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Ready to Take Control of Your Law Firm’s SEO?

FIRST, Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you know how to optimize your website so it stands out to search engines and shows up at the right time & place when potential clients are ready to act?
  • Can you identify the types of links that really matter in your market and build links quickly to establish fast, stable rankings?
  • With load time becoming an increasingly critical factor for SEO, is your site fast enough to compete?
  • Can you decipher what your competitors are doing that you’re not? Are they crushing you in the search results while offering substandard services?

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If you answered “No” to any of these questions,  Internet Marketing Geek’s DIY SEO Program is for you

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The 4 Pillars of Our System

  • Take Control of Your SEO
    Start with our high performing strategies, accomplish your goals, and then make these strategies your own. Our ultimate goal for you is to become self-sufficient with all of your marketing efforts.
  • A Devoted Support Team at Your Back
    We’re here for you when you’re stuck – and we’ve seen it all! We offer email support, live chat, and quality checks. With a team of seasoned experts at your back, you’ll never be left out to dry.
  • Eyes on the Prize – Speed to ROI
    This is about getting your phone ringing, not just ranking for a couple keywords. We make sure you have everything you need to get real results ASAP.
  • Simplicity
    Law firm SEO isn’t rocket science. It takes some patience and persistence, but success is all about following our simple step-by-step instructions as you implement our proven strategies. When we pass the keys, we keep it as simple as 1-2-3. We also make keeping up with new developments and trends extremely easy with our monthly Geek Report.

Get Started Now with Your 90-Day Jumpstart Guide

The most important part of the SEO campaign process is making sure that you have a solid foundation, a blueprint that will drive your efforts to ensure that you’re pursuing and accomplishing meaningful goals along the way.

That’s the purpose of this 90 day guide.

We’ve stuffed every single necessary part of the SEO process into this guide to serve as a blueprint for success. Available for only $7, we are practically giving it away!
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Your 12-Week SEO DIY Course Breakdown

While we continue to develop our program with the addition of new modules and lessons, these 12 modules are the building blocks of everything we do with law firm SEO.

Week 1: Solid Success FoundationPrepare for success with a winning mindset, serious overview of top tools, tracking history & a brief history of law firm SEO.

Week 2: Baseline Audits & ReflectionIf you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. Determine what’s wrong & create a blueprint for success.

Our Secret Sauce for Rankings RevealedLearn about the exact services that we use to make solid rankings a painless procedure.

Getting Your Firm on the MapVerify your Google My Business listing(s), discover how to be found on maps, learn tips & tricks to resolve duplicate listings, and more.

Local SEO Citation BlasterGet your firm listed in the directories that matter, thereby improving your visibility online for local searches.

The Devil's in the DetailsA painless push through some important, often-overlooked issues like internal linking, broken links, and image optimization.

The Rockefeller MethodAn IMG original approach on link building designed by our CEO, Gerrid Smith. This one will move the needle.

Under the Local SEO HoodLearn tweaks that you can make on and off your site that spoon feeds search engines the juice to get and stay in the local stack.

Take a deeper dive into some important onsite elements, including title tags, headers, and the perfect practice area page layout.

Word on the Street & Getting ReviewsFind out how to get the reviews you need by implementing a proven review generation system.

Advanced Audits & TroubleshootingYou’ll use a variety of the top tools and resources to audit your online presence and resolve any lingering issues.

Optimizing Your Law Directory ProfilesWe’ll show how to properly set up and improve your profiles on the law directories that matter the most.

Why are we giving away our secret sauce?

Because it was too good to keep to ourselves.

As internet marketers for law firms, our primary goal has always been to be best in the world at producing a fast ROI for our clients.

But, working as an agency, we came to realize that many of the people who visited our site each month couldn’t afford our services. Many of these prospects are great people – normally solo attorneys who are looking to build their firm on a budget. The sad thing is, these are the people we love working with the most.

The more we thought about what we do for clients, the more we felt that we could teach attorneys and their staff what we do in larger markets to help them win in smaller markets. Something that would be easy enough for anyone – an attorney, a paralegal, a second cousin – to nail down the essentials of SEO.

And we came to wholeheartedly believe that all it takes is the right game plan, and you can dominate your local market spending just 90 minutes per week.
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