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This client came to Internet Marketing Geeks for the full service, including search engine optimization, email marketing, and content

You can see this client has grown significantly — doubling their unique daily visitors and increasing their sales by 83% compared to the previous quarter. 

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This client came to us because their search rankings were plummeting fast. Their former team wasn’t able to keep up with the demands.

Within a short time of working with Internet Marketing Geeks our client went from 68 average clicks per day to 218 per day and ranked between #2 and #4 on all main keywords.


This client has  content, email marketing, SEO, hosting and maintenance, retargeting, and marketing services with Internet Marketing Geeks.

Since signing on with Internet Marketing Geeks this client has become a well recognized name in their industry. Today their retail site has over 100,000 daily visitors. 

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Email Marketing Growth

The Client in Crisis

This client came to us with a problem — their email marketing sign-up had been attacked with thousands of spam emails. 

Over four months we removed the spam emails from their list, protected their site from having it happen again, and improved their open rate. We began with their open rate at 3.7% and after just three months we hit 15.9%. Now, two years later, they enjoy an open rate of 43%!

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