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Digital Marketing in New Jersey

As a business owner in New Jersey, you’ve likely experienced a shift in how people shop. While there was a time when the internet was a glorified Yellow Pages that people only used to find your phone number, it has grown into something larger and scarier for some business owners.

You don’t need to be frightened of the changes in business with Internet Marketing Geeks at your side. We’ll partner with you to help improve your digital marketing locally and nationally, so you can reach your neighbor and still sell across the country.

You have already built a business from the ground up and yet still need help with the marketing. Internet Marketing Geeks are the answer to your marketing needs with digital marketing solutions for a range of issues, including:

  • Web Development and Design
  • Branding and Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization

Strategy and Branding for Businesses in New Jersey

You’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition; our strategic marketing plans and branding consultations can do just that. First, let us do the keyword research and competitive analysis that will help determine the perfect way to be distinct. Then, our strategists and content creators work as a cohesive team to help our brand clients stand out in a sea of personal brands and low-quality content.

Become a client to benefit from our consultations, including marketing strategy, discovery and research, market positioning, user profiling and demographic insights, content strategy including email marketing and social media, marketing campaign roadmaps, and more.

SEO for New Jersey’s Entrepreneurs

SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your website to rank higher in searches on platforms like Google. SEO can help your business grow by improving your online visibility, boosting your search engine rankings, increasing online traffic to your store and increasing foot traffic to any brick-and-mortar location you have, improving your user experience, building brand awareness and trust, increasing your conversion rate, and targeting quality traffic.

SEO has long-lasting effects — once you begin to rank for some keywords, you gain a positive feedback loop of links, social media referrals, and customer reviews which in turn, helps your SEO grow. Internet Marketing Geeks can help you plant the seed of a strong SEO foundation and grow past your greatest expectations.

Our SEO experts have decades of experience and spend a great deal of time learning to compensate for new changes in Google’s algorithms. We begin with the technical, analyzing your site speed and Core Web Vitals to determine that you are functioning at your peak. Next, we include on-page and off-page optimization, including a wide variety of links for link building.

Local SEO matters in New Jersey — you want to make sure that when someone types “[your product] + near me,” your business comes up. Local SEO can be the difference between a lean winter and a booming business.

Web Development and Design for New Jersey Businesses

Our web development team works with our designers to create a site that you’ll love. You’ve created this business out of passion and hard work; let us help you grow it into something that will sustain you for many years to come. Even if you have no experience working online, Internet Marketing Geeks can help you create an eCommerce business to rival your competition.

You can begin with hosting and maintenance, let us handle your site’s most basic needs, or sign up for technical support if you need a little extra help. If you haven’t started your site yet or if your site needs to be re-worked entirely, we can create a website for you from the ground up with our method of starting with strong SEO and building the site to meet the ideal.

New Jersey is one of the originals of 13 states, located in the northeast and mid-Atlantic part of the United States, between New York and Philadelphia. During the Industrial Revolution and both World Wars, it became a major manufacturing hub. As of now, it is one of the most urbanized and densely populated states, with over 9.4 million locals calling it home. New Jersey is nicknamed the Garden State because it became famous for its fertility in the 18th century.

New Jersey today is regarded as the Crossroads of the East, owing to its extensive industrial diversity. Chemicals are the most critical industry. It’s also one of the world’s leading research hubs. Instruments, equipment, electrical products, and textiles are key manufactured items. Over 5,000 information and technology companies, including Verizon, are based in New Jersey. In addition, the state is a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Other industry giants headquartered in New Jersey include Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Becton, and Dickinson & Company.

New Jersey’s second-largest industry is tourism. The state boasts various vacation regions on its 127 miles of Atlantic coastline. The New Jersey tourism industry has also grown due to its extensive transportation system.

Some of the common reasons people move to New Jersey are:

  • Diversity
  • Leading education system
  • Strategic location for the market.
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Superior healthcare

Popular local attractions in New Jersey include:

  • Atlantic City –  known as the “East Coast Gambling Capital.”
  • Broadwalk – This four-mile-long promenade was built in 1870, and to this day, you can find most of the attractions and the city’s sightseeing opportunities here.
  • Cape May – Cape May is where everyone can find something suitable. You can swim, sunbathe and fish on breathtaking beaches. Visit the city’s impressive museums and lighthouses,
  • Liberty State Park – stretching 1,121 waterside acres, this park has the best views in the state.
  • Princeton – One of the best small towns in New Jersey. Of course, it’s most famous for Princeton University.


Even though it’s one of the smallest states by land area, New Jersey ranks 9th in the nation per population, naturally indicating its economic importance. New Jersey is a large industrial hub, a vital transit corridor and endpoint, and a well-known summer tourist destination. It is home to 28 Fortune 500 firms. Since Thomas Edison’s research laboratory in Menlo Park opened in 1876, New Jersey has been a pioneer in industrial research and development.

Finance, insurance, real estate, renting, and leasing have also been the most important sectors in New Jersey for decades. This industry has contributed nearly a quarter of New Jersey’s GDP, compared to 20% nationally. Professional and commercial services were the second-largest industry. Non-durable products manufacturing was the most significant contributor to real GDP growth in New Jersey, accounting for almost one-fourth of all manufacturing production. New Jersey’s DPI (disposable personal income) in 2018 was $68,236, which places it 4 out of all 50 US states.

The largest employment sectors in New Jersey are:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Retail trade
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Administrative services
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Finance and insurance

Some of the major employers in New Jersey include:

  • RWJBarnabas Health
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • United Airlines
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Bank of America

eCommerce in New Jersey

With an astonishing 86 percent of homes subscribing to the internet, New Jersey is ranked top in the nation for most excellent broadband connectivity, compared to 83 percent overall. Like many others, people in New Jersey love online shopping. The pandemic has boosted online shopping way more than ever before. eCommerce trends have shown that almost half (49%) of Americans made more online purchases than usual. New Jersey was one of the top 10 states that saw increased online purchases.

Is New Jersey a Good Place to Start a Business?

New Jersey is a great place to start a business, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Affordable real estate – New Jersey offers lab and office space 40-60% cheaper than its competitors.
  • Support for startups – Startups can apply for free rental assistance in selected co-working spaces through NJEDA’s NJ Ignite program.
  • Highly educated workforce – The top universities in New Jersey creates world-class research and provide opportunities for public-private collaboration.
  • Strategic location – New Jersey provides businesses with access to one of the world’s most concentrated and wealthy consumer markets.
  • Business-friendly service – New Jersey provides free, confidential business support to companies looking to grow there.

Do You Need to Market Your Business in New Jersey, US?

In the 21st century, most customers use the internet to find and purchase their favorite items or even groceries. When they need any product or service, they’re likely to turn in a web browser. So unsurprisingly, the better your online marketing is, the more potential clients you’ll get.

Regardless of where your company is and the size of your target audience, creating a successful digital marketing strategy always requires professional help. Qualified marketers can help promote your products and services online to specific audiences, including New Jersey residents.

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we help businesses like yours stand out from the crowd, attract more customers and boost sales using a well-built marketing strategy designed uniquely for your company. Need help marketing your business in New Jersey? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to gear up your business marketing!

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