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When and How Brands Should Rethink Moment Marketing

Marketers and business owners constantly search for new ways beyond traditional marketing techniques to reach the right audiences at the right moment with the right (relevant) content. Is the moment marketing a way to achieve this?


Moment marketing will help you get more relevant messages across your target audience and is an excellent way to meet your audience’s needs and boost brand awareness.

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is a marketing approach based on trending news and ongoing events. It allows brands and businesses to insert themselves in these trends and conversations by creating relevant marketing content.

Why Is It Important?

Moment marketing is crucial, as even the most eye-catching ads or impressive marketing campaigns won’t meet your expectations if you run them at the wrong time.

Relevancy and timing are amongst the most crucial aspects of successful marketing campaigns.

Moment marketing allows you to adjust your content according to important events to deliver your message at the right time and, most importantly, to be relevant.

Like architects have to consider surroundings when creating designs for the building, marketers also have to consider what’s happening when creating campaigns. Your marketing campaign stand-alone can be awe-inspiring, but if it’s irrelevant, it might not work the same way as a moment marketing campaign would.

When there’re popular events or trends your audience is concerned with, and you are sticking with your traditional, generic campaigns, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to seize the moment and join the conversation about the trending topic.

What Makes Moment Marketing Tick?

Thanks to the internet, social media, and online streaming services, your prospects and customers are part of the 24/7 news cycle regardless of what kind of business you own.

When things like global crisis or war or even new Apple product releases take place, not only do they learn about it on these platforms, but somehow, they become part of it, even when they are far away from the epicenter. They write about these events, share stories, donate, purchase, and read daily news.

On the other hand, brands want to be part of the daily conversations and trends by creating relevant marketing campaigns. Therefore, moment marketing is a double win for your customers and your brand.

Why Should you Consider Moment Marketing?

Many marketers and brand owners struggle to be flexible and send timely messages, while others struggle with inspiration to create relevant campaigns when they matter. (If you take too long, the trend might as well go). Still, if you manage to jump on the bandwagon of the new trend with the right campaign, you’ll grab plenty of consumers’ attention.

If, until now, you only turned to the traditional well-planned marketing techniques, you’ve been missing out on the positive outcomes moment marketing could have for your brand. But, when unpredictable moments arise in the world, it’s time to step out of your (marketer’s) comfort zone and join the ongoing conversation to build memorable communication.

  • Here are three primary reasons why moment marketing will help your brand increase awareness:
  • It allows your company to stand out and be memorable.
  • You can join the ongoing conversation; more people will learn about your brand.
  • It promotes more interactions. As you produce content on important causes that your audience is concerned about, they’ll be more likely to respond and share.

Marketing Automation Tools to Use for Moment Marketing

When a new trend emerges, you have a limited time to create a relevant campaign – trends come and go. Luckily, automated marketing platforms now offer tools they can use to run campaigns much faster and more efficiently. They allow you to create your moment marketing campaigns on time and launch them quickly.

You can use email marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo. They will allow you to create beautiful email templates, quickly and efficiently reach your subscribers, and send the right message at the right time.

You can use images automation tools for online advertising & social media. They allow you to create banners and ads in minutes by automating the process. These tools are easy to use, and even marketers with no knowledge of design software can quickly create astonishing visuals for their moment marketing campaigns.

Social media automation tools enable you to plan and schedule your posts, repeat them in time intervals, and easily manage your profiles.

Even marketers with no technical knowledge can simultaneously create campaigns on multiple channels using marketing automation platforms. Most importantly, they’ll allow you to deliver your message in time.

How to Create Moment Marketing Campaigns?

While there’s no unique formula for creating a successful moment marketing campaign, below are some factors to consider before launching.

Seize the Moment

Moment marketing has its name for a reason — you have to seize the moment. Therefore, one of the most crucial factors determining your campaign’s success is whether you make it on time.

One of the most famous examples of a successful moment marketing campaign we can learn from is Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the Dark.’ The campaign consisted of a single tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl Game. It addressed the power outage during the game, and the brand wrote on Twitter — “Power out? No problem,” followed by an image of an Oreo cookie with the tagline “You can still dunk in the dark.”

Had the marketing team waited for the game to end, the power to come back on, and a graphic designer to create an image for the post, it’d not have gained so much public attention. Instead, because Oreo’s marketing team seized the moment, the post soon went viral and still best exemplifies moment marketing and how to use it successfully.

Keep in Mind Your Audience’s Emotions

Some moments are sensitive topics. Although you might use humor at times, sometimes it might be offensive to others and hurt their feelings. For example, if you were to promote your brand’s clothing and write “goes well with nuclear masks,” it’ll be insensitive to those in the region at high risk of nuclear conflict, like people are now in Ukraine.

See What Others are Doing

Before launching your campaign, research online and see other brands’ and your competitors’ campaigns; although you might have at what might seem like a great idea, someone might already have a campaign around a similar one. So see what others are doing, and you’ll better understand what works and what doesn’t by looking at the interactions these campaigns are getting.

In Conclusion

Moment marketing is unquestionably one of the best approaches you can use to deliver relevant content amid important global events, incidents, and emerging trends. It can significantly boost brand awareness and help brands better connect with their audience, and build memorable connections when done right. Although traditional marketing methods are still crucial and essential to have on your agenda, remember to be flexible and tweak your marketing plan accordingly when you need it.

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