Digital Marketing for Wellness Companies

Here at Internet Marketing Geeks, we have decades of experience marketing for wellness companies, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the wellness industry, makes us your best partner to drive your company’s growth.

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Digital Marketing for Wellness Companies

With a global value of over $4.5 trillion and an annual growth rate of 6.4%, the wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. So, if you have seen an opportunity to use your skills and launch a business in such a thriving environment, you are definitely not wrong! But, as the market grows, the competition does too. That’s why it has never been so important to define your brand identity, visualize your business’s goals, and refine your user experience. 

Here at Internet Marketing Geeks, we have decades of experience marketing for wellness companies, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the wellness industry, which makes us your best partner to drive your company’s growth. Having been on the patient’s side, we can help you craft a communication strategy that inspires trust, professionalism, and friendliness. 

From SEO services to wellness marketing campaigns and website development, we are ready to craft a tailored package for your business’s needs – whether you have just started thinking about opening a wellness center or you are an established business. Here are only some of these areas and industries we cover – but don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about what our team of experts can do for your business. 


Over the last few years, an increasing number of people have started to rediscover the power of nature – especially when looking for a non-invasive treatment for their ailments! 

If you are a trained naturopath, this is a great point in time to launch your business and show others the benefits of natural and self-healing practices. Yet, connecting with your audience and communicating your expertise are essential aspects to winning over your patients’ trust and putting any doubt they might have to rest!

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know how important it is to establish your wellness business as a point of reference for the community. And the best way to do so is by crafting a communication and brand strategy that is transparent, informative, friendly, and open to conversation.

Whether you wish to bring to life a modern, innovative brand or create a business inspired by the earthy tones of nature, we can help you set up an authoritative and trustworthy wellness company.


Did you know that there are over 121,000 osteopathic medical physicians practicing in the USA? This means that you are entering a thriving market with a supportive community and extensive scientific research. In such an environment, the growth opportunities are limitless — but you cannot underestimate the competition. That is why your medical practice needs to establish an online presence that is professional and authoritative.

This will catch the interest of your audience and help your wellness business become a trusted center for years to come. Our team of expert developers and marketers can help you bring to life an online presence that communicates what makes your osteopathic practice stand out. In the wellness industry, physician-patient communication is vital. We are committed to keeping the conversation going from the moment they read your practice’s name to when they leave your studio — and beyond!

Health Food Stores and E-Commerce Sites

With such a growing interest in the wellness of mind and body, it does not come as a surprise that the health food market is forecast to grow by 6% annually for the next five years. People have come to finally start treating their body as the temple it is – and taking an interest in supplements, vitamins, plant-based lifestyle, and organic, sustainable products. All this without mentioning the fact that eCommerce has been skyrocketing since the start of the pandemic! 

When combined, these trends mean that if you are launching a health food business, you are certainly doing so in the right place and at the right time! Nonetheless, consumers have started to look beyond the packaging and marketing to find foods that are truly beneficial for their body and mind. 

At Internet Marketing Geek, we believe in truthful, transparent communication. Whether you prefer to sell your products on an eCommerce site or at a local store, we are here to help you craft the perfect strategy to get the conversation with your customers going and expand your reach.

Massage Therapists

Whether it is for relaxation, therapeutic purposes, or as an alternative pain management strategy, everyone has dreamed of a massage at least once. Undeniably, the pandemic has made it hard for businesses in this industry to grow during the past year. 

However, the wind is changing, and the market is about to bounce back! So, if you have been training as a masseur or masseuse, this is the perfect time to start letting your audience know.

And, when it comes down to finding clients and expanding your business, it is essential to keep an eye on the latest changes. Today, over 60% of massage therapists use their websites to find clients, and 79% use social media to expand their reach. Even more importantly, 82% of therapists leverage their connection with their community, network, and other providers to grow their businesses. 

So, when crafting the right marketing campaign, it is essential to open up several ways of communicating with your varied audience. From social media channels to community involvement, website design, and branding development, the right marketing strategy can help you create a circle of support that will help your business remain sustainable throughout time.


With an annual growth rate close to 10%, the spa sector never stops offering opportunities for new wellness companies. At the same time, as this industry expands, it can be hard to cut through all the noise, find a spot in the market, and establish your business as a luxurious retreat. 

The right marketing, branding, and communication strategy can work wonders to help you win over your audience! After all, crafting your spa identity is all about communicating the special, relaxing, and luxurious corner of paradise your clients will experience when walking through your doors! 

Having worked with dozens of spas, the team of Internet Marketing Geeks can cover all of your branding and marketing needs, including spa SEO, website development, logo design, and social media marketing. Whether you wish to secure a spot for your business in the luxurious end of the market or you are looking to turn your spa into a gathering place for the community, we have you covered.


If there is something we have all been looking forward to during the past months is visiting a salon. And, now that the whole industry is bouncing back, salon owners no longer have a single slot available! So, if you have been training as a beautician, masseur, makeup artist, or hairdresser, this is the right time to get started with your own salon. 

At Internet Marketing Geeks, we know how important it is for your business to welcome the first clients, provide superb services, and thrive off word of mouth and community involvement. That is why we are ready to help you craft a strategy that allows you to specifically cover the needs of your unique audience, promote the unique services you offer, and build a supportive community around your business. 

Whether the customers in your area are in need of a modern, innovative salon or a sustainable, eco-friendly business where to enjoy a few hours of guilt-free relaxation, we will find out more – and help you design a winning strategy.

The Digital Marketing Partner Your Wellness Company Needs To Grow

The wellness industry has unique traits and needs, and when designing a marketing strategy for your business, it is essential to understand what will help you build a sustainable business. Thanks to our team’s in-depth knowledge of the health and wellness industry, we can foresee and address any doubts your clients might have, allowing you to display your business for what it is: an authoritative, professional, and trustworthy source. The marketers and developers at Internet Marketing Geeks are ready to put decades of experience in wellness marketing at your service. Get in touch to enjoy a free consultation and start working on the future of your wellness company – today!