Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

In every big city, small town, suburban haven, and rural area can be found small businesses of all varieties. They truly are the backbone of so many industries, filled with entrepreneurial spirits and big dreamers alike. 

To say that small businesses play a huge role in the American economy would be an understatement – they are the fabric of the American economy. For this reason, small businesses should be supported, patroned, and appreciated by their customers.

But, it’s certainly not easy-going for small businesses.

Not only are there many big business competitors and other constant closing threats, but there are also a whole lot of rules that small businesses are made to follow. And, unfortunately, these rules aren’t always fair for the “little guys.”

There’s also another important aspect of small business that presents its own set of challenges: Digital marketing for small businesses.

Because there’s so much fierce competition on the marketplace today, small businesses not only face administrative and cost challenges, but also the challenge of presenting themselves to a digital sea of customers simply looking for a specific product or service.  

Everything goes digital

Now, more than ever before, the world around us depends on the internet in all its many formats. In fact, it’s pretty fair to say that “traditional market” – think newspaper ads, radio commercials, billboards, or the like – is on the decline. Nowadays, it’s all about being seen and heard on the web.

Just exactly how is digital marketing different from traditional marketing? Very broadly speaking, digital marketing depends much more on:

  • Informative, quality web content that businesses use to create connections between a product or service and the intended consumer base.
  • Algorithm-based search engines, which strive to present the most optimized websites when their users perform searches.
  • Inter-connected branding and marketing that works across many different locations on the web in order to achieve one marketing mission. This is completely distinct from traditional marketing methods, which are almost never dependent on each other for overall success (i.e., radio ads don’t affect the success or failure of television ads).

Not only has the method of marketing changed, but also the ways in which consumers are prioritizing certain modes of information over others. Because viewers are being inundated with so many sources of information literally available at their fingertips, marketing is now expected to be memorable, easy-to-understand, and interesting.

Furthermore, traditional marketing worked well for previous generations of consumers, who preferred to be treated more uniformly as part of the masses. Now, we’re increasingly seeing younger consumers favor services that are local, artisanal, unique, and distinctual. With that shift comes a different style of marketing that treats each online viewer as unique and worthy of special attention, while also making your marketing reach the masses.

Pairing digital marketing with small business

If you own a small business, we understand if you struggle to find the relationship between your business and digital marketing. We get it: The two don’t seem all that inter-related. But, here’s the thing: They absolutely are.

Since digital marketing is transforming the ways in which every business presents itself to the world, companies – and especially small businesses – are expected to have a strong online presence.

And, in order to have that, your small business needs a strategic marketing plan that includes the latest and greatest branding techniques.

If your small business lacks this, your prospective clients won’t be able to find you on the web. Instead, they’ll find your competition.

We don’t want them to find your competition. We want them to find you.  

Marketing your small business takes a lot of work

As has probably already become apparent, digital marketing for any type of business involves a lot of work. But, this is particularly the case for small businesses, since competition is almost always more intense for smaller entities than their larger counterparts. And, there can also be a lot more riding on the line.

Digital marketing presents special challenges for small businesses because of the following:

  • The small business market is competitive, just alongside online marketing. Because competition is ever-present, both your company and your services have to be blatantly distinguishable from every other competitor.
  • Search engines are always changing and updating the formulas used to promote only the best and most informative content. Because the algorithm rules that would have displayed your website on the first page of Google five years ago would no longer do so by today’s standards, staying on top of these ever-changing rules presents a challenge all its own.
  • One of the most important questions that consumers ask themselves when choosing one small business over another is why. Why is your business the best? Clearly answering this central question should be your number one priority on every digital medium.

This is right where we come in

Here at Internet Marketing Geeks, digital marketing is everything – not just one part of our work. Because marketing is all we do, we can afford to completely invest all our valuable time and resources into every tiny part of marketing on the web, simply for our clients’ betterment.

Our philosophy isn’t all that complex: We think that the search engine optimization (SEO)-centric marketing method is far superior to every other method available. We’ve tried and tested many, but we find that keeping SEO the center focus is always the way to go. And, as a small business ourselves, you can trust that we never stop trying to better our marketing methodology.

Could our SEO-focused method be the Right Fit for your small business?

If our years of experience have taught us anything, it’s that SEO should be the top priority for a digital marketing plan to be effective. With this in mind, we’ve created our own comprehensive marketing strategy that presents SEO best practices throughout every level of a small business’s web branding, including design, content, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Web Design That Prioritizes SEO

What better way to present your business to the online world than by showcasing a sleek, expertly designed website? 

All of the websites we create are custom-built to focus on both speed and branding – two aspects that are crucial for the right marketing strategy to push viewers to become clients.

Not only are speed and branding of the utmost importance, but also focusing on what viewers expect to see when searching for information on the web. As we’ve mentioned, viewers want a more personalized touch to digital marketing than what was expected from traditional marketing.

Using our proven SEO-driven web design strategy, we work with small businesses of all varieties to release designs that feature eye-catching pages and effective loading speeds with exactly the personalized touches that your small business needs in order to be remembered.

Effective Content to Drive Results

When websites lack effective SEO content, they simply can’t succeed. Because search engines always prioritize informative and trustworthy content over inaccurate and outdated information, we know exactly what your website’s content should contain to lend itself to success. 

But, your digital content must also be clear and readable according to your viewers’ needs, as well.

As with our web designs, all content that we supply to our clients fits the specific SEO requirements needed for promotion while also providing answers to prospective clients’ questions.

Social Media Management

Most people may not associate social media with the small business world. But, the reality is that today’s market necessitates a social media presence for almost every business. 

To use it most effectively, social media platforms for your small business should function as the primary channel that leads viewers to your website for conversion. Viewers should also get an accurate impression of your small business’s philosophy, work priorities, and the overall humanistic side of your services.  

As social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) become a more integral part of every business’s online presence, including it in your small business’s marketing plan becomes more vital. 

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know how to pair social media with SEO standards that make it the most effective for conversion. Find out how we use social media to advance your marketing here.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads for Your Brand

PPC ads can help advance your online branding in ways that other forms of marketing may not accomplish. They add an additional component to your plan that can help propel your efforts further.

By helping to make your small business more visible to the online community, both SEO and content marketing tactics can be used to showcase your business across the most important search engines. PPC ads may not work or be required for every business. So if they aren’t 100% effective for yours, you can trust that we will re-evaluate your plan for you.

Ready to get started?

Whether or not your small business already has a thriving web plan or doesn’t have anything at all in place, we’d be happy to analyze everything you have and do everything we can to get your plan on track.

Because we – as a fellow small business – hold results and customer experiences in the highest regard, we want our clients to be satisfied with every phase of the process. 

As such, we’re all about delivering the very best results in digital marketing, and we expect you to hold us accountable throughout the process. Likewise, we seek to work with small businesses that are ready to trust our marketing expertise fully.  If your aim is to increase your ROI through marketing your small business digitally, we’re the marketers for you. Book a meeting with one of our talented experts to get started today.

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