Do you feel the hum at the heart of your business? It’s not the products and services or the incredible customer service you offer. At its core, the number one thing you need to survive in a world of personal brands and constant white noise is expert marketing. 

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Digital Marketing Services

Whether you’re just starting and trying to reach your first customers, scaling into a new demographic, or an existing business that has experienced stagnation or a downturn, marketing is the solution to your problem. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know the truth — nothing else matters if you don’t have a strong marketing plan. You can live in the same town all your life and never meet your neighbor, so how can you expect to reach them without introducing yourself?

Make Our Marketing Services Work for You

As a business owner, you’ve already invested your life into your business, and still, there is more to do. The brilliance of hiring a company like Internet Marketing Geeks to manage your marketing is that you can offload the stress, the sweat, and get better results than you would have if you’d done the marketing yourself.

Stand out from the crowd and be heard above the noise using our system of digital marketing techniques. Our system is designed to get your business ranking on Search Engines, grow your social media, and increase your sales through email marketing. 

Our Marketing Services Include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you get ranked on Google. For your clients to find you when they’re searching for your products and services, you want to be on the front page. In order to grow your business, you need to be found by new clients, and the old days of word-of-mouth are gone. 

SEO is one of our team’s core competencies — we began as a boutique shop providing specific SEO consultant services and have grown into other forms of marketing from there. We offer cutting-edge tactics with years of experience ranking websites in the most competitive markets online. 

The truth is that without SEO, all your other forms of advertising and marketing won’t scale. In the modern-day of online competition, SEO is your priority. With Internet Marketing Geeks, we recognize that and make it our priority. 

Content Creation

Your company’s brand is built on trust with your clients. To establish and build that trust before they ever make a purchase, you need content. 

Internet Marketing Geeks specializes in creating well-researched, highly engaging, and on-brand content. We’ll target your demographics and build a relationship with them to encourage them to buy your products or services. 

Content creation folds into your social media strategy as well as your SEO strategy. It’s the reason Bill Gates said content is king — it’s how you’re found and how you sell. 

Email Marketing

Connect directly with your users by speaking to them through email. Encourage existing customers to make purchases and leave reviews, connect with people who have fallen away from your brand to understand why, and re-invigorate the energy of your clientele. 

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we use a combination of automated emails and hand-crafted designs to amplify your voice and turn your customers into brand ambassadors. 

Social Media

Do you know what social platform is best for your brand? Are all of your products allowed to be advertised on them? Which hashtags are best for your business and which ones are banned?

If you’ve already done your research and still can’t answer all these questions, then you need Internet Marketing Geeks to help. 

Social media combines all aspects of content marketing, including the written word, videos, and images. But even if you have the best content, you need to know how to optimize your tags and content to get it in front of the right people. 

Intent-Based Advertising 

You’ve already targeted your ideal customer by building a user persona and completing demographic research, yet you still haven’t found the perfect method to lure these people to you. Intent-based advertising allows you to target your ideal persona at the moment that they’re looking for your products or services. 

This is intent-based advertising. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we leverage big data and machine learning to identify, target, and advertise to them at the exact moment they’re making a purchase decision. 

This is the future of advertising, but what’s more, it’s growing harder as privacy laws and search engines restrict access to tools like third-party cookies. We help you navigate ongoing changes in the world of marketing and advertising to help you increase conversions.

Let Us Grow Your Business

You’ve had a glimpse of all the pieces we consider when creating a marketing plan. Come to Internet Marketing Geeks for all of these services or a hand-picked few to target your specific needs. 

With Internet Marketing Geeks, you can engage with your audience on a new level, build a stronger brand and greater brand trust, reach new customers within your demographic or expand into a new demographic. With Internet Marketing Geeks at your side, your growth and potential are only limited by your imagination.