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Keep Your Website Optimized and Running at Top Performance with Website Maintenance

You do not drive your car for 50,000 miles without a single maintenance appointment, so why would you expect your website to keep running smoothly when no one services it?

A crucial, but commonly overlooked, part of website performance is maintenance.

Maintenance serves multiple functions, such as keeping up your speed, optimizing for search engines, and cleaning out data that might bog down the server and slow your website. Maintenance also includes updating your site as your business grows.

The Importance of Website Maintenance by a Pro

You see the costs of regular website maintenance, and one common inquiry we get from business owners is why do it?

Website maintenance is vital, especially for anyone selling products online. Your website is a virtual storefront, and it gives customers a window to shop through and explore your products and services. The performance of your website has a significant impact on how anyone visiting your site perceives your products and company.

When your website is maintained properly, you attract and retain customers, keep your search engine ranks up, and you can upgrade with new products in a flash. Your maintenance also improves the value of your website, removing what you do not need to optimize it even further.

What Types of Maintenance Can You Get?

You have several options for maintenance, and they depend on where you are with your site, where you want to be, and who initially designed the site.

Your options include:

  • On-Going Maintenance via Monthly Contracts: Some companies prefer the set it and forget it life, and we are more than happy to help with that. If you want someone to monitor your website and maintain it monthly while you focus on your business, then you want on-going maintenance plans. These offer scheduled maintenance that will update features, ensure plug-ins work properly, correct any back-end errors, and optimize for speed.
  • One-Time Maintenance: Maybe you have something wrong with your website that you need to fix immediately. If so, you would want a one-time service. This helps you pay as you need and fix things when they show up. The only drawback is you may not realize you have an issue until it shows up – and that could cause unnecessary downtime for your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Maintenance:Google continuously changes their rules, and what applies today for their search engine rankings we can guarantee will not be the same a year or two from now. Therefore, you should undergo SEO maintenance throughout the year using Internet Marketing Geek’s Ninja SEO Process. We continually fine-tune our approach so that our customers remain in the good graces of Google regardless of what changes.

Why Choose Internet Marketing Geeks for Your Website Maintenance?

Not only do we do the initial custom web design for companies, but we also help with hosting and maintenance. When you bundle your services with the same company, you have a provider that knows your industry in and out.

Just some maintenance tasks we perform as part of our service include:

  • Customer Interest Maintenance: Your website attracts new customers and keeps the interest level piqued of existing customers. We want your site to remain focused on the customer, and your content relevant to what they are looking for. We will check that all your inquiry forms work, your E-Commerce platform can still check out and move products with ease, and that your price lists are current.
  • Search Engine Maintenance:We want to ensure you remain high in search engine results, which is why we never let your SEO become outdated. Google likes to see regular maintenance on websites, which means if your HTTP header is showing an older date, Google may rank you lower.
  • Boosting Your Brand:Website maintenance benefits your brand, which in turn improves your business. Your website reflects your brand, and when you have dead links, web pages that do not load, or outdated information it tells customers that you are sloppy and do not care about your business. In turn, they will assume you do not care about a customer’s experience or your products. We check for broken links and fix them, ensure your content is updated, and that pages load at an acceptable rate.

The Endless Benefits of Maintenance and Support

When you harness the power of website maintenance, you will see results. Just some of what you can expect to come back to you when you maintain regularly includes:

  • Higher Conversions: Customers are more likely to buy when the website pages load quickly, and they can move from the browsing phase into the purchasing stage. Higher conversions like this mean more profits for you.
  • More Time for You:You are a busy entrepreneur selling your products online and maybe even in store. The last thing you need on your CEO to-do list is maintaining your website. We give you back hours in the day to focus on the sales aspect – we’ll handle the geeky tech work.
  • Flexibility:You can direct us when you need to make changes to your website, or you have issues, and our support staff will be on it right away. You have the services of an in-house web team without the cost of employing someone to work in your office.

Add Website Maintenance to Your Design and Hosting Plans

Now is the perfect time to bring your business to life with a single click.

You cannot risk having a sub-optimal website. Instead, you need a highly functional, fast, and attractive site that keeps customers engaged and your business thriving.

To get started, contact Internet Marketing Geeks and schedule a consultation. We will go over your brand, website needs, and create a package that will optimize your online presence without breaking the bank.

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