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Digital Marketing Services in Mississauga

Do you have a passion for speaking directly to your client’s needs?

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Speaking to your needs is what we at Internet Marketing Geeks aim to do, day in and day out. We drill down to our client’s greatest needs and desires to deliver incredible results and help them reach new heights.

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How Can We Help Mississauga Business Owners?

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we aspire to help business owners grow past what they believe they could accomplish. Our digital marketing services can help you reach new audiences, have higher conversion rates, and create a stable foundation for your business to continue to grow. Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design and Development
  • Branding and Strategy

SEO for Mississauga Entrepreneurs

Being located in one of the most populous areas in Canada has its benefits, but for Mississauga’s business owners, it’s also producing challenges. Local SEO becomes incredibly important when you have nearly 16% of Canada’s entire population in striking distance. It also becomes increasingly competitive as the area continues to grow.

Search Engine Optimization can help improve your Google rankings locally and nationally to keep you in the competition. Our SEO services include on-page and off-page optimization, link building, technical SEO focusing on Core Web Vitals, keyword research and competitor analysis, and more.

Don’t sit on the sidelines — hire Internet Marketing Geeks for SEO services today.

Web Design and Development

SEO is all well and good, but if your site looks shoddy, then all SEO will do is increase your bounce rate. Our team of experts can build you a website from the ground up or take an existing website and turn it into a gem. In addition, we can help protect your website against hackers and keep people in your funnel with a clean, fast, and optimized website.

Allow us to help you create an inspiring customer experience, with our technicians and designers working together to create an elegant, cohesive website that is fast and easy to use.

We offer services from the most basic hosting and maintenance to technical support and ground-up site design and development. Our team of designers and developers can create something beautiful to motivate your browsers to become buyers.

Strategic Digital Marketing

In a world of personal brands and low-quality content, you can stand out as a beacon of clarity. We can produce high-quality content from persuasive writers with a consistent voice and encourage your users to buy.

Our strategists and content creators will work together to create a voice and a strategy that will represent you and stand out from the crowd. We’ll start by assessing your existing site with a strategic analysis and content audit. If you don’t have a website, we’ll begin with keyword research and competitor review to help you establish your starting position.

From there, we help you find a brand voice that resonates with you and your audience and create a targeted strategy for your digital marketing that can include content creation, email marketing, social media, and retargeting.

Mississauga, Ontario, is a vibrant community at the western end of Lake Ontario. It is the 6th most populous city nationwide, with over 780,000 residents, but it has the second largest mall in Canada. It is not a typical city but rather an aggregation of previous towns that eventually merged into a single urban area in 1974. The name derives from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the people who first lived on the site.

Mississauga is among the few places that allow you to live in the suburbs while having easy access to city amenities. Moreover, its strategic location will enable you to reach downtown Toronto easily using either the GO transit or TTC. In addition, the U.S. border is less than 90 minutes away. 

The climate of Mississauga is comparable to that of Toronto and is considered relatively moderate. In winter, the quantity of snowfall received is minimal compared to the rest of Canada and Ontario.

Mississauga is a burgeoning business district with substantial economic growth and a predominantly prosperous populace. There are a variety of excellent residential neighborhoods to select from, most of which are safe, well-served by public transportation, and full of stores and other attractions.                                                                        

Some of the common reasons people move to Mississauga, Ontario are:

  • Diversity – Mississauga is a mosaic of culture with residents from all around the world.
  • Safety – It has won awards for being the safest city in Canada.
  • Affordability – Unlike the downtown areas of nearby Toronto, downtown Mississauga is quite affordable.
  • Career advancement – over 60 Fortune 500 Canadian headquarters are located in Mississauga.

Popular local attractions in Mississauga, Ontario include:

  • Port Credit – Located in the southern part of Mississauga on Lake Ontario, it has some of the best parks in the city
  • Rattray Marsh – this wetland is a beautiful place for observing wildlife.
  • Jack Darling Memorial Park – is a perfect place for gatherings with tennis courts, picnic sites, playgrounds, etc.
  • Celebration Square – is the heart of the city. A place to be if you want to try delicious food and enjoy outdoor performances.
  • Square One – the second largest mall in Canada.


Mississauga boasts a thriving and varied corporate environment that includes some of Canada’s most important knowledge-based industries. Advanced manufacturing, financial services, information and communications technology, life sciences, smart logistics, and others are leading sectors of the city’s economic growth. As a result, the city outperforms Ontario in terms of job growth, with a rate of 4.2 percent over three years, vs. Ontario’s 3.5 percent.

There are around 95,000 major and small enterprises in the city, including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies and 1400 multinational corporations (MNCs). Small businesses account for 95% of all enterprises in Mississauga, and they are the city’s economic engine.

The city’s growth priorities are outlined in the Economic Development Strategy for 2020-2025. This strategy was established in collaboration with business, education, and community groups.

The largest employment sectors in Mississauga, Ontario are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade
  • Health Care
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical services
  • Transportation

Some of the major employers in Mississauga, Ontario include:

  • Accenture Inc.
  • Atomic Energy of Canada
  • Air Canada
  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Bell Canada
  • Canada Post

eCommerce in Mississauga

With a turnover of $39.5 billion in 2020, Canada would be the ninth-largest eCommerce market. The Canadian eCommerce market contributed to the global growth rate of 29 percent in 2020, with a 23 percent gain. eCommerce sales are continuing to rise. New markets are forming, and established markets have the potential to grow even more. Mississauga isn’t an exception either. The eCommerce market is growing here each day.

Is Mississauga a Good Place to Start a Business?

Mississauga is a great place to start a business. There are multiple reasons for that, starting from its location, which provides access to major Canadian and the United States markets. The largest and busiest airport in the country – Pearson International Airport – is located in Mississauga, making import-export and travel seem effortless.

Being situated between the two largest ports of the Great Lakes: the port of Hamilton and the port of Toronto, also gives a massive advantage to Mississauga. The city offers 14 trade agreements with 51 countries, enabling the companies to access over 1.5 billion people and a combined GDP of $9.3 trillion. High-quality labor at low cost is a huge advantage of starting a business in Mississauga, too, as well as low taxes.

Do you need to market your business in Mississauga?

Regardless of how big or small your company is, a well-designed digital marketing strategy should make it simple for your consumers to locate you and do business with you online. In the 21st century digital marketing is a crucial part of your company’s success.

According to online shopping statistics, more than 63% of buying happens online. So if you don’t intend to miss out on great opportunities the internet has to offer to your business, you need to market your business in Mississauga.

Even though digital marketing is crucial, launching your next campaign might seem daunting with the increased online competition. Luckily, you don’t need to be at the steering wheel of your digital marketing strategy. Instead, qualified marketers can help promote your products and services online to specific audiences, including Mississauga residents.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we help businesses like yours stand out from the crowd, attract more customers and boost sales using a well-built marketing strategy designed uniquely for your company. Need help marketing your business in Mississauga? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to gear up your business marketing!

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