Internet Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Enable your patients to find you online, stand out from other medical professionals, build new relationships, and foster your existing connections.

Healthcare professionals are essential and in demand

For nearly two years, the healthcare industry has proven to the world how necessary its services are and how few healthcare professionals there really are to help us in our hour of need. Preventative care, primary care, urgent/emergency care, mental healthcare, specialty care; quite a few of these aspects of healthcare were put on hold as we faced new challenges over the many months leading up to today's state of healthcare. Even today, as the world returns to a semblance of normalcy, we are faced with new challenges that need to be addressed. For example, many people still feel safer at home, where they have grown accustomed to technology acting as a personal proxy. In addition, some healthcare facilities still struggle with keeping their patients safe. As more medical professionals leave the field, it means there are more patients to be cared for by those who remain until a new set of professionals are trained to take their place.

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A Changing Landscape

The recent changes to our systems mean that healthcare is now augmented with more medical technology than it has been traditionally, and consumer technologies that connect patients with healthcare professionals are also being employed to supplement care. As a result, meeting virtually with clients has become the new normal, whether in long-term care, general practice, or specialty care. But with all that, how do patients know to trust your online counterpart? How do new patients find you and, most importantly, understand that a virtual visit with you can benefit their health?

We can find ways to build that trust, create better visibility, and bring you to the top of the heap when offering online medical services. Here are a few fields that can benefit from services offered by online marketing and skills proffered by Internet Marketing Geeks. Read on to find out how internet marketing for healthcare professionals can help your business.

Allow us to create the perfect website for you and your clients

wEbsite design and building trust

Your clients and patients need to feel like they can trust you before they hire you. That's where strong website design comes into play.

From the most basic aspects of color choice and imagery to how to display your credentials, awards, and testimonials, Internet Marketing Geeks will work with you to create a website that inspires trust in you.

At-Home and Long-Term Care

Being a personal service worker in the long-term care industry can be one of the most intense and grueling professions in the healthcare industry. Sometimes, an unfounded mistrust built on poor experiences can be present between client and worker. The fact of the matter is that most workers grow a fondness and affinity towards their clients. In some exceptional cases, workers worry about their clients as if they were family when they cannot attend them. The industry aspect of long-term care is unique, where professionals and clients rely on a much more personal relationship than, for example, their doctor or nurse. 

Clients need to understand that this relationship is what they're getting from these professionals. As clients search for a long-term care professional, they look for those they can rely upon on or off a zoom call. They need to know they can call their work and ask questions about routines, medication, and what to expect in their next visit without worrying that they'll be chastised or ignored. Your challenge is to create an online persona that reflects you as someone who is known as a professional who can be counted on without fail. Internet Marketing Geeks can help with that, working the algorithm so that you will always come out on top when patients search for what they need in long-term care. Call us today to learn more about internet marketing for healthcare professionals.

General Practice Professionals

Long gone are the days of patients stumbling into the waiting with the sniffles, or your patients sitting on the examination table crooking their elbow out to you and asking, "Can you tell me what this is?" Instead, most patients use their mobile phones and cameras to try and get a prescription refilled or describe a pain they started to feel in the middle of the night last night. Both patient and doctor are starting to learn that most visits can be done virtually and just as effective as in-person visits. Of course, many visits must be done in person, but online is just as good for routine actions such as prescription refills, lesser diagnosis, and specialty referrals.

The challenge is how do your current patients know they can trust your virtual visit when they haven't seen you in months and how do new patients understand you're the best choice for them? Marketing yourself means building trust where none currently exists. As patients search for healthcare providers online, they look for the most relevant results to their search, therefore the most trusted. With the right tools, Internet Marketing Geeks ensures you rank high in in-patient searches, and that high ranking shows that those patients know they can trust you.

Specialty Care 

Specialty care can be tricky to tackle in an online world. Most visits are still performed in-person, as it's impossible to measure eyes for proper lenses on glasses through zoom. A chiropodist needs to measure the foot, see how it moves, and see how a patient puts pressure on it before prescribing a proper orthidic. This doesn't mean that online presence is any less important, and there a plenty of other specialized professionals who have found great benefits in virtual visits with their patients. For example, neurologists have found they can identify possible brain damage in a patient after a five-minute zoom meeting. Using information found in speech, behavior, and visual contact with the camera, a neurologist, can give a preliminary diagnosis and schedule an appointment for further testing without having the patient step foot into their office.

All specialty care professions differ in what they can offer and how they offer their services. Your patients need to know how well you perform your services without meeting you. This is done with proper marketing and prolific online visibility, services that Internet Marketing Geeks can offer you.

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Email Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

How do you keep your clients up-to-date and offer inspiration or education? Consistent email marketing is the way to go — it's also a service offered by Internet Marketing Geeks. So whether you're looking to book new clients or update your existing ones, email marketing is the way to go.

The bonus of email marketing? If you decide to hold a special event, celebrate a life change, offer new services, or even publish a book, email marketing can give you a leg up. 

Getting Found Online

With every second news story addressing healthcare and health-related issues, it can be difficult to rank highly in searches. But that’s where Internet Marketing Geeks comes in — we can help you get found online with our website toolkit!

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps with SEO but it also helps you connect with your clients. We write content for blogs, articles, guides, white papers, press releases, and more.


SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you rank highly on search engines which helps you build trust with your consumers and gives authority in your field


Branding is key to building trust. It helps your clients and potential clients build an identity that they associate with you. Our branding team will work with you to create a concept that reflects who you are.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is used to grow the percentage of website visitors to leads. This is a measurable metric that we can use to help your site—whether you're looking for more calls, newsletter sign-ups, or form fill-outs.

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