and community developments, all while increasing your revenue.

Content Marketing

There are a thousand ways to market sustainable foods and even more ways to write content about it. If you want press releases, product content, guides, recipes, and blogs, we can help! We’ll identify the keywords you want to prioritize and have one of our expert writers create new content for you. Content is a way to connect with your audience, speak to their needs, and is easily shared through multiple channels, including social media and email marketing. Good content will also boost your SEO.

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