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Markham, in the municipality of York, Ontario, Canada, sits 30 km northeast of downtown Toronto. With a population of 338,503, it ranks 4th most prominent in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and 16th largest in all of Canada. Because of the proximity to Toronto, Markham shares a similar continental climate with cold winters and hot and humid summers.

Markham, without a doubt, is Canada’s one of the most diverse cities. Indigenous people inhabited Markham until the first Europeans arrived in this area. Today indigenous people make up 0.3% of the city’s population. The most prominent ethnic groups are Chinese(45,1%) and South Asian (17,8%). The city is a melting pot of culture with a community of over 65 different languages.

Since 1970 Markham has shifted from an agricultural hub to an industrialized municipality. It got the status of a city quite recently in 2012. Before that, Markham was a town.

The city of Markham is committed to preserving the area’s natural beauty and historical significance. It even received the Prince of Wales Heritage Award, honoring the municipal government for protecting the heritage.

Must-visit places in Markham include:

  • Markham Museum
  • FLARO Markham Theatre
  • Varley Art Gallery
  • Reesor Farm Market
  • Milne Dam Conservation Park

Interesting facts about Markham

  • Markham fair, established in 1844, is one of the oldest and largest agricultural events in Canada.
  • Rouge National Urban Park is one of the biggest in all of North America
  • Markham citizens hold the title of the best recyclers in all of Canada
  • Markham has the most considerable amount of LEED-certified buildings in all of North America.


In the 19th century, during the early years of Markham’s development, the city was even more economically active than York. Still, most industries gradually disappeared later, and agriculture became the primary economic sector. The situation began to shift in 1980 when many businesses expressed interest in Markham due to its land and inexpensive tax regime.

Markham is currently known as Canada’s High-Tech Capital, as it has the country’s greatest concentration of high-tech and life science businesses, with over 1,100 companies, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. There also are many research and development, communication, computer software, distribution, robotics, pharmaceuticals, health care, manufacturing, and electronics companies in the city.

Famous companies based in Markham include IBM, AMD technologies, Motorola, Huawei, Toshiba, Honeywell, Apple, etc. Hence the nickname – “The silicon valley of the north.”

Doing Business in Markham

Markham is a city that thrives on innovation, with business, government, and universities working together to create a thriving and opportunity-rich ecosystem. One of the critical aims of Markham’s 10-year economic strategy is to foster a “Global Markham” focusing on partnering with significant international and local partners to make the city internationally competitive.

If you want to establish a business, Markham could be an excellent place to start. A small business startup center in the city assists entrepreneurs with the whole process of creating a company and provides them with all of the necessary resources.


Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Canada’s eCommerce industry and the number of online Canadian shoppers continue to grow. With sales of US $31 billion in 2020, Canada is the ninth largest eCommerce market.

Although there are no particular figures on the percentage of Markham residents who shop online, it is likely to be a significant majority. The internet is where most customers find answers to their questions about what to purchase, where to buy it, and which brand to choose. As a result, every type of business needs an online presence, whether small or large. The larger the internet audience you can reach, the faster your sales will grow. Reaching a broad audience might be difficult; nonetheless, a practical marketing approach is required to achieve this goal.

Internet Marketing Geeks – A Digital Marketing Agency in Markham to Help Your Business Grow

In today’s digital world, most of your existing and prospective clients spend most of their time online. Unquestionably, the internet has become the best place to target them and the platform with the most competition. For them to find your business, your website has to outperform hundreds or thousands of others in the same industry. Does that sound like something you can do overnight? Certainly not, and especially without professionals’ help. Digital marketing now is more crucial than ever and creating a solid strategy requires the assistance of experienced marketers.

A well-designed marketing plan is the only way to stand out, and a digital marketing agency in Markham will help you craft one. At Internet Marketing Geeks, we have everything you need from a team of excellent marketers with years of experience, abilities, skills, and knowledge to all required recourses and available services that include:


  • Complete Analysis & Audit
  • A Customized Marketing Strategy 
  • A customized Content Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Strategy Documentation
  • Discovery & Research
  • User Profiling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Roadmaps

Branding and Design

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Branding
  • Signage Design
  • Website Design
  • Style guides
  • Messaging
  • Collateral, print & packaging
  • Web design & development

Marketing and SEO

Regardless of how far you are into developing or growing your business, we can help you achieve your desired business goals. If your company in Markham is looking for development, success, and a high return on investment, the Internet Marketing Geeks is your answer.

Here’s what our client, a new eCommerce business owner, wrote about our marketing services:

“We can’t say enough wonderful things about IMG. As new business owners, our experience with IMG has been nothing but friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. They built, manage, and maintained our e-commerce site, and took all the necessary time to explain each step of the process. Any projects are expedited in their turn-around time for completion. Not only are they a great company to work with, but they are continually helping us brainstorm ideas and offering great suggestions to help us grow and evolve our business and increase our SEO.  Thank you, IMG; we could not have done it without you!”

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