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Reliable, Fast Website Hosting to Help Your Business Stay Ahead

Your website’s design is only one piece of a vast puzzle.

If you want your business to stay competitive in the your industry, you need a fast, reliable website hosting service that ensures your site has maximum uptime too.

All it takes is one day of downtime for a website to lose thousands – especially if you rely on your site to sell your products through an E-Commerce platform.

While you have budget options out there, including those that claim to host for $2 or $5 per month, do you want to risk a central piece of your success on something marketed so cheap?

What is Web Hosting Anyway?

To truly understand the value in paying a little more for your hosting than going with those $5 or less companies, you should understand what hosting is and how it impacts your business online.

Web hosting services allow your business to post your website online. You might have designed it, but without a host, you cannot publish it. The web hosting services provide the data, technology, and background services you need for your site to get your content seen online.

Hosting services store your website’s information on a server. When an internet user searches for your company and wants to see your site, they type in the URL or your business name in their browser.  The computer sends a signal, which connects to the server, and your website’s information is then delivered through the internet browser on the consumer’s computer.

Web hosting will either require that you pre-purchase a domain before using them or they will offer domain registration together. These are not the same services, however. You can register a domain and have nothing published. If someone were to type the site name and try to visit it, they would either see an “under construction” message or notification of an error.

Why Cheap Hosting Costs You More in the Long Run

As an experience web host provider, one of the most common issues we encounter are business owners that want to save by using cheap web hosting.

Unfortunately, the saying “you get what you pay for” almost always applies in these situations.

Cheap hosting has a reputation in the professional sector, but private business owners often are unaware of the background issues these companies cause. These companies, in order to offer your hosting at a discounted rate, will pack as many websites and their associated data on a single server. When a server is stuffed to the brim, it will eventually slow down. Think of a car that has been packed past its weight limit – you cannot accelerate quickly, and you certainly cannot maintain fuel efficiency.

Your website is no different. Overstuffed servers mean slow page loads, server crashes, and failures when someone tries to check out on an E-Commerce site. Worse, Google is now penalizing companies for slow web page loading – which means your rank with the biggest search engine giant could lower and customers will not see you in their search engine results.

All it takes is one frustrating experience on a slow website for a customer to go to the competition. After all, we live in an age of technology where people demand that these services, especially web pages, move smoothly on any device and never lag in between page loads. When a customer has to wait, they are going to someone that makes them not wait.

Features You Want for Web Hosting

Web hosting at Internet Marketing Geeks is reliable. We use dependable servers and services, and we guarantee we will maintain that 99.9 percent uptime that you demand when you pay annually for a hosting service. Likewise, we ensure you get those added benefits that come from great website hosting, such as:

  • Unlimited Data & Storage: You need to make sure that no matter how many pages, images or other types of content your site has, your host can support it. And, you want to make sure that when your business gain popularity, you have the bandwidth available to serve those users.
  • FTP Access: File Transfer Protocol (more commonly known as FTP) lets you upload files from your computer onto the server hosting your site. If you have built your website or you have special HTML coding, you can use those files by transferring them through FTP onto the server. In Internet Marketing Geek’s case, we use WordPress, which gives more flexibility and saves you the hassle of worrying about coding or uploading your coding onto the host’s server.
  • WordPress Support: WordPress is the leading online creation tool for new and existing websites. It is not just a website design; it is also a powerful blogging platform, which allows you to share content with customers and build your brand even further. WordPress is highly prevalent, so it is not hard to find a host that does not support WordPress. If a host does not, then they are well behind the times.
  • Customer Support: What if your website fails at 2:00 am? Now what? You want customer support that is 24/7/365. Your website is supposed to run when your business does not, and that is why we make sure you have access to the help you need regardless of what time it might be.
  • Uptime Guarantees: Uptime means the amount of time your website is active, and your server is reliable. You should never settle for less than 99.9% uptime – we certainly don’t.

Add Website Hosting into Your Design Service Today

Get the hosting you need and the creative website your business craves by combining these services into a full package within the team at Internet Marketing Geeks.

Our team is here to help your budding business boom, and when you have reliable hosting combined with our unique, branded website designs, the possibilities are truly endless.

Schedule a consultation today and let us discuss your website design and hosting needs.

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