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The latest shopping trends show that 63% of purchase journeys start online, so even if you own a physical store, the Internet is where your customers learn more about your business and products. With such a large number of residents and target audience, marketing your business in Texas might seem like a challenge. Regardless of your business’s location and the scale of the target audience, creating a successful digital marketing strategy always calls for expert help from a marketing agency in Texas.

Skilled and experienced marketers can help promote your products and services online to a targeted segment of your audience, including Texas residents. Should you need to market your business in Texas, Internet Marketing Geeks can provide full-service marketing, helping you to focus on your business while we take care of the more complicated marketing work.

Digital Marketing in Texas by Internet Marketing Geeks: A Marketing Agency in Texas

Texas is large, but the internet is even bigger. Launching your website anticipating it to help your business grow won’t be your lucky ticket. Texas is home to 3 million big and small businesses, so you need a real recipe for success.

Internet Marketing Geeks lives up to its name; we are a team of skilled and enthusiast marketers who have spent decades helping companies like yours achieve their business goals.

These are just some of the ways Internet Marketing Geeks can help market your business and drive further growth.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Texas

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we don’t make guesses. Our results don’t happen by chance but due to the most well-researched, planned, and analyzed marketing efforts created uniquely for each client. We create a digital marketing strategy for your business which is a comprehensive document detailing all of the insights, research, and actionable strategies for executing a marketing plan. It lists and details every forthcoming marketing step to your company’s growth and success.

Strategy is the foundation of all marketing steps we take, and it’s the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your company’s success. It means knowing who you are targeting, how you are communicating your brand’s value, and how to rise above the competition.

Digital Marketing and Web Design

Your branding and web design greatly impact your customer’s first impressions. 94% of people abandon a website primarily because of the bad design. Design is how your customers see your brand; surely, it needs to stand out, be consistent and suit your brand and the platforms you use.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we develop brand identity by creating unique designs that stand out from others. Branding makes your business and products memorable and easily recognizable increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

Digital Marketing and Web Development

Every business needs a well-functioning website, it’s a no-brainer, but still, countless brands lose customers only because of a poorly made website. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we offer web development and technical services designed to serve your customers’ best experience and help you succeed in the digital space. We ensure everything works as expected and resolve every technical issue as they emerge. Whether you need to build a website from scratch, upgrade an existing one, or resolve issues, we are happy to help!

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Finally, your business needs online visibility; that’s the only way to allow its growth. Our marketing services will boost your revenue and credibility and take your website to top search engine positions. We make it easy for your clients to find you, attract more customers, and put you ahead of the competition through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Learn More About Texas and Digital Marketing

In the South Central region of the United States, Texas is the second-largest U.S. state by area and population, and with 268,596 square miles, it is larger than any country in the European Union.  Currently, Texas is home to 29.7 million residents, and its population keeps growing annually. According to U.S. Census data, more than 559,000 people moved to Texas in 2019.

Some of the common reasons people move to Texas are:

  • No state income tax
  • Strong economy
  • Affordable housing
  • Educational opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Job opportunities

The largest employment sectors in Texas are:

  • Retail trade
  • Professional Services
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Healthcare

More than 250 million tourists visit Texas each year to explore its vibrant multiculturism, nature, diverse landscapes, more than 1200 cities – large and small, and various entertainment opportunities.

The most visited city in Texas is San Antonio, and it’s also the 17th most visited city in the country for some good reasons. Attractions like Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio river walk, San Fernando Cathedral & San Antonio The Saga, Fiesta San Antonio, amongst many others, make San Antonio the best-loved destination for many U.S. and international travelers.

Other best cities to put you on must-visit cities in Texas include Houston, Austin, Dallas, Galveston, El Paso, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Waco, and Laredo. Each offers marvelous nature and tourist attractions and way of amusement.

Popular local attractions in Texas include:

  • NASA Space Center (Houston) – official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston
  • Texas Capitol (Austin) – A wonderful place to learn more about the history of Texas through monuments and historic buildings. A lovely place for recreation, too, with beautifully landscaped lawns.
  • Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas) – one of the biggest art museums in the country, located in the largest arts district in the U.S., spanning 118 acres  in downtown Dallas
  • Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier (Galveston) – Galveston Pier has a mesmerizing view of the ocean, roller coaster rides, carnival games, food corners, shops, and lots of ways of amusement, making it one of the best places to visit while in Texas.
  • Franklin Mountains State Park (El Paso) – Franklin mountain park welcomes visitors for scenic hikes, biking trips, and rock climbing all year round for adventure-seekers.
  • Kimbell Art Museum (Fort Worth) – Art lovers can access the museum’s permanent collection for free. It spans the history of art and features world-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Claud Monet, Amedeo Modigliani, etc.

Tapping into The Texas Economy With Digital Marketing

Texas is a wonderful destination to visit all year round and enjoy seasonal activities, but besides tourists, it’s equally appealing to business owners and investors.

The economy of Texas is the second largest by GDP in the nation after the GDP of California. It has a gross state product of $1.776 trillion as of 2020.

The Lone Star State has been leading the nation in employment over the last ten years. It has the 9th largest economy worldwide and offers a business-friendly climate for companies with no tax for corporate or personal income.

Besides, in Texas, you can find a highly skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, and easy access to global markets, helping your business grow and flow. That’s why Texas continually ranks as the best state for business by the nation’s top CEOs.

The largest economic sectors and industries driving GDP growth in Texas include:

  • Trade, Transportation, Utility
  • Business Services
  • Education and Health
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Information and Technology

Digital Marketing and eCommerce in Texas

Like many others, Texans also love online shopping. Almost 8.4 million Texans use the Internet to order goods or services from American businesses, according to an assessment in 2012. Like in any other state, the number of online shoppers keeps rising, and in 2020 there was a 153% increase YOY in online shopping tax revenue in Texas.

Is Texas a Good Place to Start a Business?

Texas is an excellent place to run a business, whether it’s a physical or online store. Besides having a wonderful business climate, it’s the second-largest state by population, so while operating your business, you’ll have a chance to market your products to 29 million Texans.

Gear up your business marketing now!