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What Makes a Great Law Firm Website?

If your law firm has a website – or is in the process of getting one – you should understand the key elements of a great site. Don’t be susceptible to getting bamboozled by a website provider. Read on.     What do great attorney websites and obscenity have in common? You’ll know them when…

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Can Attorneys Do Their Own SEO? (Should They?)

“I can’t do that” is almost never an honest answer to a challenge. Truth be told, many of us can do a great many things when we truly try. The real challenge is separating the things worth trying from the things that aren’t worth our time. At big law firms, SEO is one of those…

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The IMG Podcast | Ep. 1

Google recently announced that they are “splitting” their search engine index by creating a new mobile index. What are the implications of this on the future of mobile?

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