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We know that search engine optimization can seem pretty overwhelming for a variety of reasons. It’s a complicated field based upon backwards engineering search algorithms, and – in part because of the nature of the work – has led to a lot of scammy services and frustrated business owners. It can come to seem that success is pure luck, or requiring the expertise of a nuclear physicist, or some combination of each.

But the IMG training program affirms just the opposite.

With This Training You Can...

Take Control

of your marketing efforts and never be scammed again.

Get Real Results

and watch your rankings increase right before your eyes.

Learn SEO

making it easy for anyone in your office to get real actionable results.

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A Solid Foundation

Prepare for success with a winning mindset, serious overview of top tools, tracking history & a brief history of law firm SEO.

Measurement & Audits

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. Determine what’s wrong & create a blueprint for success.

Professional Tools

Learn about the exact services that we use to make solid rankings a painless procedure.

Getting On The Map

Verify your Google My Business listing, discover how to be found on maps, learn tips & tricks to get to the top of the map pack.

Local SEO

Learn how schema markup and rich snippets can improve your website’s local search results.

On Page Optimization

Take a deep dive into some important onsite elements, including title tags, headers, and the perfect practice area page.

Link Building

An IMG original approach on link building. We will show you how to create your own mini-monopoly in search result pages.

Gaining Positive Reviews

Find out how to get the reviews you need by implementing a proven review generation system.

Managing Law Directories

We’ll show how to properly set up and improve your profiles on the law directories that matter the most.

Why are we providing years worth of law firm SEO experience in a program like this?

Quite simply, because it’s the future. The top law firms will be those that take control of their marketing and handle a wide array of services in-house because nobody will care more about your firm than you. The majority of SEO agencies these days have high turnover rates, outdated strategies, incompetent training programs, and bloated organizational infrastructures. It’s just not feasible for most agencies to perform high-level services at a price that a small firm can afford.

Don’t rely on others to grow your firm, instead, take control of your firm’s results.

We believe the best way to help you is to give you the strategies, tactics and resources necessary to win in your local market. All you need is an open mind and 90 minutes per week. This is quite possibly the most valuable thing you can do for your firm to ensure success for years to come.

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  • DIY SEO Training
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Basic Features

SEO Training Program

Learn SEO from industry veterans who have ranked hundreds of law firm websites. With step-by-step instructions, we make ranking your website incredibly straightforward by focusing entirely on the how-to.

The Geek Report

One of the core principles of SEO is change. Even if you learn exactly what works now, that might not be the case in a year. That's why we send you a quarterly report detailing any changes to SEO best practices and what you need to do.

Advanced Features

For those who want some extra help

Live Chat & Email Support

Whenever someone first makes the leap into SEO, it can be a bit overwhelming. That's why, with our Support features, our experts are available through live chat and email if you get stuck or have questions.

Quality Checks

If you're concerned about making mistakes, our Quality Check option will help. One of our Geeks will review your work after completion to make sure that everything was done correctly.