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There are a lot of ways you can ruin a website project before you even begin. One of the most common is not considering responsiveness early on. Even if your site is technically “responsive,” that doesn’t mean that it looks good on mobile. That happens when you don’t design for responsiveness, meaning you’re going to end up with a lot of work trying to cover your tracks and fix the issues. It might end up making the most sense to completely start over. With Internet Marketing Geek’s websites, you’ll never have to worry about that.

Fully Responsive Law Firm Web Design

Get a “Ready to Rank” Website

The structure of our sites - as well as the structure of each individual page - functions like a professional website should, ensuring that it will make sense to search engines and users alike. We’ve been in the law firm marketing game for over 10 years now, and we’ve integrated all of our best practices right into the site. All you have to do is add your content! (Or have us handle that for you.)

How It Works

Getting a brand new Internet Marketing Geek’s website is devilishly simple

Step 1: Sign Up

First, you’ll fill out our signup form & intake survey, then pay. Once your information processes, we get to work.

Step 2: Set Up

We set up your pre-launch site, customize it with your brand colors, add your logo, and define your site structure.

Step 3: Content & Review

At this point, you can add your content and review the entire site. No two firms are the same, so it’s time to try it on.

Step 4: Launch!

Once we have your go-ahead, your site goes live. We’ll also run your site through a comprehensive post-launch checklist.

Everything You Need - Nothing You Don’t

When you need to get your firm’s website up and running quickly, in a hassle-free manner and at a price that you can actually afford – there’s simply no better option.

Speed & Performance

Load time is a huge factor for both users and SEO. Our sites are light and wicked fast.

SEO Optimizations

Including SEO best practices in the framework of your site is a key to ranking it.

Hosting & Uptime Monitors

Your hosting provider plays a big soll in site speed, and in how often your site goes down. Our hosting is rock solid.

Your Site, Your Content

You own your site, and it’s incredibly easy to change your content whenever you please. No order tickets needed.

Integrated Local SEO

Live Google maps, schema markup for your location, review stars under your search results – It’s all built in!

Wordpress Back End

Our sites are built on the #1 open source platform, Wordpress. Over 25% of websites on the internet use Wordpress, and for good reason.

Frequent Backups

At all times we have over 10 backups of your site from various times in the past. If you need to roll it back, we’ve got you covered.

Conversion-Focused Design

We’ve spent years developing our design practices and testing what works. Only the best elements are included in your site, with no excess.

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