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9 eCommerce Marketing Tips for Independence Day

Independence Day is the nation’s most beloved celebration regardless of the country, but the United States and Canada are well-known globally for their annual celebrations.

The 4th of July, celebrating the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, in the United States, is marked by concerts, parades, fireworks, cookouts, and family reunions.

Three days before American Independence Day, the Great White North celebrates Canada Day with numerous outdoor public events, pancake breakfasts, parades, and festivals. People paint their faces in red and white and wear the Canadian flag as a cape.

Patriotic spirit is exceptionally high during this time in both countries. All of this excitement, of course, tends to raise typical spending, whether it’s on more patriotic items or food for all of the cookouts and family reunions. According to the national retail federation survey stats in the U.S. in 2021:

  • In 2020, 87% of Americans celebrated independence day.
  • The total estimated spending on food in 2021 was $7.52 billion.
  • 29% had purchase plans.
  • 61% planned to have a cookout, BBQ, or picnic.

The data demonstrates that Independence Day is a perfect opportunity for businesses to increase sales by implementing effective marketing methods.

ECommerce businesses of any kind should prepare every year to interact with their customers on the American Independence Day and the anniversary of Confederation in Canada. So if you’re interested in some tips for Independence Day, stick by till the end.

When it comes to marketing techniques, eCommerce may take a variety of approaches. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to assist you with your independence day promotions.

Target All Types of Celebrators

The Independence Day celebration had remained unchanged for decades until recent events turned things upside down. Although now we see the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s still a chance that many individuals will avoid public gatherings. So while parades and festivals will still occur, their scope might be smaller.

Many people might choose to stay home on Independence Day. So, ideally, you should tailor your eCommerce marketing strategy for all types of audiences, the ones who would like to continue having cookouts and picnics with loved ones or marching in a parade and those who might prefer staying in the comfort of their own house.

Offer Patriotic-Themed Items for the Celebration

Many celebrators will search for patriotic-themed items online, and they are must-haves in your inventory for the occasion. These could be items you offer uniquely for the celebration or your bestsellers flavored in patriotic colors. Using a patriotic theme for your Independence Day marketing is one of the best and safest options. Moreover, today’s reality brings more opportunities to include patriotic-themed items in your inventory, such as face masks people can wear during the celebration or hand sanitizers in Independence Day-themed bottles.

Ensure You Have a focus on Diversity

Both the USA and Canada are diverse countries with people of all different ethnicities. Independence Days are an excellent opportunity to celebrate these multicultural societies. Unfortunately, some groups that initially shaped these countries might still face discrimination and injustice. Partnering with influencers from these disadvantaged communities in the U.S. and Canada is one way you can achieve this goal. This approach will help minority groups be heard while allowing your business to reach wider audiences. Moreover, you can support influencers from marginalized groups by promoting items created by them. You can also give them your platform to share their stories.

Offer Independence Day Sales

Is there anyone who doesn’t love sales? Businesses may take advantage of the chance by promoting the Independence Day sale in advance to generate excitement, raise anticipation, and then give it one last push with special discounts on the Independence Day.

Organize a Contest

Organizing an Independence Day contest is a great way to garner customers’ attention. Encourage people to post their Independence Day stories on different social media platforms and offer your best-selling products as a prize. This can get your brand a lot of exposure.

Join the Parade

Whether online or in-person joining the parade is a fantastic method to reach your audience and join them in celebration. It does not require a lot of work. There will be festivities on independence day no matter where you are. It would be best to get the word out that your company is locally rooted and a member of the community, despite it running online. If there is a street event in the vicinity, distribute fliers saying who you are and what you do. This might assist you in reaching out to potential consumers who aren’t regular internet users.

Run an Independence Day Email Marketing Campaign

Email campaigns may include more than one message during a period leading to independence day. The first email would give a few days’ notice of the upcoming promotion. Then, while the promotion is still running, sending out another one or maybe two emails would be a good idea, followed by a final email reminding clients that the promotion will finish that day or within hours. So they won’t miss it. Use attention-grabbing subject lines in emails, and keep it brief.

Offer Free Shipping

We can all collectively agree that nobody likes paying for shipping. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise anyone that free shipping is one of the most effective ways to encourage people to spend more. It would be smart to adopt free delivery for purchases over a specific amount. This way, customers are willing to pay more, knowing their products will be delivered for free, resulting in a higher average cart value.

Establish a Customer Loyalty Program

Acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more pricey than retaining an existing one. That’s why businesses are willing to go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. Creating a customer loyalty program is one way to achieve this. In addition, it may encourage customers to spend more if companies offer a higher loyalty credit with purchases made around Independence Day.

In Conclusion

Although the above is by no means a comprehensive list of independence day marketing ideas, we hope it will serve as a solid starting point for thinking about ways your company may use this occasion to advertise itself and increase sales. All of the suggestions mentioned above involve appealing to people’s pride in their nation, love of all things local, and desire to celebrate.

Now that you’ve read the whole article, it’s time to take action and start implementing them in your e-commerce marketing strategy. We wish all of our readers a happy Independence Day!

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