Digital Marketing Agency in Ontario

Ontario – the province in central Canada and home to the country’s capital Ottawa- is the best-loved place for Canadian residents and the country’s most famous tourist destination, with 1.3 million international visitors annually. On the east-central side of the country bordering the U.S. and the Great Lakes, Ontario is among the best provinces to live in Canada for affordable living, high quality of life, and employment opportunities. 

Ontario attracts visitors with vibrant multiculturalism and varied landscapes. It combines natural attractions with urban areas and offers travelers everything.

Here you can find beautiful countryside and scenic trails for hiking, mesmerizing beaches such as Agata Island Beach, and beauty wonders such as Niagara Falls and Kakabeka Falls while enjoying urban attractions such as CN Tower. Most importantly, moving to Ontario can be an extraordinarily joyful experience due to its welcoming residents– Canadians are globally famous for being polite and kind, so they will soon make you feel at home without question.

Ontario is close to New York and Los Angeles, making it popular amongst professionals who’d like to be near U.S. cultural hubs while enjoying the cultural scene and welcoming atmosphere in Ontario.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development rated Canada as the 4th best country in the world to live in after comparing it with 40 other countries. Ontario is undoubtedly one of the top and the most beautiful provinces in Canada, which houses nine of the best cities in Canada with the economy and wealth, affordability, transport, population growth, taxes, culture, and access to amenities and healthcare, amongst other factors.

Ontario’s Economy

Ontario’s economy is the largest in Canada and the second-fastest-growing provincial economy in the country that thrives through its unique combination of resources. Ontario makes up 37% of the national GDP and  hosts almost 50% of all employees in high-tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive industries.

Although Ontario is Canada’s leading manufacturing province and manufacturing makes up a great deal of Ontario’s economy, accounting for 12.6% of Ontario’s GDP,

the service sector comprises an even more impressive 77.9% of the local economy.

Examples of Ontario’s significant services sector include arts and culture, business and financial services, and professional and scientific-technical services.

Ontario’s key manufacturing industries include autos, information and communications technologies, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Ontario lies at the heart of the North American Free Trade Area, with more than 460 million people generating a combined gross domestic product of more than $18 trillion.

Farms also play a crucial role in Ontario’s economy as the province has more than half of the highest quality farmland in Canada. More than 51,950 farms in Ontario (Census of Agriculture, 2011) make up nearly one-quarter of all farm revenue in Canada.

Farmers make up about 1.5% of Ontario’s 14 million residents. Over 90% of Canada’s soybeans, nearly most of the tobacco in the country, and almost half of Canada’s corn farms are in Ontario.

Forestry is another essential part of the local economy; It supports more than 147,000 direct and indirect jobs in the forest industry and generates over $18 billion in revenue.

Ontario has been Canada’s leading metals producer Since Ontario’s first gold rush in 1866 near the town of Madoc. Now the province produces more than 25 different metal and non-metal mineral products. In 2011, Ontario made 43% of Canada’s nickel, 52% of its gold, 38% copper, and 84% of its platinum group metals.

Per 2020 statistics Ontario’s main exports included Motor vehices & parts (27,9%) Precious metals & stones (14%) Mechanical equipment (9,8%) Plastic products (4,3%) Electrical machinery (3,7%).

eCommerce Market in Ontario

Ontario offers many opportunities for businesses of any kind. If you’re wondering if your eCommerce business can succeed in this beautiful Canadian province, you may want to know more about its eCommerce market.

Like anywhere else in the world where people had to isolate themselves, and avoid in-store shopping due to the COVID19 outbreak, eCommerce in Ontario has surged amid the pandemic, and the market keeps rising.

Canada is one of the most profitable markets for eCommerce businesses.

At the end of 2019, e-commerce retail trade sales amounted to almost 1.85 billion Canadian dollars, and nearly 28.1 million Canadians made purchases online. Fortunately for online businesses, Revenue from the retail eCommerce market in Canada is expected to grow even higher and surpass 33 billion U.S. dollars by 2024, up from 25.4 billion in 2019.

Although demand for eCommerce businesses sparked after the COVID19 outbreak, Canadian companies were somewhat slow on the uptake and took longer to invest in an online presence. The major U.S. players filled the gap to meet the booming demand for online shopping, and now many American online stores operate in multiple industries to sell directly to Canadians.

