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Internet Marketing Geeks
primarily serves the health and home industries.

Our clients include businesses within the fields of health and home industries. These specific businesses include chiropractors, supplement retailers/wholesalers, wellness products, spas, franchises, restoration and renovators, contractors, property managers, trade-specific training centers, and more. Some of these fields can be broken down and listed into specific differences in how they do business and interact with customers, illustrating the specific needs and different services they require from us. Yet, despite their differences, they all have unique challenges that are overcome with the right tools and solutions. Here are just a few of these businesses broken down and the different needs they may have, as well as a few challenges they face in today’s marketplace.



Healthcare professionals

  • Knowledge, service, reliability, and ability: These are the four pillars of healthcare services. When patients are looking for healthcare, they want to ensure that what they seek are proper care and accurate diagnoses. This becomes a challenge for healthcare providers when they can’t physically meet a patient, and patients realize this. Re-building that trust with patients is essential before one can tackle the actual aspect of providing healthcare. A patient needs to learn that they can trust their healthcare provider’s knowledge, believe in the reliability of their diagnosis, that they can trust their provides skills, and be able to gain all the benefits of their services remotely. What has traditionally been a face-to-face service, the healthcare industry, is becoming increasingly dependent on digitization. And this isn’t just affecting services and operations; it’s also affecting healthcare marketing. We can provide marketing direction for a wide range of healthcare businesses.

Wellness companies

  • The wellness industry has unique traits and needs. With a focus on educating the consumer and particular compliance issues to navigate, wellness companies tend to lean toward a much more informative approach when interacting with a customer. Offering services and products that must be tailored to each customer means showing as much knowledge as possible. These issues should be considered when designing a market strategy and creating online trust. When designing a marketing strategy for your business, it is essential to understand what will help you build a sustainable business. Decades of marketing experience and an in-depth understanding of the wellness industry make us your best partner to drive your company’s growth.


  • Wholesalers rely on partnerships and returning customers. This means building sustainable relationships with your customers and providing peace of mind for your clients. They need to know that they can acquire the right products in the right volume at the right time. Building online trust for this reliability is essential and must be conveyed from the start of the relationship. Wholesalers in dire need of partnership come to us for solutions. The bottom line of every one of these partnerships is simple – provide them with the product they need when they need it and get them selling as quickly as possible. We’re here to convey that to them and show new partners that you’re the company to be trusted to provide them with what they need.



Contractors and construction

  • Contractors once relied on referrals, proof of their craftsmanship, and a hardy handshake to seal the deal. That has changed over the past couple of years. As circumstances accelerated the online marketplace, more customers turned to online reviews, sight-unseen purchases, and website forms to fill out to get their quotes and renovations completed. As the world returns to normal and the industry finds new ways to market, things are starting to show a standardization, and the construction world is booming. It’s easy right now to think you have plenty of contracts to keep your business going and even have your business thrive, especially as a skilled worker, but what happens when the boom ends? Are you prepared? Do you have a marketing plan for when more businesses enter the booming market to compete? Most contractors cannot survive on referrals alone. Let Internet Marketing Geeks help!

Start-up business

  • There are more small businesses in the U.S. and Canada than any other type of company. Small business is in the unique position of finding marketing solutions that can compete with the big guys, but with only a fraction of the budget. This means making a big bang with a small wallet. This may be the reason why online marketing is so attractive to businesses of any size. With the ability to target, reach a wide audience and longer time on screens than any other medium, the Internet has proven to be the most effective form of marketing for the least amount of money. However, it cannot be easy to decide on cost-effective solutions for your marketing needs as a small business. That’s how Internet Marketing Geeks can help. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can guide you when making those decisions and eke out even more value for your marketing dollars. We love to help small businesses that are highly motivated to invest in their marketing and grow their businesses.


Every business has its own needs and challenges when it comes to marketing. What demographic of customers to reach, the message to convey, and how to make their brand stand out from the competition. Identifying all those pain points can be a task in itself, not to mention identifying the solutions and implementing them in a fashion that fits your business. Despite all these differences, these businesses rely on building online trust and visibility, working the algorithm to bring their businesses to the top, and illustrating how they can help each of their respective clientele and customer base. That’s what we specialize in; we work hard for our clients to identify their needs, how to best display your business, and bring it to the forefront online through tested and proven methods. Online marketing can be a tough nut to crack, and many businesses find themselves breaking a tooth on it. So why don’t you give us a call? We’ll bring the nutcrackers.