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When you pay for SEO services from an agency, there’s a lot built in. The administrative work. The account management work. The strategy work. But you might already have a pretty good idea of what your problem is, you just need help solving it. You don’t want a long-term investment, much less a contract. With Internet Marketing Geeks’ services, we help you solve your problem, and that’s it. No fluff, no uncertainty about what’s being accomplished, no excess. This allows us to provide our services at about 40% below the industry average for agencies.

Local SEO

Maps SEO Blaster

Google continues to develop and modify how local search works. Yet one thing remains consistent: the increasing importance of having a strong local presence online. The most important reason is so that you show up in the local Maps “snack pack.” After all, that displays on a search page before the #1 organic result – meaning that, yes, it’s more important.

$350 One-Time Fee
GMB Page Optimization | 50 Citations | Nap Consistency Review

Let's Go Local

Quality Legal Content

Content is one of the most important parts of SEO. Nevertheless, it's time consuming to write, and it can be hard to think like a marketer when you're used to thinking like, you know, a lawyer. With our Certified Geek content writers, you can rest assured that your content is not only accurate, but working hard to convert your website visitors into clients.

Common Content Orders:

  • Blog Posts - 500 words
  • Web Pages - 750 words
  • Web Pages - 1,500 words

On Page Optimization - Sometimes your content needs completely rewritten. Sometimes it just needs some love, or a little spring cleaning. Part of ranking well in Google, especially for local searches, involves getting key on-page factors right. If your content itself is good, and you’re getting some backlinks, but Google still doesn’t seem to care that your firm exists, there’s a good chance it has to do with your on-page.

$40 Fee Per Page
Title Tags & Meta Descriptions | Internal Linking | Keyword Density | Headings

Link Building

Some SEO agencies will lock you into a contract without even building monthly links for you. But a consistent flow of relevant links makes a world of difference to your rankings, indicating to search engines that your site is active, authoritative, and legitimate.

Basic Link Building

Basic Link Building

If your site already has some decent rankings, but it could use an extra boost, the Basic package is for you.

20 Links - $250 / mo

Advanced Link Building

Advanced Link Building

If your site is new or struggling to gain traction in organic, the Advanced package is what we would recommend.

40 Links - $400 / mo

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