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Search Engine Optimization is a science

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we use our years of experience in the industry to bring CBD, hemp, and organic companies, entrepreneurs, and budding startups the online success they deserve.

SEO requirements are continuously changing, but that is a good thing. Gone are the days of stuffing content with keywords just to get Google to see you. Our team will optimize, refine, and keep your business’s website ahead of the curve by strategic keyword usage, analyzing the competition, and building your site from the ground up with how search engines think in mind.


Why is SEO important?

Whether you have been in the industry for a while or you are getting your feet wet in the CBD, hemp and cannabis industry, your competition is growing. Now is the time to take hold online, build your authority and presence – and make sure customers come to you instead of the other guy.

When it comes to the vast sea of the internet, Google is king. If Google doesn’t see your business, neither will the thousands of potential customers out there who are searching for the latest CBD formulas or wanting to purchase hemp oil.

When SEO is implemented correctly, you will start to see results that only continue to grow – which means your business has unlocked the door to e-commerce success and is ready to take on the competition.


Go to the Pros for SEO

You go to search on Google for the latest restaurants in your area. Your go-to search is “Thai in Los Angeles.” Right now, you are using SEO.

Google looks for websites with keywords and tags implemented into their website that match up with your query, and then it spits out results in order based on the authority and relevancy of that site.

As a business owner, whether you are new to the CBD and hemp industry – or you have been around awhile – you need SEO.

SEO is what allows Google to find you, rank you, and bring customers over to your virtual store.
Ignoring SEO, especially in today’s internet-driven world of marketing, could be detrimental to your business’s success.

How Internet Marketing Geeks Delivers Superior SEO Results

We have a secret sauce we like to slather onto each project we tackle – and this unique in-house process has provided numerous customers just like you with the results they want on the search engine rankings.

Our team considers the latest algorithm changes, and we use the best White Hat SEO practices while creating your website – all the way from titles to tags to content.

We look for unique opportunities, high volume, and low competition keywords, but also, we find ways to localize so that you get more hits. After all, most customers in this industry are looking for a local supplier – and when you target keywords based on your city, county, or state, you are going to get more traffic.

What Makes us Different than the Other Guys?

Internet Marketing Geeks might not be the only provider out there for SEO, but one reason more companies just like yours select us over the competition is:

  • We get your industry. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know the competition, we know your target market, and we know what keywords rank the best with Google so that you get quality leads to your online store.
  • We’re more than just keyword nerds. Sure, we do the research and save you the hassle of trying to find high ROI keywords for your business, but we offer a lot more than just that. We provide our clients with the complete package – including E-commerce platforms, marketing sites, logo and branding, web hosting and maintenance, content, and custom programming. Pick and choose the services you want, and you walk away with a website ready to impress customers and search engines alike.
  • We have a team of skilled marketing pros. SEO is part of digital marketing, and to successfully market online, you need to know what makes customers go from merely browsing to buying. We have created a marketing team that focuses on finding out what makes your customers tick and how to boost your website conversions.

If you are ready to tackle Google, jump high in the search rankings, and build your online business, put Internet Marketing Geeks to the test.

We invite you to try out our services – and we’re confident you’ll love what you see the moment you get started.

Book a consultation today and let our team show you how we build strong businesses online from the start.

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Additional Services

Get your products out to a wider audience with our template or custom built e-commerce sites.

Marketing Sites
More local viability for your brick and mortar store operations. Get your brand recognized.

Logo Design
One of the key components of your brand is an easy to recognize logo that fits your image.

Website Hosting
Don't settle for budget hosts that cost you hundreds of dollars when your site goes down.

Website Maintenance
Let us focus on updating your website while you focus on running your business.

Ad design
If you are thinking about running display advertisements, put our designers to work for you.

Content Creation
Make sure your site says the right thing at the right time to move your visitors towards purchasing.

Custom Programming
Sometimes your just need more than an out of the box solution. We have experienced programmers that can help.

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