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Toronto in the southern part of Canada is the capital of Ontario province. It is the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest city in North America. Toronto is home to 6.8 million people, making it the most populous city in the country, covering a total area of 5,903 square kilometers within the Greater Toronto Area. According to various research and statistics, Toronto is one of the most livable and cosmopolitan cities globally, with over 80 ethnic communities from all over the world calling it home. English is the main language spoken in Toronto.

The climate of Toronto is influenced by its location on the shores of Lake Ontario. The lake’s water keeps Toronto warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The seasons of Toronto are pretty easily distinguished, with extreme weather conditions frequently occurring in both the summer and winter. 

Some of the common reasons people move to Toronto are:

  • Multicultural community
  • Quality healthcare
  • A steady and strong economy
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Educational and job opportunities

With more than 27.5 million visitors annually, Toronto is Canada’s leading tourist destination. This bold and dynamic city has impressive attractions, music, beautiful architecture, character, history, and diverse culture, which seem to attract newcomers from all around the world.

Popular local attractions in Toronto include:

  • CN Tower – the 553 meter CN tower can be seen from anywhere in the city. It’s the city’s must-see attraction. As well, it has a fabulous view of Late Ontario.
  • Royal Ontario Museum – also known as ROM, has an excellent collection of natural history, art, and culture from different eras around the world.
  • The Art Gallery of Ontario – also known as AGO, is one of the largest museums in North America. It holds an impressive collection of more than 95,000 pieces.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – this is a relatively new attraction. Compared to others on the list. But the best one for families or anyone interested in marine life. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’s most striking feature is the massive underwater tunnel with moving walkways.
  • Casa Loma – this impressive building was constructed in 1917 and is somewhat reminiscent of a medieval castle, with almost 100 rooms. Casa Loma also includes secret passages, towers, and an 800-foot tunnel.


Toronto is Canada’s financial and business capital and a top 10th worldwide financial center. The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges globally and the 3rd largest in North America. In addition, the national offices of Canada’s five major financial institutions, commonly known as the Big Five, are also located in Toronto.

Toronto contributes 20% of the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The average growth of Toronto’s region has been significantly higher than the national rate since 2009. The city’s economy is diverse, supporting various major industries, from food processing and financial services to tourism and life science. Toronto’s multi-sectoral strengths drive growth and innovation, helping to maintain economic resilience against recessions.

Ontario manufactures and exports more than half of the country’s produced products. In addition, approximately 25% of the country’s workforce in the finance sector are employed in Toronto. It is also home to 38% of Canada’s business headquarters.

The largest employment sectors in Toronto are:

  • Healthcare 
  • Finance and insurance
  • Professional, scientific, technical services
  • Retail trade
  • Education services

Some of the major employers in Toronto include:

  • CIBC
  • Scotiabank
  • Magna International
  • Rogers
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bell Canada
  • TD Bank

eCommerce in Toronto

Canadians are one of the world’s heaviest users of the internet. So unsurprisingly, Canada is the ninth largest e-commerce market. In 2020 country’s retail e-commerce revenue was 39.5 Billion CAD. Canada’s e-commerce market added 23% to the global 29% growth in 2020.

Canadian consumers are increasingly relying on online shopping. Over the last decade, internet consumer sales have grown much faster than traditional retail sales.

Is Toronto a Good Place to Start a Business?

Toronto is not only a good place to start a business but one of the greatest places in the world to start a business. Toronto is always at the forefront of global competitiveness, innovation, and quality of life. According to KPMG’s 2012 Competitive Alternatives survey, Toronto offers one of the world’s most cost-effective business and investment environments.

Some of the reasons why starting a business in Toronto is a good idea:

  • Reliable labor – AON Consulting’s People Index Ratings ranked Toronto third out of 90 global cities
  • Entrepreneurial drive – According to the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI), Canada is the second most entrepreneurial country globally.
  • Quality of life – According to Mercer’s Quality of Life Index 2016, which surveyed 430 locations worldwide, Toronto ranks second in the Americas.
  • Competitive tax advantage – Canada ranks first in the G7 for corporate tax rate and cost competitiveness.

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According to online shopping statistics, more than six out of every ten shopping journeys begin online, which means online experiences affect 63% of all purchases. Even if you own a physical store, customers will probably use the internet to learn more about your company and your products. Creating a strong digital marketing strategy is the key to success in today’s economy, which can get challenging without professional help. Experienced marketers can help you reach your target audience, which will significantly boost your sales and revenue.

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