Thunder Bay, ON

Thunder Bay is home to 121,621 residents, making it the most populous community on Lake Superior in northwestern Ontario, Canada. The city is situated in the middle of Canada, south of Winnipeg, and west of Toronto. With its strategic location, it is a gateway to the Northeast. As a result, Thunder Bay is an ideal place to live and work for various reasons such as affordable living, stunning nature, proximity to large urban areas, and vast economic opportunities.

Thunder Bay offers surprisingly many incredible attractions and amenities for a city of its size, such as a modern downtown area, vibrant art & culture scene, numerous dining areas, a beautiful and scenic waterfront overlooking Lake Superior, and various entertainment opportunities.

Top Local Attractions in Thunder Bay include:

  • Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  • Thunder Bay Museum
  • Centennial Park
  • Mount McKay
  • Hillcrest Park
  • Marina Park

Easy access to nature and outdoor recreation allows residents of Thunder Bay to enjoy outdoor activities all year round, whether it’s hiking, sailing, camping, skiing, or snowmobiling. The best part about being a Thunder Bay resident is that locals here have more spare time to enjoy these activities than residents of large cities due to the average commute time being only 10 minutes.

Moreover, Thunder Bay is close to many large urban areas in Canada and U.S. For example, it’s only a 5-hour-drive away from Minneapolis – the largest city in Michigan, U.S., about an hour and a half-long flight away from Winnipeg, the capital of the province, Manitoba. Besides, there are regular daily flights to large Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Thunder Bay ranked as Ontario’s most affordable housing market, making it one of the primary reasons for the city’s growth and the rising number of newcomers moving to Thunder Bay. As a result, there’s a lower cost of living than in larger urban areas and ways to enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank. In addition, Thunder Bay offers many job opportunities for locals and has a lower unemployment rate than Ontario and Canada.

Thunder Bay has diverse weather, and residents here enjoy each of the four seasons and lots of sunshine. Thunder Bay is the sunniest city in eastern Canada, with an average of 2121 hours of sunshine each year.

Doing Business in Thunder Bay

If sunshine isn’t a good enough reason to establish your business in Thunder Bay, here are some to consider:

  • Here you can access a well-educated labor force – 61.4% of adult residents in Thunder Bay hold a post-secondary education.
  • Thunder Bay offers a strong bilingual workforce.
  • Lower Labor Cost than in Toronto or Minneapolis.
  • Thunder Bay residents have more disposable income – which means more to spend.
  • Canada has been ranked 1st in the G7 for the fewest days to establish a new business (World Bank Group 2017).
  • Lower Corporate Tax Rates than in the U.S.
  • Lower Employer Health Costs due to having a Universal Health Care System.
  • Business-friendly Environment.

Financing Opportunities

Thunder Bay offers a welcoming, business-friendly environment for businesses of any scale, and here you can find numerous opportunities to finance your business, some of which include:


BDC provides entrepreneurs with highly tailored financing, venture capital, and consulting services. BDC offers loans and investments that fill out or complete services from commercial financial institutions.


The NOHFC programs support economic growth in Northern Ontario by providing financial aid to projects that stabilize, diversify, and foster the region’s economic development.

The Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor)

FedNor is Helps enhance economic growth and encourages entrepreneurship in northern communities by funding community projects as well as private sector initiatives aimed to improve the economic and social well-being of the North.

Learn more about funding options in Thunder Bay, ON.

eCommerce Market in Thunder Bay

Canada’s eCommerce market keeps rising, and the number of online Canadian shoppers keeps growing. Canada offers the ninth biggest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$31 billion in 2020.

Even though it’s challenging to determine what percentage of Thunder Bay residents are online shoppers, it’s likely to be a significant majority. Although many locals might still prefer in-store shopping to online experiences, even the consumers who don’t shop online make their decisions using the internet. These include which brands to choose, which store to visit, and which products to buy, making digital marketing the most factor for any company’s success.

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