Website Development

Development at Internet Marketing Geeks is more than just writing code. We incorporate years of expertise, planning and execution into our process. It is our development team’s goal to make sure every product they create is innovative, utilizes best practices and is easy to use – for both the client and their customers.

If you want a solution that just frustrates users and does not take your brand strategy into account, then go ahead and call the other guys. If you want the absolute best solution, contact our Geeks today.


Our Development Solutions

Our development process is not a one size fits all framework. We provide customized solutions to unique problems. Our development process always begins with identifying a business’ problems, then planning and executing the correct solution to solve those problems quickly, efficiently and in a way that will display your brand on the cutting edge of the intersection of technology and customer interaction.

Our development solutions include:

Web Design & Development

Internet Marketing Geeks creates custom web designs that are designed to be responsive and work across all of today’s devices, as well as the devices of tomorrow. Mobile devices are by far the most popular way for people to access your website – you can no longer ignore mobile users. Our team has been creating designs and developing websites since before there were mobile devices and has extensive experience in responsive web design.

Likewise, our developers always take a mobile-first approach to building all of our client’s websites. Incorporating clean code, fast load times, and a robust and easy to use administration interface, we can provide you with a custom solution for your website that will delight both you and your customers.


UI stands for User Interface, and UX stands for User Experience. These two disciplines are key to making sure your website or app is easy to use, and intuitive and makes your audience want to return and interact with your brand time and time again.

UI/UX is incorporated into our development process well before the first line of code is written. It is with this service that we define the systems that will be leveraged to get users to engage fully with your website or app.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the art of arranging content and information in a hierarchical system that make sense for users, and for search engines. It helps define not only the information layout of existing content, but also puts in place a plan for where content that is created in the future will live in the structure of your website or app.

We create visual representations of the hierarchy and user journey paths through the content and information contained in your site, making it easy for any stakeholders to obtain a better view of the overall structure and future plan for growth of the product.

Native Mobile Applications & Progressive Web Apps

If your business needs a native mobile application created, we can help. Our developers can create native mobile applications for all platforms, including iOS and Android.

Not every company needs a mobile app, and Progressive Web Apps exists as a kind of in-between solution that gives you the best of both worlds – website and native app.


Our team creates prototypes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are used as part of the process in building out a large scale native application. At other times, they are a great way to provide a proof of concept when pitching ideas to potential investors or internal stakeholders.


Wireframes are a critical part of the process when building out a native app or website. Wireframes are very low fidelity mock ups of information blocking. They present information, UI elements and other visual ques without the finished design on them. Essentially it is like viewing a skeleton of the future finished design.

It is here that we flesh out the boundaries of the product’s design, without getting into the fine details of the look. This helps us be more efficient in the design & development phase and ensures stakeholders are included in the process in a deep and meaningful way.

Have An Idea For A Project?

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