Popular Categories

Fashion, electronics, and books are among the most popular online shopping categories in Canada, per 2019 statistics. The 2018 survey amongst Canadians revealed that many locals now prefer online shopping to in-person purchases because of the wide variety of products and convenience.

Online Payments

A recent study shows that Canadians have preferred credit cards over other methods for online payment for years despite having advanced alternatives. The number of Canadians using more sophisticated and non-traditional payment methods has also increased. In 2019, 20.4 percent of Canadians conducted financial transactions via the PayPal app. In sum, Canadians are shifting towards eCommerce and are willing to embrace the world of eCommerce. More people are becoming comfortable and familiar with innovative payment methods and feel more confident storing data and purchasing online.

The Future of eCommerce in Canada

The eCommerce market in Canada is expected to grow 7,5% in 2022 compared to 2021. By 2023, online spending could reach $108 billion. Although it’s challenging to estimate how much of the total spending will account for Ontario’s residents, the most populous province in Canada will undoubtedly be home to millions of online shoppers in the growing eCommerce market.

Do You Need to Market Your Business in Ontario?

With nearly 500k small businesses in Ontario, the competition to reach Ontario residents online keeps rising. The global pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in a sudden spike in companies shifting to digital operations. On top of that, Google keeps updating its algorithm to meet online users’ needs with more relevant search results. As a result, many businesses’ online rankings suddenly dropped, and the content that used to attract thousands of users to their websites no longer shows up in a query or at the top of the results. Besides, nearly every business uses social media and multiple platforms, and reaching your audience there is now more challenging than ever before.

Whether starting from scratch, believing your business doesn’t get the online attention it deserves or searching for ways to boost your revenue, you’ll need a digital marketing agency in Ontario to help.

Internet Marketing Geeks – A Digital Marketing Agency in Ontario for Your Business’s Succes

Internet Marketing Geeks – a digital marketing agency in Ontario, has years of experience working with businesses of any scale and experience and is ready to help your business rise above the competition. We are prepared to be in the driver’s seat of your business’s marketing overseeing every step and aspect of it. You run your business while we take care of the continuous online traffic to your website, your brand’s visibility, increased sales, and online engagement. Here’re the digital marketing services we offer in Ontario:


Strategy is at the core of your digital marketing plan as a foundation for all marketing efforts. We take a holistic approach to brand identity-led marketing and create a clear and customized plan for each business to get from where they are to where they want to go, even starting from scratch.

Our strategy services include:

  • Marketing Strategy Documentation
  • Discovery & Research
  • User Profiling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Roadmaps


When building your business from the ground up, our team is ready to create a great eCommerce or business website for you. Here we provide you with the tools you need to succeed in a digital space.

Suppose your existing website needs fine-tuning or upgrading. In that case, we’re here to help with any troubleshooting or maintenance, implementing best SEO practices, and fine-tuning your design and website for the best user experience and online visibility.

Development means making your dream come to our reality. Our development team works magic, bringing code, plugins, and layout together while working with your merchant provider’s protocols ensuring accordance with their requirements. The development team will guide you in their implementation if you are unsure where to begin with merchant providers or shop plugins.

Search Engine Optimization

Your stunning website is ready to attract more customers and serve as a bridge between your business and its audience. Although it sounds straightforward, ensuring it works as intended calls for the help of SEO experts that will take your website pages to top positions of relevant search queries on local search results. Our team will optimize all aspects of your website for best SEO practices and user experiences (On-page SEO). Use multiple channels to boost your website’s online visibility (Off-page SEO), whether local directories, social media channels, link-building opportunities, guest posting, or anything SEO-related. Most importantly, we’ll optimize your local listings in Ontario for local search queries (Local SEO).

Why Internet Marketing Geeks?

While Internet Marketing Geeks is not the only digital marketing agency in Ontario, it’s the best one to choose for the following reasons:

  • Highly-skilled Marketers, developers, and SEO professionals
  • Transparency
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • High ROI
  • Proven results (see our proof)
  • Customized strategy
  • Decades of experience
  • Customer Satisfaction

Here’s what our client, a small business owner, recently wrote about our services:

‘Internet Marketing Geeks is a fantastic company. As a small business owner, having an honest, proactive, and client-focused company was the best business choice I made. They were willing to take the time and explain the ins and outs of digital marketing to me; they communicated what they felt were the best options and always took the time to hear my opinions and needs. Call them and invest in yourself and your business if you want to succeed.’ Get started today and start writing your success story at Internet Marketing Geeks!